Monday, March 2, 2009

Run Run Run by Jo Jo Gunne

We talked a little bit about Spirit last week in Forgotten Hits ... and mentioned the One Hit Wonder act, Jo Jo Gunne, who scored a #27 Hit back in 1972 with a song called "Run, Run, Run". (We LOVED it here in Chicago ... where it went all the way to #2!!!)

Jo Jo Gunne (named after the Chuck Berry hit Joe Joe Gun from 1958) featured Spirit alumni Jay Ferguson and Mark Andes. (The line-up was rounded out by Mark's brother Matt Andes on guitar and vocals and Curly Smith on drums.)

Mark Andes left after their first album and only hit single ... he later performed as part of Firefall and Heart. Ferguson stuck around for a couple more LPs and then went on to have a couple of solo hits in the late '70's with "Thunder Island" (#6, 1978) and "Shakedown Cruise" (#27, 1979).

DIDJAKNOW?: Jay Ferguson wrote the theme to our favorite TV comedy, "The Office".