Tuesday, May 2, 2017

May 2nd

Capitol Records officially announces that the next Beach Boys album, "SMiLE", will not be released as planned.  Brian went through what can best be described as an emotional and mental breakdown trying to complete the tracks that he had been working on for close to a year. 

While their previous release, "Pet Sounds", was critically acclaimed and today is considered one of the best and most revolutionary albums ever released, it was not very successful at the time of its original release.  The fans just weren't ready for this big a departure in The Beach Boys' proven formula sound of surf and car songs.  (The fact that Capitol Records released a "Best Of" compilation at the exact same time to compete with it certainly didn't help their chances of winning over a new audience with their far more sophisticated sound!)

For nearly 35 years Brian maintained that he destroyed the SMiLE tapes … but in 2004, the album was finally released in a deluxe format, reconstructing the original vision of the track line-up plus TONS of outtakes and alternate versions, instrumental and backing tracks, isolated vocals, etc.  Brian and his new band even toured the world performing "SMiLE" in its entirety, just as he had done a few years before with his "Pet Sounds" tour.

The Toronto Maple Leafs win The Stanley Cup.  To date, it is their last Stanley Cup appearance.  In fact, they have not made the finals since!