Sunday, December 6, 2020

The Sunday Comments ( 12 - 06 - 20 )

PETER (and GORDON … and even JEREMY!):  

It's cool about them playing "I Wanna Be Your Man" Everlies style live before the Beatles recorded it ... would have been cool to hear that! 

I would have asked Peter about his and Gordon's original songs.  "If You Wish" and "Wrong From the Start" are just GREAT records that got airplay here in the US as B sides of "True Love Ways" and "Woman."  They even performed the latter B side on two TV shows here.  They usually did write the B sides of all their 45s to be sure to get good bucks of publishing and half sales of the 45s.

Here's the first one, which was actually an A side on KLMS in Lincoln here and a #1 on one of my early personal charts as one of my own first 45s I owned:

Check out this kick-ass original by the guys:

It was funny that Gordon said he would love to have a hit without the Beatles’ name on when they did the Bernard Webb thing with "Woman."  Of course, like Billy J., they did not have a ton of top 10's after the Beatles' pipeline dissolved. 

After they talked about their concert for Mike Smith being shown only once, I checked and it IS on youtube in three parts in great quality.  After listening to this, I realized that this concert on youtube is actually AFTER Mike Smith's benefit, but still good to see and possibly the last time they performed together(?)

Gordon struggles to hit the notes, but he gets by ok.  Honestly, he was MORE than half of the vocal talent in the duo when you listen to all their music.  Peter was most often harmony or not in the vocals completely, it seemed.

I love in Part 3 where Peter pulls out his 1964 glasses to put on for "World Without Love."  It gave me shivers just to hear Gordon start singing "Woman."  I was a member of Gordon' s fan club before he passed away.  He was pretty humble at that point and a house painter, to my memory, at the time.

Here's the 3-part reunion thing with MANY songs spread out over all three parts, but I don't think they did even ONE original tune, which is sad.  They did do several B sides and LP cuts.  Funny to hear Gordon call Phil Spector "a weasel."  The Spam-alot coconut shells sounded great on "Knight in Rusty Armour."

I was VERY fortunate  to see the Peter and Gordon reunion show at Beatlefest several years ago … Gordon died shortly thereafter as I recall.  They sounded absolutely BRILLIANT … an OUTSTANDING show (and both were in FINE voice that night … Gordon especially wowing the crowd.  A shame to think that that much talent sat home, off the road, for so many years.)

And then, a couple of years ago, Peter and Jeremy ... again at Beatlefest ... where they appeared with Billy J. Kramer, another big benefactor of some early Lennon and McCartney compositions.  (I'll tell you what ... I'll put "Bad To Me" and "A World Without Love" up against ANY of their own material during this same period.)  

Jeremy, of course, was one half of Chad and Jeremy ... and the fact that they were performing together gave the audience the chance to hear hits from both of these British Invasion Duos. 

As for Peter and Gordon's Beatles connection, sure, it helped them quite a bit in their career … “A World Without Love” (#1, 1964), “Nobody I Know” (#12, 1964), “I Don’t Want To See You Again” (#16, 1964) and “Woman” (#12, 1966) were all Paul McCartney (or Lennon and McCartney or Bernard Webb, aka Paul McCartney) compositions.  (Obviously, it was Paul who was feeding them tunes … he was, after all, dating Peter’s sister!)  In concert, they mentioned several songs written by Paul and John that they would also liked to have recorded, but John put his foot down, stating that The Beatles were going to record THOSE tunes themselves.  (It sounds like John considered the others “throw-aways” … amazing, when you think that “A World Without Love” is an INCREDIBLE song, a #1 Hit and, at the time, employed a far more sophisticated production and arrangement style than The Beatles themselves were using at the time!)

But Peter and Gordon did just fine with their non-Beatles tunes, too …

“I Go To Pieces” (my personal favorite) is a Del Shannon tune that went to #4 in 1965.  “True Love Ways,” of course, came from the pen of Buddy Holly, and was a #12 hit later that same year.  (Theirs is probably my all-time favorite version of this song.)  Their version of Phil Spector’s “To Know You Is To Love You” reached #24 (In contrast, I don’t particularly care for this one!) and “new tunes” like “Lady Godiva” (#5, 1966), “Knight In Rusty Armour” (#12, 1967) and “Sunday For Tea” (#22, 1967) all made The Top 40, giving them TEN Top 40 Hits in all, spread out over four years … not a bad track record for ANY artist, much less a British Invasion act.  (kk)   

Front Row: L-R: Peter Asher, Jeremy Clyde /Back Row: L-R: Billy J. Kramer, Kent Kotal


We’ve got word that Micky Dolenz is currently in the studio, working with producer Christian Nesmith (son of Michael), laying down the vocals for his forthcoming Dolenz Sings Nesmith album, for 7A Records.

