Friday, May 5, 2017

May 5th

Hot-shot debuts on the chart this week include "Do It Again, A Little Bit Slower" by Jon and Robin, which premiers at #79 and "Come On Down To My Boat" by Every Mother's Son.  

Convicted Murderer Richard Speck is sentenced to death by electric chair for the murder of eight student nurses here in Chicago on July 14, 1966.  The thought of Speck being loose running the streets of Chicago after committing such a heinous crime terrorized the city until his capture three days later.  I vividly remember photos of his "Born To Raise Hell" tattoo being shown in newspapers and on television.  Speck's death penalty conviction was overturned in 1971 and he died in prison twenty years later from a heart attack.  In 1978 he was interviewed by FH Reader and noted Chicago Tribune journalist Bob Greene, during which time he confessed to the murders for the very first time.