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Never Say No To A Rock Star

My wife and I attended the book release party for Glenn Burger's "Never Say No to a Rock Star" and it was an evening beyond belief! 
Attached is an article about the evening, along with some photos.
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Meanwhile, here is his first-hand account of the party!
Book Release Party Review
by "The Beat" (England) columnist and Forgotten Hits Reader and Fan, Bob Rush -  
Readers of FH may recall the review and interview I recently did regarding Glenn Burger’s terrific new book, Never Say No to a Rock Star. 
If you didn’t, the book is about the author’s time in the 70’s spent as assistant, then recording engineer, to star producer Phil Ramone.  It’s so descriptive that the reader feels as if he’s / she’s right there in the studio, smelling the burn of the tubes in the recording equipment, hearing the tape roll and watching the likes of Paul Simon, Bob Dylan, Frank Sinatra, Wilson Pickett, Mick Jagger, The New York Dolls, and other musical luminaries in the studio recording some of their most iconic music. 
And, then there are the behind-the-scenes stories!  Glenn doesn’t hold back in describing some of the appalling behavior of some truly childish, nasty and unreasonable temperamental artists.  He compares it to the absolute genius that blasts through the control room speakers. 
It’s a beautiful dichotomy that is wondrous and revealing to read.  Many of the artists are described as lovely and sensitive people ... and, he praises the studio “cats” (musicians) as the secret stars of every recording event.  There’s so much more to the book, written from this now-psycho therapist’s grown up and professional point of view about his youth spent in the recording business, as well as of the artists he encountered and worked for. 
And, to top it all off, Glenn hosted a book release / fundraiser (for MusiCares) last night (September 29) at “The Cutting Room,” in New York City.  (Fans may recall that this was the scene of Ron Wood’s two solo concerts about two years ago.)  The evening was billed as a “New York Studio Cats Reunion,” and man – was it! 
My wife, Susie, and I drove into the city, had incredible dinners at “The Cutting Room” and watched with our mouths open (after we ate) and bopping with feet tapping as these mavens of music took us on a rockin’ escalator to nirvana. 
Some (just some) of the Forty-plus New York musical luminaries to volunteer their time and talents and perform in various configurations for the two hour show last night were: 
Robbie Kondor – musical director, “The Nuff Brothers” featuring “Blue” Lou Marini (sax), Kenny Ascher (piano), David Spinozza (guitar), Bette Sussman (musical director for Better Midler, on keyboards and vocals), Irwin Fisch (keyboards), John Siegler (bass), Tom “Bones” Malone (trombone), Curtis King, Jr. (vocals), Valerie Simpson (of Ashford & Simpson), and, from “The World’s Most Dangerous Band,” (billed last night as “Paul Shaffer & The Latest”) none other than Will Lee on bass, Sid McGinnis on guitar and the incredible Paul Shaffer on keyboards, vocals and lotsa schmaltz!  You probably recognize a lot of these names from T.V., movies (“The Blues Brothers”) and from album liner notes.  
The friendly and sociable audience was chock full of recognizable names and faces, and I had the pleasure of meeting the very lovely May Pang.  I also bumped into an old, old friend (well – he’s my age), studio guitarist and all around good guy, Craig Snyder, who joined Susie and me at our table, and introduced us to a lot of his friends and colleagues.  
Our Author, Bob Rush (R) with long time friend Craig Snyder
Author Glenn Burger played the gracious host, making his hundreds of guests feel singular and welcomed, and all-in-all, it was as fun a musical evening as I’ve ever spent, even without my bass plugged in and around my neck.  Sometimes you just wanna lay back and let the cats who can really do it, do it. 
Now, go out and get Glenn Burger’s incredible book, Never Say No to a Rock Star.  You’re gonna love it!  
The complete "Cats" list ...
New York Studio "Cats" Reunion

Glenn Berger, recording engineer and author of "Never Say No to a Rock Star: In The Studio With Dylan, Sinatra, Jagger and More," and Musical Director Robbie Kondor, are hosting this benefit reunion of the musicians, singers, producers, arrangers, engineers, and studio staffs who were behind the hit music recorded in New York studios over the last fifty years. With performances by a host of the greatest musicians and singers alive and surprise guest artists, in both song and story Glenn and Robbie will celebrate these unsung heroes whose contributions to innumerable classic records shaped a generation. Come hang with old friends, share this once-in-a-lifetime event, and contribute to a worthy cause. All net proceeds will be donated directly to MusiCares. MusiCares is the charitable arm of the Recording Academy that provides a safety net of critical assistance for music industry professionals.



The Nuff Brothers
“Blue” Lou Marini - Tenor Sax
Stu Woods - Bass
Chris Parker - Drums
David Spinozza – Guitar
Kenny Ascher – Keyboards
Lawrence Feldman – Alto Sax
Birch Johnson -Trombone
Glen Drewes – Trumpet
Tommy “Pipes” McDonnell – Vocals

Special Guests
Bette Sussman – Keyboards and Vocal
Dickie Frank – Guitar and Vocal
Jimmie Young – Drums

The Mar-Tays
Robbie Kondor – Keyboards
Irwin Fisch – Keyboards
John Siegler – Bass
Frank Vilardi – Drums
Ira Siegel – Guitar
Larry Saltzman – Guitar
Tom “Bones” Malone – Trombone
Dave Mann – Tenor Sax
Glen Drewes – Trumpet
Jack Barshow – Baritone Sax
Martee LeBow – Lead Vocals
Dana Calitri – Background Vocals
Carolee Goodgold – Background Vocals

Special Guests
Valerie Simpson – Vocal
Curtis King Jr. – Vocal
Rob Mounsey – Keyboards

Blood on the Tracks: The Untold Story
Glenn Berger - Narration
Mary Lee Kortes – Vocals
Andy York – Guitar
Rob Paparozzi – Harmonica

The John Tropea Band
John Tropea – Guitar
Chris Palmero – Organ
Will Lee – Bass
Shawn Pelton – Drums
“Blue” Lou Marini – Tenor Sax
Larry Farrell – Trombone
Dave Rickenberg – Baritone Sax
Tommy “Pipes” McDonnell – Vocals

Special Guest
Rob Paparozzi – Vocal and Harmonica

Paul Shaffer and The Latest
Paul Shaffer – Keyboards and Vocal
Will Lee – Bass and Vocal
Chris Parker – Drums
Sid McGinnis – Guitar
Felicia Collins – Guitar and Vocal
Tom “Bones” Malone – Trombone
Dave Mann – Tenor Sax
Frank Green – Trumpet

Special Guests
Vaneese Thomas – Vocal
Dennis Collins – Vocal
Robbie Kondor - Keyboards

Background Vocals -
Kati Mac, Carolee Goodgold, Dana Calitri, Emily Bindiger, Dennis Collins, Curtis King Jr. , Russell Velazquez, Joe Cerisano

 Check out this chandelier!!!

My curiosity got the better of me ... so I did some digging and came up with this article and interview with Ron Onesti from 2012.  (OK, I am absolutely going to have to ask him about this next time I'm there and have him take me on the guided tour!!!)  Frickin' amazing!