(A FH Exclusive ... thank you, David Salidor!)

Meanwhile, we also got an advance listen to a newly available Christmas album by Davy Jones called “It’s Christmas Time Once More.”  The disc is produced by Chip Douglas (“Headquarters”) and the cover photo was taken by long-time Monkees photographer (and photographer to the GODS of music for seven decades now), Henry Diltz!

Look for an upcoming interview with Chip in the not too distant future.  (kk)   


After we ran our “Gone But Not Forgotten” List on Tuesday, we heard from a few readers who wanted to make additions to the list.  Some of those names are listed here. (Thank you, Ken Voss, for the lion's share of these names and dates)  

We tried to go for the most obvious and recognizable names “to the masses,” if you will on our original list … but that certainly meant no disrespect to the others who left us during 2020 … a list FAR too long when it comes to the arts … and only a handful of which can be attributed to the pandemic.

Frankie Banali (8/20) Quiet Riot drummer

On the death list, you missed Frankie Banali, drummer for Quiet Riot.  He died on 8/20.  He was a customer of mine for about three years from about 2008 - 2011.  Nice fellow ...


Clarence Burke Sr. (7/18) Father and manager of Five Stairsteps

Buddy Cage (2/5) New Riders of the Purple Sage

Darick Campbell (5/10) Campbell Brothers pedal steel guitarist

Cady Groves (5/2) Songwriter – “This Little Girl”

Gordon Haskell (10/18) King Crimson vocalist

Willie Henson aka Tobin Matthews (1/17) - had the #1 hit here in Chicago “Ruby Duby Du”

Rupert Hine (6/4)

Steve Holland (8/2) Molly Hatchett

Jan Howard (3/28) Country singer - Grand Ole Opry

Lee Konitz (4/15)

David L. Lander (12/5) - Squiggy from Laverne and Shirley -
just added to the list yesterday  (kk)

Danny Leake (4/27) Stevie Wonder’s live sound & studio engineer

Buzzy Linhart (2/13)

Ellis Maralis (4/1)

Moon Martin (5/15)

Phil May (5/16) Pretty Things lead vocalist

Lyle Mays (2/10) Keyboardist Pat Metheny Group

Alan Merrill (3/29) Wrote “I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll”

Reed Mullin (1/27) Drummer Corrosion of Conformity

Sharon Paige (7/5) Harold Melvin & The Bluenotes

Bill Rieflin (3/24) Ministry, King Crimson, REM

David Rohback (2/24) Guitarist and co-founder Mazzy Star

Nick Rudd (5/6) B-Lovers

Michael Smith (8/3) Chicago folk singer

Mike Somerville (2/28) Head East

Chris Stewart (5/15) Eire Apparent bass player

Ron Stockert (4/14) Rufus

McCoy Tyner (3/3)

Ken Utterback (4/13) Guitarist Pacific Gas & Electric

Betty Wright (5/10)

And some sad news from our friend, Tommy Roe …

I know you’re hurting right now, Tommy …

And all of our thoughts are with you.

To all our friends,

This morning my little Josette lost her battle with Alzheimer’s, a terribly cruel disease. She fought to the end, and her beautiful little body just finally gave out. Now I am left with all the many memories of our forty two years together ...

All the time we spent together, the little things we did together, and didn’t think much about at the time. Now my reflections on those moments are so very special and are coming back to me in vivid colors.

All those beautiful times together in France, Germany, Asia, Italy, California, Tennessee, Georgia … everywhere we traveled together. The times she would go with me on one nighters, traveling from town to town in the midwest, in the wintertime, in the snow. She absolutely loved it … and made it fun. She even bought a hot plate so she could cook breakfast in the mornings in our hotel room.

She was always doing her best to make our time together as beautiful as possible.

I am such a lucky guy to have had her in my life.

As I have said before, I believe God brought us together for a reason, and it is too complicated for me to understand, but I feel so blessed to have shared the gift of Josette’s love. I miss her so very much …

RIP my love …

When you come close to the end of life, reflections on your journey can be painfully happy … and painfully sad.
Copyright 2020 Tommy Roe

So sad to hear …

But so beautifully put.

You’re in my heart today, Tommy …

A little bit more than usual.

Peace be with you during this difficult time.

So sad that this had to happen right before the holidays.

(Boy did 2020 kick out collective asses or what?!?)

FOR THE RECORD:  Tommy’s wife, Josette Banzet, is a Golden Globe Winning Actress for her role in “Rich Man, Poor Man.”  The couple married in 1981.


