Sunday, April 30, 2017

April 30th

Now THIS would be a great one to see again … Paul Revere and the Raiders appear on The Ed Sullivan Show and perform their last hit single, "Good Thing", their current hit single, "Ups And Downs" and their next hit single, "Him Or Me - What's It Gonna Be"!!!  (Some reports state that they also performed "Kicks" on this program.)  

Guest on this week's edition of The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour include Nancy and Frank Sinatra, Jr.  

Number One at the Box Office This Week:  Thoroughly Modern Millie  

Even though Baltimore Orioles pitchers Steve Barber and Stu Miller combined to pitch a no-hitter, The Orioles lose the game in the ninth inning when The Detroit Tigers score twice on walks, a wild pitch and an error, to win 2-1.  (If you've ever wondered how to lose a no hitter, this is how you do it!  Amazing!!!)

For the record, it has only happened one other time in Major League Baseball History, almost exactly three years earlier when Ken Johnson of the then Houston Colt 45's pitched a no hitter against the Cincinnati Reds and still lost the game, 1-0 on April 23, 1964.

On 7/1/90, Andy Hawkins of the New York Yankees pitched a no hitter and lost to the Chicago White Sox, 4-0 ... on April 12, 1992, Matt Young of the Boston Red Sox pitched a no hitter against the Cleveland Indians and lost 2-1 ... and on June 28, 2008, Jered Weaver and Jose Arredondo combined to pitch a no hitter for the California Angels against the Los Angeles Dodgers and lost 1-0 ... but in all three of these instances the losing side only pitched eight innings ... and, as such, these do not count as "official" no hitters in the Major League Book of Records.  (Instead, they all get that damn Roger Maris asterisk again!!!)