Saturday, November 21, 2020



Boy, talk about your countdown coincidences!!!

Twenty minutes ago we featured Freddy Cannon's big hit "Action," the theme from WHERE THE ACTION IS, at #31 ...

And now we're featuring AMERICAN BANDSTAND right behind it at #30.

Freddy got more than his fair share of attention thanks to this television program ... in fact, he holds the record for the most appearances on AMERICAN BANDSTAND.

Hosted by eternal teenager Dick Clark, the program allowed him to build a television empire that branched out into a wide variety of other genres … most typically staying true to his musical roots (Clark started out as a disc jockey) as well as a host of game shows. Popular features introduced new music each week on segments like Rate A Record … and kids (originally from Philadelphia and then from Los Angeles) showed off the latest dance crazes while teenagers from coast to coast tried to copy all of their moves … and many of our favorite music stars of the day stopped by to lip-sync their latest hits.

This theme went thru any number of changes over the years, reflecting the sound and trends in music of each new particular era … and then was given new life in the ‘70’s when singer Barry Manilow put words to the music and made it popular all over again. 

American Bandstand finished at #11 in 2013 … but takes a significant tumble this time around, landing at #30.