Ozzy turned 72 on Thursday!
I’ll never forget this classic performance of "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" by
Ozzy and Sharon at Wrigley Field, back in 2003. What a riot! The fans in the stadium were in tears from laughing.
Stay warm!

Mike Wolstein

And on Monday, December 7th, Tom Waits, my favorite grunter, turns 71.

This artwork, which I found a bunch of years ago, tells the story.

Ever see that LP he did many years back that had Cassandra Peterson ("Elvira") on the cover?  Yummy!


Setting the record straight once again …

For some reason, this album cover became a hot topic all over again this past year … I’m not exactly sure why … but I do know that Ultimate Classic Rock spent a TON of time dissecting and researching it earlier this year …

Truth be told, even Cassandra Peterson HERSELF wasn’t sure if that was her pictured on the cover or not!!!  (She said she didn’t remember posing for it … but also admitted that she didn’t remember very much of the ‘70’s at all!)  But her biggest doubt came (“Big” being the key word here) because, in her own words, her boobs were so much better!!!  Lol

Anyway, a story worth reviewing (to at least set the record straight once and for all) … and a photo worth sharing … I guess!  (lol)

By the way, The Eagles’ version of Tom Waits’ “Ol’ ‘55” is one of my very favorite recordings by them.  (kk)

It’s Official: That’s Not Elvira on Tom Waits’ Album Cover 

I always suspected it wasn’t me.  I’m sorry to say this, but my boobs are better … but I thought, ‘Maybe it’s the pose’ … but I was pretty sure it wasn’t me.

My boobs are very close to me; I see them every day!

--Cassandra Peterson

Per the New York Times, Ray "Davies has assembled a sprawling box set that adds remixes and outtakes to 'Lola versus Powerman and the Moneygoround, Part One' ... a witty and scathing sendup of the music industry's exploitation of artists (which) turned around the fortunes of the commercially flagging" band ...

--Bob Frable

Seems like there’ve been new Paul McCartney quotes every single day since he did his New York Times and Rolling Stone interviews.  (Of course, he also has a brand new album coming out in a few days, so this is all great publicity for that.  A couple of years ago Paul put on the full court press to sell his album “Egypt Station” … which then proceeded to go all the way to #1!)  kk

I will admit that I don’t have very high hopes for “McCartney III” … but am hoping he’ll prove me wrong.  (“II” never measured up to “I” either, for that matter!)

Still, the very fact that he’s still creating new music after all these years is really quite amazing.  Guess we’ll find out in a few days just how GOOD that music actually is!  (kk)

Yeah, I'm always hopeful that Paul will wow us again, at least occasionally, but I don't count on it either.  Dunno if FH covered it in 2009, but Macca's song "I Want To Come Home" from the DeNiro film, "Everybody's Fine," was brilliant.  Still chokes me up.  I can't believe that it has never had a physical commercial release, not even on a soundtrack album.  I was sure that when McCartney was assembling the "Pure McCartney" box set that he would include it.  I paid about $70 for the UK promo CD single years ago. 

And, since I’m here, let me just say, Great job on the TV Themes list, Kent.  You really should consider assembling some of your content and approaching a publisher-- even consider self-publishing.

I hope all's well on your end and that you and Frannie continue to stay safe. 

Better days -- and concerts, please! -- in the coming year.

Scott Paton

I’m hoping that things will get better quickly once the new vaccines have started circulating.  (Truthfully, I’m not quite convinced of that either right now … but I am hopeful that this will solve most of what’s going on out there right now.)  Personally, I’m not quite ready to sit elbow-to-elbow with other concert-goers just yet.   

We still have tickets to two postponed and rescheduled shows coming up … Gilbert O’Sullivan in April (as part of his U.S. City Winery Tour) and the Bachman-Cummings show (for which we have VERY good seats) in August.  Gilbert’s show is coming up pretty soon … I can’t believe he’ll got thru all of the effort and expense to travel here all the way from England unless the U.S. is a safe place to be by that point!  (kk)

With the new HBO Bee Gees Documentary just around the corner (it airs next Saturday, December 12th), it was nice to see this from Tom Cuddy …

Barry Gibb Has a Mission: ‘Keep the Music Alive’ …

The greatly-expanded Me-TV-FM "Flip Sides" Weekend continues thru midnight tonight, playing back to back A-Sides and B-Sides from throughout the rock era.

I've got to tell you that I've been hearing SO many great new selections this time around ... it really has been a joy to listen to ... all kinds of great, new surprises.  (When you consider not only all of the great two-sided hits we've experrienced in our lifetime ... but also all of the killer, undiscovered and forgotten B-Sides that didn't make the charts, this truly has become the gift that keeps on giving ... and has turned into a very successful on-going weekend feature for them.)

