Friday, May 1, 2009

New Music From Henry Gross, Bob Lind, Al Martino and Alan O'Day

Here is a quick update from a couple of the other artists on our list:

Here's a ballad, "If You Were Mine", that Mason Ramsey has been getting strong response to. I'll be playing it myself tonight ... on the Joe Cocker show in Clearwater FL.
Henry Gross
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Yep, we've been listening to this one, too. Can't wait to hear the new CD. (We've been proud to feature brand new music from Henry Gross' last three CDs ... and THIS track is coming to you before the latest album has even finished recording!!!) Thanks for sending, Henry! Hope you guys had a GREAT show!

The NEW stuff that Henry Gross sent to us is absolutely ROCKING! I'm going to go see Henry when he performs in concert with Joe Cocker in Clearwater, Florida, in April. It's exciting to be one of the only radio stations out there playing brand new music by many of these artists like Henry Gross, Rick Derringer, Wayne Fontana, Barry Whitwam, Felix Cavaliere, Carl Giammarese and several others. The comments that we're receiving from our listeners are typically "This NEW STUFF sounds like the GREAT Stuff from the Old Days of Radio!!!" I can only imagine that this is how it felt to be breaking some of this music when it first came out in the 60s and 70s. It is something that you have, Kent, when it comes to this newsletter, that I have for Radio and Entertainment and that these guys have for their music and artistry ... a little thing called PASSION. I'm building ... and I very much appreciate the help in hauling a few of the blocks.
-- Mason Ramsey
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We were especially pleased to hear from Bob Lind, who gave us permission to use ANY of the demos he recently posted to his website ... we picked THIS one ("Wrong Again") .. but you can check the rest out right here:
Click here: Bob Lind Playlists - Songs & Lyrics Page

Thanks for keeping us in the loop.
How formal do the recordings need to be? Can you use some of my demos?

You'll find them on the web page ... use whatever you like!
Nice to hear some of this new stuff, Bob ... readers will find a dozen demos posted on Bob's website ... check it out ... and it looks like Bob is off to Jolly Ol' England later this year for some concert appearances, too! (kk)

And many of you will remember the brand new track sent into us by Al Martino a few weeks back ... it's got a nice "country feel" to it ... and we got quite a few compliments when we featured it last time. Here it is again ... "Trying To Find My Way" ... not a bad tune for this 82-year-old youngster!!! (lol) Al tells me he's still hoping to put together an album and has been working on new material. (kk)

Finally, one more goodie from Alan O'Day. We featured a couple tracks from his latest CD, "I Hear Voices" a few months back. There's a little bit of EVERYTHING on this LP ... as Alan himself describes it:

The new album includes the "retro-rockers" "My Rock And Roll Shoes", co-written with Artie Wayne, and "The Thing About A Ring", which is a bit of an Elvis tribute in its style. "Sylvia Funky" and "Blow My Blues Away" are the main "blues harmonica" tunes. "Guide Me" & the title song are "faith based". And the surprises are "Please Don't Believe Me" (re: child abuse) and "Your Song Sucks" (a live novelty number).
Thanks so much, Kent!
Alan O'Day

There's truly something for EVERYBODY on this new CD ... and we've elected to go with "Your Song Sucks" this morning ... the one response NO artist on this list EVER wants to hear!!! Alan has some fun with this one ... and I think YOU'LL enjoy it, too! (He told me that he wrote the song as his tribute to all the songwriters out there who have experienced some form of this 'reality check' ... including himself!" lol) The new CD is available on iTunes, & CDbaby ( ) ... and be sure to check out Alan's website, too! Click here: Alan O'Day, Songwriter
Check out some of the new music ... along with a few videos ... here:
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