Saturday, November 21, 2020


JEOPARDY (was not part of our 2013 countdown) 

Could there possibly be ANYBODY out there that doesn’t know this one??? (In fact, how many times have you hummed or sung it while waiting for the answer to one of your own questions?!?! Lol) 

This is the only game show theme to make the countdown ... although a few others were nominated.

(THE DATING GAME, #93, THE NEWLYWED GAME, #115, THE MATCH GAME, #140 and, as a write-in candidate, YOU BET YOUR LIFE, which earned ten votes all on its own ... and might make a good candidate worthy of your consideration the next time around.)

We just recently lost long-time Jeopardy Host Alex Trebeck ... well loved by all.  It's great to see that the theme song to HIS show comes in at #27 among all of your favorites.

(Here's one last little tribute, Weird Al-style) ...


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