Thursday, July 19, 2018

Thursday This And That

Micky Dolenz appeared at Saturday’s Grammy Salute in LA (at The Dolby Theatre) and officially inducted Neil Diamond into The Grammy Hall Of Fame with a Lifetime Achievement Award. 
Dolenz performed Neil's "I'm A Believer" (which was a hit for The Monkees) and was joined by Diamond for the last verse of the song.
David Salidor

You went to a Doo-Wop Concert???
Can your wife verify that?  L-o-L!!
Frank  B.
She’s actually a bigger doo-wop fan than I am! It was a great show!  (kk)  Just shared your revue with The Larry Chance Fan Club. 
Thanks!  (kk)
After our Doo Wop Concert Review ran, Frank B sent us this vintage poster from a show on the East Coast several years ago!  (Man, check out that line-up!!!)  kk

kk …
Check out this show from the past.
Frank B

I’ve been telling you and your readers you would have a ball. Doo-Wop is what my babysitters listened to and what I heard on the radio swimming at the pool, and many of the songs my dance coach (and my daughters’ dance coach) used in our acts as they are really jumping and jiving. It seems to me that much of the time, a headliner is added to these shows that does not seem to fit the Doo-Wop definition. However, when you are in the moment, it doesn’t much matter. It is great music all around. I have a few coming up myself. I have had a July hiatus, which has seemed to work out to Forgotten Hits benefit, because you have been very active in Chicago.
Shelley J Sweet-Tufano
We just haven’t had a lot of opportunities to see Doo-Wop Shows here in Chicago to the degree that they play on the East Coast.  (Ron Onesti has done his best to bring some of these to The Arcada … but this was our first.)  A very good time … with a very appreciative crowd of people.  (kk)

You mentioned today that you had no idea what Freddy Cannon had to do with Doo- Wop. One reason could be that his records were being played on the radio at the time that doo-wop was being played and programmed. You are right in that he's not a doo-wop-er. But oh, can he rock and roll!

Watch for lots more Freddy Cannon comments tomorrow in Forgotten Hits.  (Be sure to get yours in NOW if you want to be included!)  kk

Hi Kent, 
I totally agree with you … it certainly isn't the same when listening to a touring band without the original lead-singers, and the identifiable sound of their hit record.  Whether it be the Buckinghams, Three Dog Night, etc. and in the case of The Guess Who, not only Burton Cummings but also the very under-rated lead-guitarist Randy Bachman. 
It is sad … human-nature and business sometimes get in the way of irreplaceable chemistry. 
Enclosed is a video of the Guess Who at the top of their game performing "American Woman" when Bachman and Cummings were their nucleus.  Not only were they Canada's finest Rock band but also one of Rock's finest bands.  You have to ask yourself, does the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame not see the obvious with the Guess Who, or did they just get a buy one get one free special on lobotomies.  After watching this video, it is hard to imagine, as you have stated many times, why the Guess Who has never been inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame.

Tim Kiley                                                  

The East Coast Music Hall Of Fame has just announced its first round of inductees …
It is SO cool to see so many of our favorites being honored.  (And we just saw Larry Chance and Jay Siegel last weekend at The Arcada Theatre Doo-Wop Show!)  We hear from Charlie Gracie all the time, recently saw Chubby Checker and ran a week-long series on Bobby Rydell.  (I’ve crossed paths with Frankie Avalon, too!)  Connie Francis has been in our pages lately, thanks to her new autobiography and we have often paid tribute to the incredible voices of Johnny Maestro and Jimmy Beaumont.  And Richard Nadar is the guy who promoted that oldies show displayed in the poster shown above.
WILDWOOD, NEW JERSEY will serve as the home of the museum and more.
It sounds like for a $25 donation, you can become a voting member for future events.  The whole thing has been put together by CEO and PRESIDENT TOMMY PETILLO, who is the current lead singer of THE DUPREES. 


And, speaking of East Coast Rock Legends …

CHARLIE GRACIE and JOHN FOGERTY (Credence Clearwater Revival) are this year’s recipients of a (SPECIALLY CREATED MODEL) BUDDY HOLLY LEGACY GUITAR awarded by the BUDDY HOLLY EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION in Dallas, Texas.
CHARLIE RECEIVED his GUITAR LAST SUNDAY in LOWESTOFT, ENGLAND where he’s the headliner at an International R&R Music Festival at Pakefield Seaside Village in SUFFOLK, ENGLAND
The mission of The Buddy Holly Educational Foundation is to honor Buddy's legacy as well as to make Buddy and Maria Elena Holly’s dream of extending musical education, including songwriting, production, arranging, orchestration, and performance, to new generations regardless of income or ethnicity or learning levels. We will empower a new generation to follow in Buddy's footsteps.