You can Listen Live here:

And catch our list of The Top 200 Biggest Two-Sided Hits Of All-Time as well as The Top 200 Favorite, Forgotten B-Sides, which inspired this feature, here:

Kent -

This is just for your FH friend, Clark Besch ...

It's a quick answer to his car question from last week ...

Clark –

Your Corvettes and Cobras question is a fair one.

About a dozen years ago (?) The Rip Chords recorded a new CD that actually featured my personal Corvette on the cover.

So, there is some history with that white Corvette and the band...

But, more importantly? My 1961 Corvette is a "survivor / daily driver." 

It has a hard and soft top, a heater, a radio, and has roll-up windows.

I can, and do, drive it 300 days of the year, except in the rain or snow.

On the other hand, a 1964 Shelby Cobra is an $800k dollar museum piece.

Due to their collector value, they are no longer driven for any personal fun.

Plus, the 1964 Cobra has no top, no heater, and no windows. or side curtains.

If it starts raining?

You'll need an overpass to park under until the storm passes.

And, girls with beautiful hair hate that !!           

- Can I get an Amen???

- Bobby

AMEN.  Who knew Rip Chords (records/cars) were worth more???



Thank you so much for the "Forgotten Hits" mention of Freda Payne's new download single duet with Johnny Mathis, and the newly released paperback version of my hit book "Eat Like a Rock Star."  Already, after being released November 24, my cookbook has continued to climb the Amazon best-seller charts, and has moved up the chart from Number Nine to hit Number Three!  Maybe it is "Forgotten Hits" and your devoted audience which has caused this to happen?  I love it! 

Keep up the great work, and I wish you an amazing holiday season!

Most sincerely,

Mark Bego


This might be a tad off the usual FH path but I thought you and viewers might want to know about the slew of Bob Marley products out now and due in December thanks to the just announced news of the Bob Marley musical opening in 2021. 

The Impressions on Vee-Jay Records, Johnny Nash and Jr. Walker, along with American R&B music of the fifties and early sixties, were a big musical influence on Bob Marley and the Wailers. 

The Wailers covered a few Curtis Mayfield-penned songs when Mayfield was in The Impressions ... and Marley once recorded a version of the Beatles "Eleanor Rigby." 


The Bob Marley Musical is bursting to life from June 2021 at The Lyric Theatre



"It’s not all that glitters is gold, half the story has never been told" - Bob Marley
Lively up yourself and celebrate Jamaica’s global superstar
The multi award-winning team of Lee Hall (writer), Clint Dyer (director) and Arinzé Kene (playing Bob Marley), fused with a euphoric company of performers and the finest reggae musicians, bring this triumphant tale of passion, political unrest and progress bursting to life from June 2021 in London’s West End. Book now for the electrifying new production,

Get Up, Stand Up! The Bob Marley Musical and lose yourself in

Marley’s platinum-selling catalogue of hits.
‘One good thing about music, when it hits you feel no pain’-
Bob Marley

Now THIS sounds interesting!!!

Harvey Kubernik also tells us about a new Tower Records tribute coming …


I just got this news about Tower Records. 

My new "Docs That Rock, Music That Matters" book has a chapter about Tower and the Colin Hanks-directed documentary "All Things Must Pass."

I also covered the legacy of the chain in 2015
Tower Records All Things Must Pass Documentary Opens ... › tower-records-all-things-must-pa...


The Iconic Music Retailer Returns with Special Offerings Including Ghost Dog - Original Motion Picture Score Produced by The RZA Available for  The First Time Ever on Vinyl Outside of Japan and an Exclusive Vinyl Edition of Hollywood Undead’ s New Empire Vol. 2

Tower Records, the iconic music chain that defined the retail music business in the pre-digital era, is back in business 60 years after Russ Solomon first opened its doors in 1960. To celebrate its return, Tower Records will offer exclusive merchandise as well as limited edition vinyl releases ahead of exciting partnerships with artists, labels and brands to be announced in early 2021.

Along with exclusive Tower Records “Watt Ave” t-shirts commemorating the original Tower Records store in Sacramento, California, music fans can purchase limited edition vinyl including Ghost Dog - Original Motion Picture Score produced by The RZA, now available for the first time ever on vinyl outside of Japan. This is the first film score produced by The RZA and features appearances by Wu-Tang Clan. The Tower Records exclusive deluxe limited edition colored vinyl features an Opaque Red & Opaque Yellow swirl with only 500 available worldwide.

Tower Records will also be offering an exclusive vinyl edition of Hollywood Undead’s New Empire Vol. 2 featuring transparent red with yellow splatter vinyl. New Empire Vol. 2 officially releases on December 4, 2020 and is Hollywood Undead’s seventh studio album.

