Tuesday, December 15, 2020


For all of you procrastinators out there, let me present some great, last minute gift-giving ideas …

Courtesy of  Chuck Buell’s Special FH Holiday Gift Giving Guide!

So, you’ve given or gotten “Upcycled Record Label Coasters” or “Recycled 45 Record Bookends and Chip Bowls.”

Well now, here for this Holiday Season are some other very unique gift ideas for Forgotten Hitters everywhere!

It’s “The 12 Forgotten Hits Daze of Christmas” Gift-giving Guide!

“Forgotten Hitter” Chuck Buell, has selected some of the Best Ideas from our “Forgotten Hits Fantasy Gift Shop” for your last-minute Gift-giving needs!

BTW, ALL of these are actual items; some can be personalized; others have the FH Logos on them just for Visual Fun!

So, here we go!

For the First Day of Christmas, it is important we start with a Special FH Face Mask!

On the Second Day, this timely gift ... 

A Gold “Greatest Forgotten Hits” LP Clock!

On the Third, a Gold Record 45 Record Turntable Spindle Adapter!

Then a Fun Forgotten Hits Mug with which to enjoy your Favorite Adult Holiday Beverage!

Which'll go great alongside your cheese platter, thanks to this cleverly repurposed Forgotten Hits turntable!

Or how about a 6-Inch by 5-Inch by 3-Inch Mini-Turntable specially designed for playing 3 Inch Size Vinyl Forgotten Hits!

And Mini 3 Inch Size Forgotten Hits Vinyl Records like those from Roy Orbison, Jerry Lee Lewis and others!

And here's a Forgotten Hits Cassette Design Throw Pillow to lie back on while listening to your favorite Forgotten Hits!

To create the Perfect Ambience, and so that any house can smell exactly like Kent’s house, a Vinyl Records Scent Candle!

For your listening partner, her Special Turntable Spindle Adapter Design Leggings!

And to keep you both cuddly while you snuggle up to your Favorite Forgotten Hits Love Songs, a Personalized Love Blanket with your very own custom Love Songs Titles List commemorating your Specially-created Mixtape!

Then when it’s time to get back to work, the very special Forgotten Hits Vintage Wood Desktop Business Card Holder and Card Case!

Lastly, to wrap your gifts in, the limited edition Forgotten Hits Logoed Gift Wrapping Paper!

And there you go!   

Happy Holidaze to you!

Chuck ( Buell )

VERY Cool!!!

Thanks, Chuck!

(For the record, none of these gifts currently exist … but I was thinking, “How cool would it be if they did?!?!?”)

Maybe we should do a “Vote For Your Favorites” poll …

And then next year make the most popular items available as exclusive Forgotten Hits Gift Items!!!

(Of course by the time we mark these prices up so that Chuck and I can take OUR shares, these will become EXTREMELY expensive collectors’ items …

But hey … that could help to pay for OUR gifts next year!!!)  kk