Thursday, February 16, 2017

February 16th

Outside The Top 40 … and showing moves of twenty spots or more this week … we've got "There's A Kind Of Hush" by Herman's Hermits (#77 to #51), "Darling Be Home Soon" by The Lovin' Spoonful (#80 to #56), "I Think We're Alone Now" by Tommy James and the Shondells (#84 to #60), "Happy Together" by The Turtles (up from #89 to #65), "The People In Me" by The Music Machine (#91 to #71) and "I Dig You Baby" by Jerry Butler (now sitting at #77 after last week's #97 showing)  

This week's episode of Star Trek, "Space Seed", introduces the character of Khan, played by actor Ricardo Montalban.  The character would be revived for one of the most popular Star Trek movies of the '80's, "The Wrath Of Khan".  (Actually,  I think this is the ONLY Star Trek movie I have ever seen!)  Montalban is back, along with Kirstie Alley, in the role she's probably most famous for (other than her stint on "Cheers".)  Spock dies at the end of the film, leading to yet ANOTHER film sequel, "The Search For Spock".  

Actor "Smiley" Burnette passes away from leukemia.  We knew Lester Alvin "Smiley" Burnette from television shows like "Petticoat Junction" and "Green Acres" but he was also well-known as a "cowboy sidekick" in films like "Saginaw Trail", "Back In The Saddle", "Billy The Kid Returns", "King Of The Cowboys" and countless others, dating back to the 1930's.      

The Seeds are back on "Where The Action Is" this afternoon, singing their hit "Pushin' Too Hard".  

Speaking of The Seeds, they top The WLS Silver Dollar Survey this week as The Monkees finally relinquish their hold on the top spot on the chart after seven weeks at #1.

WCFL is showing "Ruby Tuesday" as the #1 Record in town (for the second consecutive week).  Please note that big movers on the national chart like "I Think We're Alone Now" by Tommy James and the Shondells and "There's A Kind Of Hush" by Herman's Hermits are already Top Ten Hits here in Chicago!