Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Tuesday This And That

Eric Burdon  
Kent - 
I have known Eric for many years. I haven't seen him in a while, but we are good friends. 
I hope it was just a bad night.  All performers ave bad spells. 
I went through a period where I thought it was all over, but I took time out and went to a singing coach and it saved me. 
You also have to consider he may have had a long stretch of work without a lot of rest, which is a killer for singers.
I love Eric and I will get in touch with him.
He's the real deal and I hope he is okay because he has always given his all.  He is strong and let's hope he bounces back.  Knowing him, it won't surprise me.  
Billy J. Kramer   
Yeah, I'm thinking he may have been sic because his voice was pretty weak ... but from several emails I've received, he seems to be having a bit of a hard time moving around these days. 
It's a shame because everybody has this image in their heads about the glory days when ALL of us were young ... the audience often forgets that WE'VE gotten older, too. 
Eric is one of those who I always thought would enjoy Forgotten Hits ... would love to hear from him from time to time (if he doesn't end up hating me because of a less than stellar review!  lol)  
I'm doing something next year that spotlights the entire year of 1967 ... Eric Burdon and the Animals had three or four US chart hits that year ... it would be GREAT if he'd be willing to reflect back on those times, as I think he had sort of "rebuilt" The Animals shortly before then ... their musical direction certainly changed that year with things like "Monterey" and "San Franciscan Nights" ... he was definitely affected by what was going on here in The States during The Summer Of Love. 
Maybe pass this email along to him and let him know that I would love for him to participate. 
Thanks, Billy!  (kk)   

Hey Kent -
Regarding Eric Burdon, I remember seeing him a few years ago and his stage moves were limited to a fist pump. He could still sing and, his limitations notwithstanding, performed with conviction. He also gave an engaging interview when we talked to him for Songfacts back in 2010.  
Carl Wiser  
Great interview ... I love the Carole King story!  (lol)  Thanks, Carl.  (kk)  

This And That  
Me-TV ran this neat little piece about those cardboard records you used to get on the back of cereal boxes back in the day ... I happen to own the complete Monkees collection ...
Rhino Records has put together a cereal box collection which is now available thru Collectors Choice Music!  (kk)  
Did you cut out and save these records from the backs of cereal boxes? 

Regarding John Loudermilk, one of the many interpretations of his songs is this version of "Indian Reservation" reworked as "African Cry": 
Carl Wiser  
I had not heard this version before ... but I remember AGES ago running the very rare (and long-forgotten) original version by Marvin Rainwater.  (It ran as part of our Honest Injun Series about a zillion years ago!!!) kk 

Interesting to see that Garth now has more 10 million selling albums than The Beatles.
Garth keeps a local-guy low profile (avoiding the high rent district) and is seen around our part of town pretty often at the Chick-Fil-A and other spots. His wife Tricia (Yearwood) is in my wife's Zumba class and is just considered one of the girls.  She signs-in with the last name "Brooks", though most don't usually think of her that way.  
David Lewis 

My good and long-time friend, Jon Ashe, has been playing with Tommy James now for a couple of years.  Jon played the original bass on "Mony Mony."  When I was in The Rip Chords and we opened for Tommy (in, what?  2001 is it??), I gave Tommy his old friend's phone number.  It only took a decade, but Jon is back. 

He told me how beautiful the Arcada Theater is, and that it was once a brothel owned by Al Capone (?? :)  )   
I sent Jon your coverage of the Chicago show, and he, in turn, sent it on to Tommy.    
Booked like crazy, they are, and deservedly so.  I'll keep you posted.  
Have a cool weekend, my friend. 
Bob Rush   
First I've ever heard about the Al Capone connection but who knows ... he had his hands in everything back then! 
Next time you're in Chicago we need to make it a point to get you to The Arcada ... ALWAYS a good show going on there ... and a beautifully restored theater dating back to the 1920's.  (kk)  
UPDATE:  After doing a little bit of digging I found this little piece of information regarding Capone's ties to The Arcada Theatre.  I never knew ... had absolutely NO idea ... but next time I'm there, I'm going to have to have Ron Onesti take me on the official guided tour!    
(More from Bob Rush tomorrow as he updates his "Never Say No To A Rock Star" review with a recap of the launch party held at New York's infamous Cutting Room! (kk) 

