Saturday, July 21, 2018

The Saturday Survey (July 21st)

*Survey courtesy of Gary Pfeifer and ARSA website

7-19-68 - KARK-FM - Little Rock, Arkansas 

Little Rock had the Arkansas Giant of 50,000 watt AM Top 40 format KAAY blazing across the Midwest states nightly, including the famous "Beeker Street" underground show late night.  On the FM side, the Arkansas Capital was rocked by KARK in 1968.  

It takes a look down the chart some to find the obscure Midnight Strings version of "Classical Gas" as the first oddball charter here.  After that, however, (counting the up and comers), there are MANY rare sides.  

Milwaukee's Harvey Scales & the Seven Sounds belts out a pretty cool "Tighten Up" sound with "Broadway Freeze" in the lower section of the chart, while one of the odd but really cool last Peter & Gordon non-hits sits at #34 with the 45 included false start "You've Had Better Times," written by Gordon.  Not sure I ever knew of such a false start before or since on a 45, ala the Beatles' LP cut mistake "I'm Lookin' Through You" opening a couple years earlier.  Once the song gets going, it's quite a cool disc.
-- Clark Besch

Back in the day when I was making my own charts (by compiling all sources available to me at the time), I would print out a weekly Sound 60 Survey.

This was a time when B-Sides, for the most part, were still charting separately from their corresponding A-Side (although to me people were buying the whole record ... how on earth did the folks compiling this information know for certain which side of the record the music buyer was going into the store for?)  It was a REAL bonus to pick up some of these Two-Sided Hits ... certainly more bang for your buck ... but back then we all played our B-Sides anyway, just to hear what they sounded like.  (As explained in our very popular Top 200 Two-Sided Hits of All-Time Series, "Of COURSE I played the B-Side ... I PAID for both sides, didn't I????")

In any event, we've seen a few charts now with lists that exceed the traditional Top 40, this being one of them.  (Although why you would list 19 extras is beyond me!)

Of those up 'n' coming extras, only two would leave a lasting impression ... so we'll feature both of them today ... "Tuesday Afternoon" by The Moody Blues (I always preferred the single-edit to this song ... and I swear this sounded like Ringo singing to me at the time) and "Do It Again" by The Beach Boys, STILL one of my all-time favorite tracks by them.  (kk)

7/17/68 – The Beatles’ animated feature Yellow Submarine premiers at The London Pavilion in London 

7/18/68 - 100,000 fans are on hand to hear Jimi Hendrix at The Miami Pop Festival.  This is the first major festival to be held on East Coast.

7/20/68 – Jane Asher calls off her engagement to Paul McCartney live on the BBC 

Also on this date, The Moody Blues release their “In Search of the Lost Chord” album