Friday, November 20, 2020

One More Round Of Teasers Before The Countdown Begins!

>>>So who won? (Bob Sirott) 

>>>You know, this would make for a GREAT segment on your program Monday Morning (the 23rd) ... and I JUST happen to be off from work that day! (lol) C'mon ... you can't let Landecker be the only one slipping in short clips of music these days!!! (kk) 

C'mon Bob! 

Power to the People!! 

Next contest? 

Who has the best radio station jingles of Chicago history! 


Well, he hasn't asked me yet!  (lol)

Maybe Landecker will want to get in on the fun ...

And then, when we're done, we can continue our discussion of Dick Biondi playing the first Beatles record in America!!! (kk)


You asked if your readers knew that Richard Chamberlain initially did CLOSE TO YOU before the Carpenters. I just happened to know that bit of information. 

Now as far as themes go, knowing the subject matter of FH, to me the theme from the tv show HAPPY DAYS should be right up there. Where is Pratt and McClain when you need them? (1976)
Larry Neal

Definitely in The Top 20 ...

In fact, it'll run back-to-back with another TV Theme hinted at below.  (kk)

This is what I get for being so insanely busy the past few weeks.  
My only real trip of 2020 (eighteen days), my vehicle having transmission failure (and a faulty DEALERSHIP repair of that, causing a failure again 77 miles out of Macomb, IL) ... and my resulting decision to trade-in and get something new**, all the election CACOPHONY, transitioning from Macomb to Chicago until June, 2021, an out-of-town visitor from Oklahoma, etc. - 
SOMEHOW I ENTIRELY MISSED ALL of the voting for favorite TV themes of all time.
Obviously too late but, for good measure, I'll list my favorites anyway ... or several of them, at least.  I'm not giving it a whole lot of time to suss-out what they would be.
But ... DEFINITELY #1:  Star Trek - The Next Generation
Big mentions:  Superman (the original 1950s black and white series!); The Jetsons; the Flintstones; Rawhide
Another biggie, which I'm sure did NOT get very many votes:  Murder, She Wrote (which is a TV show I didn't even like, lol)
My baby-boomer demographic is showing, lol
Frank Merrill  
Boy, are YOU late to the party!!! (lol)
I CAN tell you that only ONE of your choices made The Top 50 ... but, thanks to some of the MANY extras we'll be featuring along the way, you'll also get to see and hear three others.
And, I can ALSO promise you a fun reveal as we make our way to the top ...
So hunker down and spend this weekend with us ...
As we count down America's Top 50 Favorite TV Themes.  (kk)

Looking forward to seeing the results this weekend. 
Rick O'Dell

I cant wait to see the top 100!!  

Will the TV themes in the Top 100 go from 100 to 1 in order of votes received?

Will that 1-100 list be available to print off, my friends will be interested (and me too)

Eddie C. Spencer

The countdown will run #50 - #1...

That’ll go up right here over the weekend.

When the countdown is complete, we'll posted the final Top 100 list (showing from #1 - #100) here:
And yes, you should be able to print it out right from the website!  (kk)
Meanwhile, we've still got a few more great themes to run by you that DIDN'T make The Top 50 ...
But still deserve a nod of attention ...

Lots of votes for this one, thanks to The Beach Boys connection. 

I don't know that ANYBODY remembers the show ... 

But it's not a bad little one minute theme!

(Of course today NOBODY wants to be a "Karen"!!!) 

Perry Como sang the hit single version of “Seattle” … 

And of course series star Bobby Sherman sold quite a few copies, too. 



The countdown kicks off for real tomorrow morning at 6 am ... and will continue throughout the weekend ...

With new themes posted every hour (and sometimes as many as four or five different themes posted per hour) ...

Until we make our way all the way through Your Top 50 All-Time Favorites.

So we'll see you back here then ...

Same Bat Time ... Same Bat Channel ...

(Although you won't hear THAT one until we hit The Top 20 on Sunday!!!)