Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Jesus Is A Soul Man

As I look over the list of some of the Forgotten Hits we've featured over the past ten years ... and think about some of the ones that got an especially good reaction ... I cannot ignore THIS one ... a #28 Pop Hit from 1969 that probably hasn't been played on the radio since.

"Jesus Is A Soul Man" by Lawrence Reynolds was another one of those VERY unlikely pop hits ... with a real Southern / Gospel feel to it, it most likely clicked because (once again) it didn't sound like ANYTHING else on the radio at the time. (All I know is that to this day, some 40 years later, I STILL get this one stuck in my head ALL of the time ... despite literally NEVER hearing it played anywhere since!)

I remember covering this song back in 2000 and being unable to turn up ANY
information on this guy ... and, quite honestly, the Internet isn't any kinder nine years later!!! But it's a GREAT little track and I wanted to see if I could jar a few of YOUR memories, too, this morning!

Give a listen to "Jesus Is A Soul Man" and see what YOU think!!! (Chances are you'll STILL be singing it DAYS from now!!!)

BTW: Johnny Rivers also cut a version of this song and included it on the B-Side of his "Into The Mystic" single in 1970. Incredibly, when we ran this song nine years ago, more folks on the list seemed familiar with the Johnny Rivers version than the HIT version by Lawrence Reynolds!