Saturday, November 21, 2020


As mentioned last hour, there were a number of "Write-In" votes cast after the Final Ballot was posted.

However, it wouldn't have been fair to include any of these titles (no matter how deserving they may be) because they wouldn't have had the same shot at securing votes as the other themes already on the list.  (That being said, there is absolutely NO doubt in my mind that, had they been included and given "equal time" during the voting period, at least TWO of these would have made The Top 100 ... and possibly even The Top 50.)

Instead, we have to chalk them up as "glaring omissions" instead.  (The nominating process was up to YOU guys ... for two weeks, we built a list of every television theme nominated ... and then tallied the votes from there.  Simply put, we blew it when it comes to some of these ... but thanks to all the "Extra! Extra!"'s we're running, we can still spotlight five of those themes that I think would have put up a decent fight to make the final countdown.

COPS  (Everybody knows THIS one, right???) 



Another program that used music to great effect throughout its run, the Scrubs theme is another classic that everybody overlooked. 

One of my favorites: 



Here’s another one that was never even nominated! 

Of course, if you were voting for THIS one, I guess you’d have to be VERY specific as to which theme song you liked! 

Throughout its history, the series ran through “Moon Over Parma” (sung by Drew himself) to The Vogues’ hit “Five O’Clock World” (a GREAT breaking character music video that was edited into one of the episodes in Season One and then adapted as the Series’ Theme Song in Season Two) to the perhaps most-appropriate “Cleveland Rocks,” written by Ian Hunter and performed by The Presidents Of The United States Of America beginning in Season Three. 

Here’s a glimpse at all three … 


During the course of the series, Drew, Louis and Oswald put together a garage band that included adopted Cleveland native Joe Walsh! 


Etched in our minds FOREVER … just like a stapler encased in jello ... this short little ditty brings a smile to our face every time we hear it … because it ALWAYS triggers a hysterical moment from one of our favorite television series ever … well, the first five seasons anyway! (This is one that WAY overstayed its welcome … and desperately tried to find a way … through any number of potential “lead characters” … to fill the spot vacated by series star Steve Carell / Michael Scott. They really should have quit while they were ahead.) 

GAME OF THRONES Without question, one of the most popular themes in recent tv history … 

Yet it never received even a single nomination for our TV Favorites Poll … 


And how about a great theme like WILL AND GRACE ... even a successful reboot didn't get this one nominated!!! 

And how about LOUIE (which is essentially just the #1 Stories' hit "Brother Louie") ... 

Both of these great themes barely registered as an "afterthought" once the nominations had been closed. But still, both are worthy of at least an Honorable Mention, don'tcha think? 

Hey, if nothing else, this mention can act as a reminder, should we ever decide to run this poll again somewhere down the line.