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The Sunday Comments ( 06 - 21 - 09 )

It's another KING-SIZED Edition of The Sunday Comments ...
Our Special "Happy Fathers' Day / First Day Of Summer" Edition ...
(although I don't think you'll find EITHER of these topics mentioned here!!! lol)
Somebody posted this at the Guess Whooligan Forum: The Bachman / Cummings band have a "TBA" date listed in Pollstar for Saturday, 09/05/09 in Schaumburg Ill - a western suburb of Chicago.
WTF?!?!? I invite these guys over for dinner and now they're going to sell TICKETS for it?!?!? Just kidding ... but this is WONDERFUL news!!! My guess is that they'll be part of our annual Schaumburg Festival that runs over Labor Day Weekend. They've had some GREAT entertainment there these last several years ... Richard Marx, Pat Benatar, Dennis DeYoung, Christopher Cross and several others immediately come to mind ... what a GREAT night of music it'll be listening to the Bachman - Cummings Music Catalog!!! (kk)

Bubblegum music became an alternative to the serious, political, sexual, drug music of the period. A certain part of the public was ready for music that was just fun, without thought provoking content. That's what Bubblegum music represented. A departure from that music.
What is the origin of that term? Nowadays, very few people will admit to liking that music because it was not hip. I, for one, did not pay much attention to lyrics, and a "song with a message" meant nothing to me. The messages always seemed to be the same, anyway. The only message I know of that was against big government was the Beatles' Taxman. I was enough of my own person not to be influenced by lyrics.
Dwight Rounds
I LOVED the "Bubblegum Explosion" of 1968 ... groups like The Lemon Pipers, The Ohio Express and The 1910 Fruitgum Company were ALL over the charts with their catchy tunes ... the Buddah Record Label (run by Jerry Kasenetz and Jeff Katz and most often featuring the vocals of Joey Levine ... and Chicago's very own Shadows Of Knight as the backing band) devoted themselves to exploiting this music and it worked VERY well for them for most of the year. They even had a hit under their own name when "Quick Joey Small" went up to #18 on The Cash Box Chart. (When's the last time you heard THAT one on the radio?!?!?) Years later, artists like The Monkees, The Archies and, eventually, even more "serious" acts like The Turtles, The Lovin' Spoonful and Tommy James and the Shondells were lumped into the "bubblegum" category ... not really a very fair assessment of their music. Today, it seems as though virtually ANY "Feel Good" Music from the '60's is recalled as "Bubblegum Music" ... but this was NOT the case at the time. Buddah strove to develop a very specific sound and feel ... and achieved great success in doing so. Before they went "mainstream" signing artists like Gladys Knight and the Pips, The Brooklyn Bridge, Jim Weatherly, Melaniem The Edwin Hawkins Singers and The Charlie Daniels Band, Buddah racked up MONSTER Top Ten Bubblegum Hits like Green Tambourine, Simon Says, Yummy, Yummy, Yummy, Indian Giver, 1, 2, 3 Red Light, Chewy Chewy and Down At Lulu's. With several of these so-called "bubblegum acts" on our list, I'd be curious to hear THEIR take on this whole phenomenon. (kk)


40 years ago this weekend I had quite a Jimi Hendrix Experience! http://artiewayne.wordpress. com/2009/06/17/a-jimi-hendrix- experience/