Hi Kent, 
Saw Brian Wilson, Al Jardine and their Pet Sounds Concert Saturday at the Chicago Theater and all I can say it was  F  A  N  T  A  S  T  I  C !!!!!!  
They opened up with "California Girls" and it blew the roof off the theater ... what a sound!!!   
The musicians sounded GREAT and they duplicated the numerous sounds of the Pet Sound recordings to perfection.
We were also treated to their Big Hits and all I can say is Brian Wilson and Al  Jardine have a lot of stamina and I am so glad I got to see them perform!!! 
Well over two hours on the stage and the audience wanted MORE!!!! 
Rock and Roll Legends!  
Sorry we missed this one ... and the Chicago Theater is such a BEAUTIFUL place to see a concert.  (We were at the Lou Gramm show Saturday Night at The Arcada ... good show ... but honestly it has been about 36 hours now since we left the theater and there is STILL a high-pitched buzz in my ears!!!  For anybody who thought my review may have been a little harsh in this regard, let me tell you ... I have been to a LOT of shows over the years ... hundreds and hundreds and hundreds ... and have PLAYED in a lot of shows, too ... and the end result of the "perfect concert experience should NOT be a muffled ringing in the ears some 36 hours later!)  kk   

Hey Kent, 
Man, did your review of the Lou Gramm concert hit home today! I know you were looking forward to it, but when a famous group is so loud that it has gone way beyond a point where you think the nails and screws are coming out of the walls, then it is time to leave! I love the band, Foreigner with Lou in front, but when volume is more of a factor than the music is, well, that's another story.  
I'll never forget when Chuck Mangione addressed the audience at one of his shows. He said, "We won't ASSAULT you with volume", which drew a cheer from the crowd. (How nice was that?!) 
Don't get me wrong, I would love to hear the Lou Gramm Band, but maybe at an outside venue, where I can escape somehow. In my opinion, he is one of the trio of "voices" of the eighties, along with Steve Perry and Brad Delp (three singing heroes of mine). I would really like to hear what he can do these days, without having to put up with all the decibels. I have a Foreigner reunion DVD put away in a box somewhere, probably recorded close to twenty years ago. I know that Gramm had gone through all the health issues, so I was trying to be understanding, but his voice was so off that I actually felt sorry for him. 
However, as years have gone by, maybe he sounds pretty good now.
- John LaPuzza  
In talking with some other fans at the concert, I heard that Lou went through a difficult period with finding his voice again ... but by all reports he is back to sounding great again ... all the MORE reason not to drown him out by having the band play so incredibly loud.  What you end up with is a muddy, musical mess ... which doesn't do ANYBODY any favors.  There was really no excuse for turning the volume up that high in a small 900-seat venue.  (kk)  

The Arcada: 
Doesn't matter what your musical tastes are ... you'll find something for EVERYBODY at The Arcada Theatre in St. Charles, IL. 

'50's Music?  Bobby Rydell hits the Arcada stage on November 26th ... and Pat Boone will be doing a show with his daughter Debby on October 16th.  You can also catch Little Anthony and the Imperials on October 23rd ... they put on a GREAT show last time I saw them. 

'60's Music more your style?  Then how about Johnny Rivers?  He's coming to The Arcada on October 9th.  And then on November 4th, The Arcada plays host to Ms. Dionne Warwick, one of the most memorable voices of our time. 

The '70's are well represented, too.  America graces The Arcada stage on November 18th ... and Tony Orlando is back on December 10th.  This Friday (October 7th) you can catch soulful sounds of The Stylistics ... or kick it up a notch with The Charlie Daniels Band on November 3rd or Roger Hodgson of Supertramp on December 8th and 9th. 

They've got music for every style and taste ... how about Dr. Demento on October 27th? Blues Legend Buddy Guy on October 8th.  Chazz Palminteri puts on a one-man show of his pride and joy, "A Bronx Tale" on October 15th.  Or catch Gallagher on October 21st. 

The Ides of March and the Brian Setzer Orchestra are both putting on Christmas Shows at The Arcada on December 16th and November 15th respectively.  And Edgar Winter and Starship (featuring Mickey Thomas) have shows lined up, too. 

Get all the details at The Arcada Theatre online box office ...