Known for its yellow-and-red color scheme, “No Music, No Life” slogan, wide aisles stocked with LPs and CDs, and audiophile staff, Tower Records is transcending its historic past by creating online and physical experiences for all music fans to “Know Music, Know Life.”

“It’s a privilege to help relaunch a brand like Tower Records. As COVID prohibits us from connecting with our customers in a personable way - through brick & mortar stores - an important part of our mission is ensuring our customers at home still receive Tower Records’ in-store experience from our online efforts,” says Danny Zeijdel of Tower Records. “This involves offering exclusive content catered to the tastes of our loyal customers, like merchandise celebrating the 60th Anniversary and artist, festival and brand collaborations. These limited edition releases from Tower, as well as The RZA and Hollywood Undead, are the first of many and an homage to Tower’s humble beginnings 60 years’ ago – before it grew into a global phenomenon and, for many, a way of life.”

Founded in 1960 by Russ Solomon, Tower Records developed from a business he founded as a teenager to resell 78 rpm jukebox records in his father’s Sacramento drug store, into a record retail behemoth that operated dozens of stores across the United States. Tower Records defined the retail music business in the pre-digital era and at its peak had nearly 200 stores across 15 countries, and more than $1 billion in annual sales. Known for its enormous volume, and backed by its audiophile behind-the-counter staff, Tower Records became the mecca for in- store performances and recording artist events, placing it at No. 1 among U.S. music merchants. In 2020, Tower Records is transcending its historic past by creating online experiences and exciting partnerships with artists, labels and brands for all music fans to “Know Music, Know Life.”                                       

>>>Rollye James is now on WGN late night and often has some cool musical guests on along with LOTS of obscure bumper music.  On November 9, she did an hour long interview with Tom “Toad” Doody of The Cryan’ Shames.  I thought it was excellent ... best interview I ever have heard with Tom ... very informative and in depth.  Her podcasts are on her website.  Here's the podcast for the hour with Tom.  ENJOY!! 

(Clark Besch)

>>>My interview with Rollye was one of the favorite interviews I've ever done.  She is incredibly knowledgeable about that era when we were making our records.  She knew most of the same people that I did.  It was more like a fun conversation, than an interview.  I absolutely know she would love Forgotten Hits.  I hope you two can connect.  Be safe.  Keep doing what you're doing and blessings.  (Toad)

I’ve gotta say that I thought Rollye's interview with Toad was awesome.  (He did give info on some things I did not know.)  I think you’d enjoy it.


I have yet to have the chance to give it a listen … but I hope to soon.  (The podcast link is shown again above for any others that may want to reminisce!)  kk

Hi there, Kent,

Well, I just had to comment on Rollye Jame's WGN top ten worst songs of all time list. 

Of course, a list like this is totally subjective, and a song that one person absolutely hates will be another person's favorite song. 

I have a good friend that still really loves You Light Up My Life by Debby Boone.  But having said that, I would agree that most of the songs on this list are pretty bad. 

I do think that Seasons In The Sun by Terry Jacks deserves its place on this list.  In fact, personally, I might have put it even higher, like around number 2 or number 3 ... but the Kingston Trio's original version of the song is quite nice to listen to actually.

But I agree with Clark, to put Uncle Albert / Admiral Halsey by Paul McCartney and Wings on this list is totally ludicrous!  I would certainly go along with his nomination of Mary Had A Little Lamb, but how about Coming Up?  In my opinion anyway, that's a pretty dreadful song. 

But where were songs like Downtown by Mrs. Miller, The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face by Roberta Flack, Sweet And Innocent and Puppy Love by Donny Osmond, Rockin' Robin by Michael Jackson, (You're) Having My Baby by Paul Anka and Odia Coates, Once You Understand by Think, Billy, Don't Be A Hero by Bo Donaldson & the Heywoods, In The Year 2525 by Zager & Evans and DOA by Blood Rock?  I personally think that most of those songs are even worse than the songs on her list. 

I never minded A Horse With No Name by America at all.  But a song that most folks have totally forgotten about which is probably my least favorite song of all time, is You're The Reason I'm Living by Bobby Darin.  But at the time, this song unfortunately reached number 1 in the spring of 1963, But from the way he sings this song, it sounds like he's singing about the reason he's dying rather than living.  Oh GOD I HATE THAT SONG.

As for the other bumper selections on the list, I can at least see why songs like Surfing Bird by the Trashmen, I Want My Baby Back by Jimmy Cross, Moulty by the Barbarians and Is That All There Is by Peggy Lee were considered bad songs.  But Stranded In The Jungle by the Cadets and Teach Me, Tiger by April Stevens I can't agree with at all.