Paul Revere’s Raiders, Mitch Ryder and Peter Rivera return to The Arcada Theatre on September 29th.  (We had a great time at this show last year!) 
Also just announced ... the return of The Fab Four (coming in January!)
This concert was a blast ... these guys have got it down!
Tickets are on sale now thru The Arcada Online Box Office at  (kk)

Hi Kent, 
I don't know how I missed The Flock tribute you did in 2010, but I did.
I was looking for Flock info because of the Sunday Comments and Google came through with Forgotten Hits tribute to The Flock.
Wow! Just What I Needed.
Great job, as usual.
Fred G if you're out there, I was a young fan in North Dakota. A DJ who would let me come and watch him do his show got me hooked on the first album -- I was 12.
Yes, I bought Dinosaur Swamps, too, and loved it.
Still love both albums.
Fred Glickstein is still around and still tickled pink every time The Flock get mentioned … or an album gets re-released.  We get to see him from time to time and he’s a great guy … I’m sure he’ll enjoy your post.  (kk)

FH Reader Clive Topol send us this announcement from Robert Feder’s column …

Looks like yet another award for the great Bob Stroud …

Bob Stroud, legendary midday host on Hubbard Radio classic rock WDRV 97.1-FM, was named a finalist Monday for Major Market Personality of the Year in the National Association of Broadcasters’ 2018 Marconi Radio Awards. Other Chicago finalists are Tribune Broadcasting WGN 720-AM for News / Talk Station of the Year, and Hubbard Radio WSHE 100.3-FM for Adult Contemporary Station of the Year. Winners will be announced September 27 at the NAB Radio Show in Orlando, Florida.  

Now that Paul Simon is leaving the road behind him, he has announced a brand new album dropping September 7th.

In The Blue Light shines fresh perspectives on ten of Paul Simon’s favorite (though perhaps less-familiar) songs from his unparalleled body of work. Discover new insight and energy in compositions like “Can’t Run But,” “Darling Lorraine,” “One Man’s Ceiling Is Another Man’s Floor” and “Questions For The Angels,” revisited here by Simon and a talented cast of musicians, including jazz icons Wynton Marsalis, Bill Frisell, Steve Gadd and Jack DeJohnette, as well as New York-based modern chamber sextet yMusic, currently accompanying Simon and his band on Homeward Bound – The Farewell Tour.

This album consists of songs that I thought were almost right, or were odd enough to be overlooked the first time around. Re-doing arrangements, harmonic structures, and lyrics that didn’t make their meaning clear, gave me time to clarify in my own head what I wanted to say, or realize what I was thinking and make it more easily understood.
– Paul Simon, July 2018

 Produced by Paul Simon and Roy Halee, In The Blue Light is available everywhere on Friday, September 7.
FH Reader Tom Cuddy tells us we’ve got brand new episodes of “Live From Daryl’s House” to look forward to …

Save the date:
Some great news: The STONZEK THEATRE in Lake Worth, Florida, is presenting a stage reading of PEDESTALS, my absolute best and favorite play, on the last Monday and Tuesday of August (the 27th and 28th).
It's being directed by award-winning actor and director Saxz Stevens, a highly respected theatre veteran with a 20-mile-long list of credits.
The cast will feature some of the best actors in South Florida.
Tickets aren't available this early but when they are, they'll be free to Lind fans. Look for subsequent emails as the time draws closer. I'll send you out a second -- and probably third -- notice well in advance. And watch FaceBook and the events page of my web site (
I hope to see a slew of you there.
And BTW don't forget, another of my plays, THE BIG ISLAND, will be presented by The Outre Theatre Company this coming season (date TBA).
Bob Lind

From LJ Coon … taking a break from his on-going quest of solving the Buddy Holly plane crash ... to promote a brand new brand of ice cream!!!  (Hey, I’ll try a bowl!!!)  kk

Kent Kotal: 
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I’ve read this one a couple of times now and STILL don’t know how to react …
FH Reader Sam Boyd sent me this piece written by Bob Lefsetz about The Happy Together Tour …

Is he slammin’ the artists?  Or is he praising the quality of their hits, allowing them to endure five decades and still sound fresh and new??

Or is it just a whole lot of both going on here???

(He even slams the audience, referring to them as “the nearly dead”!)

