Friday, February 6, 2009

Dancin' Shoes

The other day you mentioned "Dancin' Shoes" by Elton John's drummer Nigel Olsson ... boy, I sure would like to hear THAT one again!!!
It's a GREAT track, Betty ... for some reason, this one always kinda reminded me of The Eagles! Nigel's got an AMAZING voice (honestly, more to my liking that Elton's!!! lol) I've always felt that he should have pursued his solo singing career. Dancin' Shoes hit #17 on the Cash Box Chart in early 1979. A follow-up remake of A Little Bit Of Soap topped out at #33. But another one of my favorites by him is the VERY hard to find Only One Woman, which peaked at #91 back in 1975, and was written by The Bee Gees (although I've never found it on a Bee Gees album!) I LOVE this song ... yet it totally bombed. (We used to hear it quite often on the old soft-rock WBBM-FM here in Chicago ... and that's my old scratchy single you hear on the website today.)
Yep ... it's a Nigel Olsson Two-Fer today in Forgotten Hits!!! (Now where else are you EVER gonna find that?!?!?)

Dancin' Shoes

Only One Woman

Here's a short piece we did on Nigel Olsson (and "Dancin' Shoes") a few years back in Forgotten Hits:

Back in the mid-'70's, when some of the biggest names in the recording business were starting to take three to four or even five years to record a single album, Elton John was often releasing up to three albums per year!!!It was pure saturation ... to the point that I actually got tired of him there for a while. (Of course, in hindsight, what OTHER artist can you name that has hit the charts as consistently for the past 35 years.) However, it certainly came as a pleasant surprise when, in 1975, Elton's drummer, Nigel Olsson, released a solo single on Elton's Rocket Records label. Who knew that this guy could sing like that?!?! With a very high, but instantly likable voice, Olsson first captured my attention with the song Only One Woman, written by The Brothers Gibb, which, for a short time anyway, was all over the soft-rock station here in Chicago. (I don't believe that The Bee Gees ever recorded this song themselves, and that's a shame ... it's a beautiful track and I would LOVE to hear their interpretation of it!)That record stiffed (it hit #91 in Billboard ... and took six weeks to climb that high!) and everyone figured that ol' Nigel had gotten the solo star bug out of his system. He was then fired by Elton John (along with longtime Elton John Band bassist Dee Murray) immediately after the release of their #1 Album Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy, and decided to give the solo scene another shot.

In early 1979, Nigel climbed the pop charts to #17 with a nice little number called Dancin' Shoes ... a tune that, despite its title (at the height of the Disco Movement) was actually more reminiscent of some of The Eagles' best soft-rock work. A remake of the '60's classic A Little Bit Of Soap went to #33 later that year but that spelled the end of Nigel's solo chart success. In fact, by the early '80's, he had rejoined Elton John's back-up band, handling background vocals as before. (However, by 1984, he was gone again ... after releasing the album Breaking Hearts with original EJ band members Dee Murray and Davey Johnstone!)

DIDJAKNOW? 1: Both Dancin' Shoes and A Little Bit Of Soap were produced by '70's soft-rock artist Paul Davis ... who's OWN version of A Little Bit Of Soap stopped at #52 back in 1970.
DIDJAKNOW? 2: Before joining Elton John's band in the late '60's, Nigel Olsson spent some time as the drummer of The Spencer Davis Group. He can also include some work with hard rockers Uriah Heep on his resume and, in between his tenure with Elton (1975-1981), he drummed for The Tremblers, a "new wave" band fronted by '60's pop star (and Forgotten Hits member) Peter Noone!

Thanks for giving this song a name and an artist. It was only a memory until now.

.....geez.......i thought this WAS the eagles!...........Rettaric


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