Saturday, November 21, 2020


LOVE, AMERICAN STYLE (this one was an extra in 2013)

Another one of those corny ABC comedies, “Love, American Style” ran for five seasons. 

Each weekly episode featured any number of short, romantic skits, often starring well know (well, primarily B-List actors) in brief role designed to show the ups and downs of relationships. 


Most famously, the episode titled “Love And The Happy Days” gave birth to the long-running ABC hit “Happy Days.” (You’ll find THAT theme a whole lot higher up on the countdown than this one!!!) 

Here’s THAT episode opening … 


The Cowsills recorded the “Love, American Style” theme, (their version was used on the first season), but it was never a hit record for them. By 1969 (when this series premiered), they were already established pop stars. (In 1969, their version of the song “Hair” from the hit musical of the same name, would top the pop charts.) 

Ironically, they were themselves passed over for a tv series when the fictious Partridge Family was designed to play a Cowsills-like singing family. (Incredibly, producers didn’t find the REAL Cowsills “believable enough” to play the roles they inspired!!!) You'll find the theme from THE PARTRIDGE FAMILY a bit higher up the list, too.