I've seen a number of other worst songs lists, and some of the songs on the list have really surprised me, because I don't think they are bad songs at all. 

Here's just a sample:

Abracadabra (Steve Miller Band)

Beach Baby (First Class)

Epistle To Dippy (Donovan)

Hungry Like The Wolf (Duran Duran)

I'm Just A Singer(In A Rock & Roll Band) (The Moody Blues)

Jim Dandy (LaVern Baker)

Lucky Ladybug (Billy & Lillie)

Oogum Boogum Song (Brenton Wood)

The Night Chicago Died (Paper Lace)

These Boots Are Made For Walkin' (Nancy Sinatra)

Wonderful Tonight (Eric Clapton)

Worst songs of all time?  Not in my opinion anyway, but I'm really glad that Clark shared this list with your FH fans, and now I've put my two cents worth in here for what it's worth, which isn't a bad song at all by the way.  Maybe oldies stations over played that Buffalo Springfield song to some extent, but it's still a good song as far as I'm concerned. 

My ex-wife always hated Rock And Roll Part II by Gary Glitter.  I think that would definitely be on her top ten worst songs list.

Sam Ward

I’ve never actually sat down and made a Worst Songs Of All-Time List … but there are quite a few titles that have been mentioned during all of this that would most certainly qualify.  (Many, many years ago, when Forgotten Hits was brand new, the idea of having our readers compile a list of the Worst Records Ever … and we did get quite a few suggestions … but the guy who convinced us to abandon the idea, believe it or not, was none other than Ron Dante … who said that it was insulting to both the recording artists and the songwriters to lump them into such a category.  Besides, songs like “Honey” by Bobby Goldsboro and “You Light Up My Life” by Debby Boone were both #1 hits … and for 5 and 13 weeks, respectively … so SOMEBODY was sure as hell buyin’ ‘em!!!

Maybe a better idea would be “Least Deserving #1 Hits” … which, in hindsight, would be relatively fun … and easy … to put together.  Again, we could rank them based on votes with the number of weeks at #1 as the deciding tie-breakers.  (kk)

Rather than focus on the WORST songs of all-time, why don't you vote for your all-time favorites instead?!?!

Yes, folks, it's that time of year again ...

Rewound Radio is once again building their list of Top 77 Favorites ...

(which, of course, means that something like 3500 songs will be nominated again!!!)

That's OK ... 

This is an INCREDIBLY fun annual feature ...

And they play down ALL of them the week between Christmas and New Year's ...

Vote here:

(But you'd better hurry ...

The polls close TOMORROW!!  12/7)

Then listen to the winners here:


12/4/1940 =  Happy Birthday, Freddy "Boom Boom  Cannon!

(John Zacherle Is Rolling Over In His Grave!)


And have you seen this one yet?

Your friends Pam and Joe interview Tommy James about his first #1 Record …

And The Mob!!!

Let’s end up this week’s edition of The Sunday Comments with some GOOD news for a change!!! 

The SOS ACT (Save Our Stages) and the Restart Act passed in Congress but are stuck in the Senate stand-off. My State Senators did not give up and neither did I in reminding them of this need. So the State of CT has some happy news and I hope other states can say the same.  

Governor Ned Lamont announced that 154 nonprofit arts organizations in Connecticut will be receiving $9 million in grants this month under a program initiated by his administration to provide support to the state’s arts community amid the impact of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Qualifying organizations will receive a base grant of $5,000. For organizations that have raised funds between March 10 and November 1, 2020, the program will offer a supplemental match of up to 50 percent of contributed income during that period. The program uses federal CARES Act funding from the state’s Coronavirus Relief Fund.

Here is the specific breakdown to back up this announcement.

154 non-profit arts organizations to receive $9 million

November 30, 2020

 Business People

The COVID Relief Fund for the Arts, administered by the Connecticut Office of the Arts (COA) within the Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD), was created to support arts nonprofits that

·         are performing arts centers, schools of the arts, or performing groups for whom grants will make a difference in terms of survival or rehiring; and   

·         have had to curtail operations for a period of time due to the COVID-19 pandemic and which have had limited ability to reopen due to pandemic restrictions or have had to pivot their service delivery due to pandemic restrictions.

