Thursday, April 30, 2009

We're Going "All Out" Today With A Brand New Rip Chords Track!!!

Staying in "Surf Mode" for one more day, we're happy to feature some brand new music by The Rip Chords!

These guys have certainly done THEIR part to help keep surf music alive in the new millennium ... this is their THIRD new release since 2004 and I can only tell you that the band sounds as good ... or better ... than ever.

In fact, we've been telling you about the brand new Rip Chords CD release, "Cobra Beach" for a couple of weeks now ... thanks to the guys, we'll be giving away a couple of copies as soon as the CD becomes available in June ... so, if you haven't already done so, be sure to register YOUR name in order to be eligible for this great give-away prize!

Meanwhile, Rip Chords Guitarist Mitch Schecter just sent us a track called "All Out" to "Sneak Peek" for you this week as part of our very special Forgotten Hits / "Brand New Music From Some Of Your Old Favorites" feature ... it's a rocker that they'll be adding to their live set list this summer.

Check it out here first ... before you can even buy it!!!

Hey Kent ...
Here's a Sneak Peek from our upcoming CD, "Cobra Beach" for you. The song is called "ALL OUT!" , and it's a 60's styled garage rocker ... which will be featured in our live show this year. You can use it in your "Sneak Peek" feature. Thanks!

The new CD will include 11 tracks ... including 8 new tracks ... 2 remakes ... and another "Lost Richie & Arnie Gem" from 1959!
"Cobra Beach" was an instrumental on our 2005 CD, "Shut 'Em Down Again", on Collectables Records ... and this time we have included a kickin' live version of it to close the new CD, followed by the rare Richie & Arnie track as a Bonus track.
The beautiful cover is being designed By David Beard of Endless Summer Quarterly ... I don't have the artwork for the CD jacket yet so, in the meantime, I've sent you a photo from Vegas that you can use. By the way, the new CD will be released on my label, Home Room Records, this time around. It will be available online and at our shows after June ... but, I'd like to give away 2 copies to 2 lucky "Forgotten Hits" members before you can even buy it ... so let's do a contest!
Thanks for all of your support!
Mitch Schecter / The Rip Chords

(click photo to enlarge)

Like it??? Well, you can register to win a copy ... or go ahead and pre-order your very own "guaranteed" copy of the brand new Rip Chords CD by sending an email to: ... Mitch promises to pass along the order info to anyone who sends them an email. Once the CD is officially released, it will be available on I-Tunes and as well as directly from The Rip Chords via mail or at their live shows. (By the way, their previous two CDs, "Shut 'Em Down Again" and "The Rip Chords ... NOW!", can be ordered through Collectables Records at