Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Ranking The '70's

Just as he did with his "Ranking the '60's" book, Dann Isbell (this time with the help of contributor Bill Carroll) has put together the ultimate time portrait of an entire decade's worth of music.

By researching every Cash Box Magazine Chart published between January 1, 1970 and December 31, 1979 ... and by use of an inverted point system ... Dann has encapsulated the entire decade and then ranked each and every single to make the Cash Box Chart (5368 to be exact!) by its accumulated point total.

Based on these totals, he then ranks every artist based on their accumulated total ... then lists every charted hit for each individual artist ... and recaps it all with an alphabetical listing of every charted title as a cross-reference.  All-in-all, extensive and exhaustive research that gives you an accurate and complete composite of the music of the decade.

What's especially intriguing by all of this is that the book acts as a "time stamp" of this era at it represents how each song performed AT THE TIME ... forget hindsight ... forget personal prejudice ... forget the fact that radio has chosen to only regularly feature a few hundred of these titles in regular rotation over the past 35-45 years ... this book tells it as it WAS ... which (if you follow that line of reasoning) also means it tells it like it IS ... and not what others would have you believe to be the case.

Highly recommended and available now (as is the '60's volume) through Amazon.com ...



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