Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Surf City All Stars

The past couple of days we've featured "New Music From Some Of Your Old Favorites" that paid homage to The Beach Boys ... so we're ESPECIALLY thrilled this morning to bring you a track that actually features two of the former members of "America's Band", The Surf City Allstars!!!

In fact, today's track features Al Jardine on lead vocals performing a Beach Boys Classic. He and David Marks ... who rotated Beach Boys membership in the earliest days of the band ... along with Dean Torrence of Jan and Dean ... have been performing for years now as The Surf City Allstars and the Legends of Surf Music. They've also been recording some new material that we hope to be sharing with you shortly. Today's track comes from their recent "live" CD.

I can only tell you that we were VERY pleased to receive THIS email the other day from David Logeman:

Hi Kent -
David Logeman here with the Surf City Allstars and the Legends of Surf Music. Your "Forgotten Hits" site is very interesting. Maybe we can help each other. I used to drum for the Beach Boys and Jan & Dean. Same goes for all the members of the Surf City Allstars. We still work with Beach Boy Al Jardine, Dean Torrence of Jan & Dean, and Beach Boy David Marks. However, we are interested to promoting the Legends of Surf Music with the Allstars. If you can see a way to help promote us, I can get you tracks with these stars singing on them from our LIVE CD and some new recorded stuff. I can also set up interviews with Al, Dean, and David as long as it is promoting our show. Please go to our site and check us out. What do you think?
Attached is an old favorite with a new twist. It is "California Girls" from our LIVE CD with Beach Boy Al Jardine singing lead with the Surf City Allstars.
This CD can be purchased on our website:
We are giving a FREE CONCERT at 5:00 PM on Saturday, May 9th, in North Myrtle Beach, SC at 2nd and Main St. We are inviting all the fans to come have a great time with the Surf City Allstars and the LEGENDS OF SURF MUSIC: Original Beach Boy Al Jardine, Dean Torrence of Jan & Dean, and Original Beach Boy David Marks, performing all the Greatest Hits. Thank you so much for your help!
David Logeman

Not a bad version of "California Girls" at all!!! ... and, of course, we've talked about The Surf City Allstars before in Forgotten Hits ... as I recall, a couple of our readers were even wondering how to get themselves one of the REALLY cool Hawaiian shirts shown on the website! (And, quite honestly, I've liked everything I've heard Al Jardine do since leaving The Beach Boys ... his "Live In Las Vegas" CD recorded during The Beach Boys Family And Friends era is OUTSTANDING and features special guest appearances by Wendy and Carnie Wilson, Al's son Matt and others.) We're ALL about keeping the music alive here ... so thank you for your contribution. And believe me ... our readers would LOVE to read Forgotten Hits Interviews with Al Jardine, Dean Torrence and David Marks ... ALL of whom come up regularly in our pages. Thanks, David! (kk)