I dunno … you decide … all I know is The Happy Together Tour provides ENDLESS entertainment and enjoyment … and we can’t wait to see it again when it hits The Paramount Theater in Aurora next month.  (kk)

There wasn't one song everybody didn't know.
That's the difference between yesterday and today, the ubiquity of the hits. If you were alive, you heard them, they penetrated not only the airwaves, but society, and these acts had a bunch of them.
The surprise was the Cowsills. They were so tight, the harmonies so perfect, it was amazing, you noticed, as you did the band that backed up all the acts, they were superb, proving once again that real music can triumph.
In the sixties.
The other jaw-dropper was Chuck Negron, who sang with oxygen, I kid you not. I even sang along a bit with "Joy To The World," which I absolutely HATED back when, but with the passage of time ...
But this was not a nostalgia show, they were not tugging on our heartstrings, and that was so weird. I expected to sit back in my seat and have the sixties flash before my eyes, but really it was all about the songs, it was a celebration of the songs, you sang along to all of them.
There was a video screen that showed hair products during the Cowsills … did you know Dippity-do had sunscreen? But other than that ...
This is a low budget production, even the screen is small. And those in attendance are not hip. The upstairs was filled with the nearly-dead, purchasing their seats on Goldstar. And speaking of upstairs, where we sat, the sound system was inadequate … couldn't they afford some sound reinforcement for the upper deck at the Saban?
The show began with the Malibooz, who played some surf rock and Walter Egan's hits, "Magnet and Steel" and "Hot Summer Nights." It was the latter, and that's my favorite Egan number, so that was good.
The Cowsills ... They were ersatz back then, a slightly hipper Osmonds, but now ...
They've been knocking around L.A. forever, gigging, waiting for another chance. But the system doesn't give you one, that's what players don't realize, it's not only how good you are, but whether the label, management and radio want to afford you an opportunity. At least back then you could play in bars, sustain yourself, it's even harder today. And I found their rendition of "Hair" cringeworthy back in '69, but here it was good, but not as good as "The Rain, The Park & Other Things."
Mark Lindsay wanted to convince us that no time had passed. He, too, had video, of the Paul Revere and the Raider days. And he performed the hits, I liked hearing "Just Like Me" and "Good Thing," but when he kicked his leg up with "Kicks" I winced ... You're over seventy, so much of the audience is addicted to Grecian Formula, can you act your age, get rid of the sunglasses and shiny suit? But once a teen idol, too many are locked in amber, even though the audience ages, it's a bit creepy.
But the Association acted its age. In matching white jackets and shoes. And I don't know why this act doesn't get more love, their songs were SUPERLATIVE! Not only the not-cheesy "Cherish" and the upbeat "Windy," but the exquisite "Along Comes Mary" and "Never My Love," it was their songs that made me feel best.
As for Gary Puckett ...
I'd seen him live back then, just as "Young Girl" was rising on the chart, they played it twice. But last night the sound was amped up, it all became a wash. And could you sing "Young Girl" today, I doubt it!
As for Chuck Negron, he's a survivor, send him to schools to scare students straight. But his voice is mostly intact, powerful, and he's so happy to be there ...
But Howard Kaylan was not.
He was never that thin.
Have we hit that era, where acts are trying to fake out the audience?
But the Phlorescent Leech, aka Flo, aka Mark Volman, told us that Howard was in the hospital, they'd thought of canceling the tour, but the show must go on! And his replacement was Ron Dante, of Archies fame, Dante's a legend, it was good to see him live.
But the stunning highlight of the "Turtles'" performance was ...
PEACHES EN REGALIA! That's right, the opening cut on Zappa's "Hot Rats," I was astounded. Yes, it's played live on "Fillmore East," two tracks after the Mothers with Flo and Eddie go into "Happy Together" and ...
That's last night, the performance ended with "Happy Together."
Now that I have memories of. It brings back Stratton and Steph, but really it's about the sound of the introduction, it's heavy, pregnant with meaning, we think about them day and night, we do, imagine how the world could be so very right, and then ...
Bah bah bah ...
You couldn't help but stand and sing along. Actually, one of the shocks of the evening was the standing ovations, but in this case you weren't standing for the performance, but your own life, remembering the optimism, the hope.
And now it's all these years later, you are who you are, you made your choices and you have to accept them, it's too late to turn back now.
And to a degree the joke is on the acts, they're prisoners of their success. Have a hit or two and you can't give up. Then again, these people did it for the applause to begin with. And at this point, a lot of the audience members are richer than the performers, they might not be famous, but get older and fame becomes a joke, why would you want it, it's meaningless. But the songs ...
This evening was a celebration of the songs. Which are blue chip. They don't sound anything like today's "hits," they've got melody and changes and were from an era where everybody had a transistor and was listening incessantly. Music drove the culture, we followed it like the World Cup, heroes were larger than life. And there was a dearth of information, you had to go to the show to see them.
And some acts have survived with their reputations intact. Paul McCartney, of course. And Paul Simon. Certainly Bob Dylan.
But most ...
Are in the rearview mirror, no matter how big they were at the time.
But so are we.
These songs are the story of our lives.
Sing along.
-         - Bob Lefsetz

KK ...
Lou Christie says “It Should Have Been A Hit”
I voted no. 
A lot of different artists recorded this song so it must have struck a nerve with quite a few people.  While, I’m not particularly fond of this version, I do remember hearing it on the radio by SOMEBODY back at that time.  The biggest hit in Billboard was by Everything Is Everything, whose version went to #69 in 1969.  (kk)