The program was made possible with $9 million of federal CARES Act funding from the state’s Coronavirus Relief Fund.
The 154 COVID Relief Fund for the Arts grant recipients include:

1214 Foundation (aka NewArts), Newtown, $11,700
ACT of Connecticut, Ridgefield, $221,000
ActUp Theater, Hartford, $12,700
American Baroque Orchestra, North Haven, $5,000
Amity Teen Center, Woodbridge, $11,500
Architecture Resource Center, New Haven, $7,700
ARTFARM, Middletown, $7,100
Artists Collective, Hartford, $14,700
Artreach, Norwich, $9,400
Arts Escape, Southbury, $6,800
Arts for Learning Connecticut, Hamden, $57,400
ASAP!, Washington Depot, $52,100
BackCountry Concerts (aka BackCountry Jazz), Greenwich, $31,400
Ballet Theatre Company, West Hartford, $18,700
Broadway Method Academy, Fairfield, $8,600
Brookfield Craft Center, Brookfield, $43,200
Buttonwood Tree Performing Arts Center, Middletown, $8,600
CAPA/Shubert Theatre, New Haven, $118,800
Cappella Cantorum, Madison, $6,900
CAST Children’s Theater, Manchester, $15,700
Center Stage Theatre, Shelton, $32,100
Charter Oak Performing Arts (aka Connecticut Gay Men's Chorus), New Haven, $10,000
Community Music School, Centerbrook, $19,900
CONCORA, Hartford, $14,000
Connecticut Academy for the Arts, Torrington, $9,700
Connecticut Ballet, Hartford, $18,200
Connecticut Chamber Choir, Trumbull, $5,600
Connecticut Dance School, Fairfield, $9,700
Connecticut Hurricanes Drum & Bugle Corps , Seymour, $11,300
Connecticut Players Foundation (aka Long Wharf Theatre), New Haven, $551,400
Connecticut Valley Symphony Orchestra, Windsor, $6,700
Connecticut Virtuosi Chamber Orchestra, New Britain, $18,100
Creative Arts Workshop, New Haven, $77,300
Crescendo, Lakeville, $7,600
Crystal Theatre, Norwalk, $9,000
Cuatro Puntos, Hartford, $17,100
Curtain Call, Stamford, $81,300
Danbury Music Centre, Danbury, $38,000
Darien Arts Center, Darien, $41,700
Downtown Cabaret Theatre, Bridgeport, $39,200
Eastern Connecticut Ballet, East Lyme, $21,600
Eastern Connecticut Symphony, New London, $56,700
Eli Whitney Workshop, Hamden, $84,000
Elm Shakespeare Company, New Haven, $45,200
Eugene O'Neill Theater Center, Waterford, $376,200
Fairfield County Children's Choir, Fairfield, $8,100
Fairfield Theatre Company, Fairfield, $106,400
Farmington Valley Arts Center, Avon, $15,400
Five Points Center for the Visual Arts, Torrington, $42,700
Flock Theatre, New London, $59,600
Friends of Madison Youth, Madison, $5,800
Friends of the Levitt Pavilion, Westport, $55,200
Garde Arts Center, New London, $182,800
Goodspeed Opera House Foundation, East Haddam, $532,100
Greater Bridgeport Symphony, Bridgeport $43,000
Greater Connecticut Youth Orchestras, Fairfield, $44,400
Greater Middletown Chorale, Middletown, $13,800
Greenwich Art Society, Greenwich, $11,500
Greenwich Arts Council, Greenwich, $14,000
Greenwich Symphony Orchestra, Greenwich, $19,300
Grumbling Gryphons Traveling Children's Theater, West Cornwall, $6,300
Guilford Art Center, Guilford, $63,300
HartBeat Ensemble, Hartford, $23,700
Hartford Artisans Weaving Center, Hartford, $26,600
Hartford Chorale, Hartford, $15,100
Hartford Performs, Hartford, $72,100
Hartford Stage , Hartford, $542,200
Hartford Symphony Orchestra, Hartford, $326,600
Horace Bushnell Memorial Hall Corporation, Hartford, $480,900
Hygienic Art, New London, $13,700
INTEMPO, Stamford, $63,600
Ivoryton Playhouse, Ivoryton, $125,900
JIB Productions (aka Play With Your Food), Westport, $11,900
Judy Dworin Performance Project, Hartford, $37,000
Katharine Hepburn Cultural Arts Center, Old Saybrook, $111,300
Klein Memorial Auditorium Foundation, Bridgeport, $58,500
Landmark Community Theatre, Thomaston, $29,900
Legacy Theatre, Branford, $17,700
Litchfield Performing Arts, Litchfield, $26,100
Little Theatre of Manchester, Manchester, $30,800
Lyme Academy of Fine Arts, Old Lyme, $23,200
Madison Lyric Stage, Madison, $12,200
Main Street Ballet Company, Woodbury, $6,200
Mariachi Academy of New England, Hartford, $7,200
Maurice C. La Grua Center, Stonington, $38,000
Milford Arts Council, Milford, $24,700
