Friday, March 9, 2012

Helping Out Our Readers

>>>I recently picked up an LP with a great cover which might be fun to use in the print book, with an art rendition of 6 DJs at WMEX — but no names or date. It’s part of the Cruisin’ Collection, but I’ve never seen this cover before. Besides no date the only name that might help to date it is Don Daniels as station PD, but I can’t find his name in a search.  Can you or your subscribers help me ID them? My primary interest is in Wolfman Jack, who is easily identified; but I’d like to obviously give credit to the others — it’s a terrific image. Please see the attached. I’m thinking Arnie Ginsburg, and maybe Larry Glick?  (LinDee)
>>>If anybody's got any ideas on this, drop us a line and we'll forward them along.  (Who knows ... maybe some of the jocks on our list were even part of this whole thing!) kk

I stumbled onto this blog post while searching for pictures of legendary Boston Top 40 station WMEX, where a poster asked the names of the DJ's who appear in a cartoon on a WMEX "Cruisin' Collection" oldies album.
This album
was released in 1985 or 1986, in the second incarnation of WMEX, Boston when it was revived as an "oldies" station.
The original WMEX at 1510 AM played Top 40 from 1957 to 1975, and was then replaced by a news / talk format.

This second WMEX incarnation, recalling the sound, music, and presentation of the original WMEX as an "oldies" station, was at 1150 AM, and was on the air from 1985 through 1989.
This was long after the on-air days of original WMEX legends like Arnie Ginsburg, who retired from radio by then, and the late Larry Glick, who was on Boston's powerful WBZ by then.
The DJ's pictured in the car on the album cover are (rear, L to R): the late Wolfman Jack (his syndicated show was run late nights on tape), with Don Daniels and Ron Scott.
The DJ's pictured sitting in front of them are (L to R): the late Quentin Migliore with Jack Nash and Bob Bronson.
Hopefully you can pass this info on to LinDee who posted the question.I worked at WMEX the following year, from 1986 through 1988. I was mostly an on-air studio engineer, but also did some live oldies shifts part-time in 1988 as "Eric Parker".
The sound, music and presentation of the original WMEX now streams online 24 / 7 at, programmed by Gary James, WMEX Program Director from 1986 through 1988 (after Don Daniels).
Best wishes,
Eli Polonsky
Somerville, MA

>>>Big reader of Forgotten Hits.  I'm 52 and this song has escaped me finding out if it is available and what the name is.  It is from the documentary called Straight Shooter about the Mamas and Papas.
Here is the song that starts:  I am a rake and a rambling boy, many a city I have been. The Cumberland City is ??????  Well, the Cumberland City, yes, I married me a wife, loved her better than I did my life ... She threaten kind by night and day ...
Can you please send this out to the viewers for help ??  I've tried Shazam and Sound Hound to no luck.  This is a tough one that I feel can be a tremendous challenge for the listeners and having the video clip to show - if we can show this of course ???  Thanks for any help you can give. (Bob)
Could the tune Bob Morrow inquired about as featured in the Mamas & Papas documentary be "Cumberland Mountain Deer Chase," as featured on the first Journeymen album?  I have the doc and the album, but have not unearthed them for this missive.  I will be happy to do so if someone more astute doesn't have a definitive answer.
Scott Paton
I sent Scott a copy of the clip ... and here's what he had to say ...
That clip won't open for me, even after I uploaded the latest QuickTime.  I did, however, find "Cumberland Mountain Deer Chase" and it's clearly not the song that Bob Morrow was talking about.  I'll find my Mamas & Papas DVD and see if the song hints at anything I recognize.  I have all the Journeymen LPs / CDs, but there may have been a stray single side or two that never made it to an album.  I guess the tune could even been a cover done in performance-only, too.
P.S.-- Here's a list of every song that appeared on album. anthology or 45, as far as I know.  Maybe one of these titles hints at the tune: 
  • 500 Miles 
  • Ride, Ride, Ride
  • Soft Blow The Summer Winds
  • Cumberland Mountain Deer Chase
  • Make Me A Pallet
  • The River She Comes Down
  • Black Girl
  • Fennario
  • Gilgara Mountain
  • Dunya
  • Rock Me Lord
  • The Ballad Of The Shape Of Things
  • Environment
  • Oh, Miss Mary
  • Kumbaya
  • Ben And Me
  • Country Blues
  • Someone To Talk My Troubles To
  • All The Pretty Little Horses
  • Virgin Mary
  • Four Strong Winds
  • San Francisco Bay (Version 2)
  • Bay Of Mexico
  • Someday Baby
  • Ja-Da
  • Stackolee
  • Two Hoboes
  • Heredity-Environment
  • It Makes A Long Time Man Feel Bad
  • San Francisco Bay (Version 1)
  • Mary Wore Three Links Of Chain
  • I May Be Right
  • Greenland Whale Fisheries
  • Rag Mama
  • I Am A Poor And Ramblin' Boy
  • Dark As A Dungeon
  • Old Joe Clarke's Blues
  • In The Evening
  • Metamorphosis
  • Waggoner's Lad
  • Cotton Mill Girls
  • I Never Will Marry
  • Gypsy Rover
  • Born In Bethlehem
  • Jack The Sailor
  • Johnny Booker
  • One Quick Martini
  • Benny
  • How Mountain Girls Can Love
  • Rock Island Line
  • Tell Ole Bill
  • Don't Turn Around
  • Greenland Whale Fisheries
  • Hush Now Sally
  • Loadin' Coal
  • What'll I Do
  • Chase The Rising Sun
  • Cup-E-Co
  • Hush Storm
We've been trying to find this song for a couple of years now ... unfortunately, the song clip is SO short ... and used so far in the background ... that I don't think I can identify it from this list.  However, maybe Bob ... or another reader ... CAN ... so thanks for sending!  (Would LOVE to finally be able to solve this mystery for him!)  kk

