Saturday, May 6, 2017

May 6th

The group Pearls Before Swine begin recording an album called "One Nation Underground".  One of the tracks on the new LP is titled "Miss Morse", which popular New York Disc Jockey Murray The K plays on the air on his radio program.  Local area Boy Scouts realize that lead singer Tom Rapp was singing F-U-C-K in Morse Code and call the station to complain.  The record is immediately banned in New York City … and these guys are pretty much never heard from again.  

In the popular UK Melody Maker Magazine, Who Drummer Keith Moon offers this bit of advice to young drummers looking to improve their game … "To get your playing more forceful, hit the drums harder."  Incredibly, Moon was considered at the time to be a drumming God and genius … so young, hopeful drummer wannabes probably took his sagely advice to heart.  However, in today's day and age, we would most likely follow that statement with "Thank You, Captain Obvious."  

The Monkees kick off their new tour with a performance at The W.S.U. Field House in Wichita, Kansas.