MOCA WESTPORT, Westport, $97,700
Music Haven, New Haven, $101,100
Music Mountain, Falls Village, $23,000
Music on the Hill, Wilton, $13,200
Music Theatre of Connecticut, Norwalk, $44,600
Mystic Ballet, Stonington, $48,000
Neighborhood Music School, New Haven, $166,900
Neighborhood Studios of Fairfield County, Bridgeport, $30,900
New Canaan Society for the Arts (aka Carriage Barn Arts Center), New Canaan, $15,600
New Haven Ballet, New Haven, $13,900
New Haven Chorale, New Haven, $30,200
New Haven Symphony Orchestra, New Haven, $219,300
Newington Children's Theatre Company, Newington, $8,300
Norwalk Symphony Society, Norwalk, $25,100
Norwalk Youth Symphony, Norwalk, $14,600
Nutmeg Ballet Conservatory, Torrington, $31,000
Nutmeg Symphony Orchestra, Bristol, $10,000
Oddfellows Playhouse Youth Theater, Middletown, $28,900
Open Arts Alliance, Greenwich, $9,700
Opera House Players, Enfield, $6,000
Opera Theater of Connecticut, Clinton, $9,100
Our House Meriden, Meriden, $7,600
Palace Theater Group, Waterbury, $149,700
Pantochino Productions, Milford, $13,000
Pilobolus, Washington Depot, $97,300
Playhouse Theatre Group, West Hartford, $74,500
Real Art Ways, Hartford, $153,700
Ridgefield Conservatory of Dance, Ridgefield, $30,400
Ridgefield Guild of Artists, Ridgefield, $14,300
Ridgefield Playhouse for Movies and the Performing Arts, Ridgefield, $186,400
Ridgefield Symphony Orchestra, Ridgefield, $25,000
Ridgefield Workshop for the Performing Arts (aka Ridgefield Theater Barn), Ridgefield, $16,300
Rowayton Arts Center, Norwalk, $17,300
Seven Angels Theatre, Waterbury, $37,000
Shakesperience Productions, Waterbury, $26,200
Sherman Chamber Ensemble, New Milford, $8,600
Sherman Players, Sherman, $6,300
Silvermine Guild of Artists, New Canaan, $57,900
Simsbury Performing Arts Center, Simsbury, $19,000
Sonia Plumb Dance Company, Hartford, $21,600
Southington Community Cultural Arts, Southington, $36,200
Square Foot Theatre Company, Wallingford, $9,500
Stamford Center for the Arts, Stamford, $50,000
Stamford Symphony, Stamford, $185,600
Stamford Young Artists Philharmonic , Old Greenwich, $6,600
Summer Theatre of New Canaan, New Canaan, $46,600
Thames Valley Music School, New London, $11,200
TheaterWorks Hartford, Hartford, $264,900
Theatre of Northeastern Connecticut (aka The Bradley Playhouse), Putnam, $17,800
Thrown Stone Theatre Company, Ridgefield, $5,900
Treetops Chamber Music Society, Stamford, $8,100
Tri State Center for the Arts, Sharon, $58,900
Trinity-on-Main, New Britain, $13,900
Vernon Community Arts Center (aka Arts Center East), Vernon, $9,500
Village Center for the Arts, New Milford, $16,600
Voice of Art, Cheshire, $7,700
Wall Street Theater, Norwalk, $6,800
Wallingford Community Theatre, Wallingford, $8,400
Warner Theatre, Torrington, $193,600
Waterbury Ballet Company (aka Brass City Ballet), Middlebury, $14,300
Waterbury Symphony Orchestra, Waterbury, $57,000
Wesleyan Potters, Middletown, $15,800
West Hartford Art League, West Hartford, $18,400
Western Connecticut Youth Orchestra, Ridgefield, $14,900
Westport Community Theatre, Westport, $5,500
Westport Country Playhouse, Westport, $365,800
Whitney Players, Hamden, $11,100
Writer's Block Ink, New London, $11,100

It’s a start!

Shelley J Sweet-Tufano

This is some REALLY good news, Shelley … thanks for sharing!

People … push your senators to get this legislation passed in YOUR state.  (Lord knows we can use it here in Illinois!!!)

Venues have been hit the hardest, many of which were struggling to stay open BEFORE the pandemic hit …

And musicians who earn their living doing this have been on lockdown since March.

PLEASE write to your Congressmen to get this relief passed along to the folks who need it most.

As you can see, there is a sliding scale being distributed in Connecticut …

There is no reason why those same principles could not be applied here … and everywhere else in the United States hit hard by this year’s unexpected turn of events. 

PLEASE write to the folks who can fix this … and let’s get ‘er done!!! (kk)