Is this the song you are looking for Kent?
I don't think so ... but I sent you a copy of the clip, too, so you can review. Thanks!  (kk)

>>>One other biggie from our area was a band from Mason City, Iowa, called the Pete Klint Quintet.  They recorded some good stuff including the Hot 100 45 "Walkin' Proud" and were in a similar vein to the Flippers.  These guys commanded top dollar in this area and recorded for Mercury, Atlantic and others.  They did not have a big hit, but they had a huge reputation for being great live.  "Walkin' Proud" made the Hot 100 probably because it was actually a good sized hit in Southern California!!!  (Clark Besch)
>>>The Pete Klint Quintet single "Walkin' Proud" climbed all the way to #98 on The Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart in 1967 ... and, incredibly, it took them three weeks to climb THAT high!  (lol)  I can't really comment as I've never heard THIS one either!  (kk)

Ask (or heck, just mention it) and ye shall receive.
Tom Diehl
Here's the story of my Chi Coltrane detective work ...
First off, she is / was NICE looking! :-)
Ran across an import CD on eBay. The scan mentioned it was "remastered". Knowing what Bob Irwin (Sundazed) wrote on a CD booklet, that Columbia Records only had the master tape, I questioned how can it be remastered! I saw, from the rear scan of the import CD, that a Mike Drive did the remastering. I went to Chi's web site, and there was a similar looking CD album, with snippets. Those ensured that I was listening to actual hit versions, not remakes.
I questioned, via e-mail, where Chi's first album (w/ Thunder And Lightning) was recorded. The reply mentioned at Columbia Studios, in LA., now closed.
Who replied, but Mike Drive!!!
I'm GUESSING, Chi or whoever owns / holds her recordings for Columbia. Nothing what I see mentions Columbia or Sony on the CD! That is why Bob Irwin found nothing more than master tapes while digging through the vaults!!!
Six or so demo songs were presented to Columbia, before Chi was signed to the record label. Like to find / hear those!
We've covered Chi Coltrane a few times before in Forgotten Hits.  (In fact, she even wrote to us once or twice to let us know that she was still performing and recording!) Last weekend when I guested on Rich Appel's "One Hit Wonders At One" program, one of the tracks I had picked out to play was Chi Coltrane's "Thunder And Lightning" ... but we ran out of time.  (Rich said he might feature it later on his show but I wasn't able to stick around to listen.)  For me, this is one of those songs that ALWAYS sounds great when it comes on the radio ... which, sadly, isn't all that often.  It was a BIG hit here in Chicago (#4) ... and reached #15 nationally, too.  You don't have to ask ME twice to feature it again!!!  (lol)  kk

Dear Kent,
I have two forgotten songs that I haven't heard in years and am trying to identify both.
#1) This is basically an instrumental with nonsense lyrics "Ding Dong, Ding Dong" and every so often some guy comes on and says "What are you, some kind of nut?"
Probably 1961 or 1962.
#2) Is an instrumental that was a big hit in Pittsburgh in the early 60's.  I remember hearing it on KQV and KDKA. What made it classic was that it was played at a different record speed.  Might have been a Dixieland record that sounded very different at the
slower speed. Any help with this one.
Jim B
These are MUCH tougher to identify when they're instrumentals as there's no "hook" lyric or topic to help you narrow it down.  But I forwarded your email to FH List Member Randy Price, who knows a thing or two about instrumentals ... he's right in the middle of releasing EVERY charted instrumental hit of the '60's!!!  Here's what HE had to say:
I have no idea about the second one. The first one could be a record reviewed in Billboard on April 24, 1961:
Hey You, What Are You, Some Kind Of Nut -- SILVER BIRD 1023 -- a funny novelty record that could fracture the preteen and even the teen set. Cory asks the question in the title then makes kooky sounds over a good beat. (Ro Jo BMI) (2:36)
– Randy
Not sure if this helps ... but, like I said, not much to go on here.  Maybe somebody else on the list has an idea or two???  (Any chance you've got a short sound clip you can send?)  Let us know!  (kk)