http://artiewayne.wordpress/. com/about-artie-wayne/

Paris / Ottawa Live, historic ‘in concert’ recordings from the Jimi Hendrix Experience, never before offered at retail, together with a unique and exclusive collection of Hendrix memorabilia are bundled together in a special offering to be released August 11th from Dagger Records, the official ‘bootleg’ label created by Experience Hendrix through Geffen Records / UMe. This limited edition “fan pack” will be offered exclusively through and celebrates the fan / collector commitment of Experience Hendrix’s Dagger Records label, the producer of these master recordings. Created eleven years ago to release primarily live and extemporaneous archival performances, Dagger’s mission is to sketch in the detail of the Hendrix legacy and augment the mainstream titles that Experience Hendrix offers though UMe. None of the eleven titles previously released by Dagger have ever been sold in stores and have been available only at The participation of, where pre-orders are now underway, continues the tradition of Dagger’s online-only presence.
The Jimi Hendrix Experience Live 1968 Paris / Ottawa features sterling live performances of such Hendrix classics as “Purple Haze,” “The Wind Cries Mary,” and “Little Wing” recorded by RTE, the national French broadcasting company. The January 29, 1968 Paris concert was the band’s third foray to the fabled L ‘Olympia Theater where they had debuted as an opening act for the French pop star Johnny Halliday’s two years earlier. The Ottawa performances were taped by Hendrix himself during the group’s appearance at the Capitol Theater on March 19th of that same year and include a “Hendrixized” version of the Beatles’ “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band.”
In a real nod to the bygone era, a similar, yet distinct, pack will have as its centerpiece a custom, swirled, colored vinyl album version of Jimi Hendrix Experience Paris ’67. These recordings document Hendrix’s wildly exuberant October 9, 1967 performance at L'Olympia originally recorded for French radio broadcast and never before released to the public. The album features performances of “Stone Free,” “Hey Joe,” “Wild Thing” as well as other notable Hendrix hits.
Materials specifically created for and exclusively included in both versions include a ‘Jimi’ poster, a postcard set replicating classic Hendrix concert posters, a set of badges reminiscent of the sixties era, a Hendrix iPod Skin and a “PikCARD” loaded, so to speak, with four guitar picks adorned with Hendrix artwork from the concert posters. The array of goodies is topped off with an “all access” laminated pass with an exclusive, secret code designed to unlock special Hendrix content online.
Janie Hendrix, President and CEO of Experience Hendrix LLC, the family owned company entrusted with preserving and protecting the legacy of Jimi Hendrix, commented, “The concept behind this ‘Fan Pack’ is to throw a spotlight on Jimi as a live performer and give a glimmer of what it might have been like to encounter ‘The Experience’ when Jimi had the band at its peak. Jimi never failed to stun and leave audiences breathless with his performance and guitar virtuosity and we think fans today will be no less moved by the offerings included in these packs. This release highlights Dagger’s role in serving fans who want all Jimi had to offer and can’t get enough of his legacy and genius.”
While the package will be available on August 11th, fans will be able to queue up outside the auditorium, so to speak by pre-ordering, Fan Pack: the Jimi Hendrix Experience Live 1968 Paris / Ottawa in advance of Father’s Day, June 21st.
Link to pre-order at
Wow! We just went from Bubblegum Music to Jimi Hendrix!!! Remember when RADIO used to do that?!?!? (kk)

Hey Kent ...
When you were out in San Francisco did you do any Bike Riding?
Did you run into any of these Weirdos ?
Frank B.

(Gee, I feel like Renfield here!!! lol
That's OK ... if I ever decide to shut things down here at Forgotten Hits,
I know I've got a bright future ahead of me at R.I.P. Renfield!!!) kk
This one TOTALLY cracks me up ...
look at the expression on this little girl's face
as she checks out the male rider!!! (lol) kk

Believe it or not, we actually DID see these guys!!! (Unfortunately, I missed them ... we went down to Fisherman's Wharf and, after walking around a little while, my brother got tired ... so I went back to the rental car to get the wheelchair out of the trunk. The naked bikers came by while I was gone so I missed the whole show. I thought about trying to catch up with them later and join in on the fun ... but by the time I had painted my "unicorn horn", I had already decided that this probably wasn't such a great idea after all!!! lol) You would not believe the "street entertainment" down there at The Wharf ... this is all part of what amounts to the daily three-ring circus that defines this area!!! (To top things off, on my last night there some woman ran into my rental car ... hey, there really isn't a nice way to say "I got rear-ended in San Franciso", if you know what I mean!!!) It was a nice visit with my brother and I'm glad that I went ... and I think that he is, too. Got to spend some time with my niece, her fiance and even Mark's ex-wife so all in all, a very pleasant trip under the circumstances. (kk)
Speaking of The Wharf, here's a guy I met LAST time I was there:

(Just in case you weren't sure,
that's me on the RIGHT!!!)

Great to see the Jody Miller mention. I have always been a HUGE fan of Jody. Two of my very fav 60s songs were HOME OF THE BRAVE and HE WALKS LIKE A MAN! Her country stuff was pretty awesome also and if there is anyone who thought Tammy Wynette was the prototype female doormat, they need to check out Jody's THERE'S A PARTY GOING ON! Can you feature this one. Bet 98% of your readers have never heard it!
I asked Ronnie Allen if he would send us a copy to share since he's the guy who did the Jody Miller interview. And you're right ... I'd never heard it before either! While it never made Billboard's Pop Chart, "There's A Party Going On" was Jody's biggest Country Hit, peaking at #4 in 1972. (kk)

>>As we were driving around downtown San Francisco the other day "I'll Never Fall In Love Again" came on the radio. Warwick hit The National Top 40 33 times between 1962 and 1987 ... yet you rarely hear ANY of her hits on the radio anymore ... or Hal David / Burt Bacharach music either, for that matter! Two of the most prolific songwriters of this era ... and one of the country's FAVORITE singers ... all generally IGNORED by oldies radio. It just doesn't make sense!!! (kk)
You're right, Kent. No one plays any Dionne Warwick. Several months ago I realized I had very little of her stuff on my iPod or PC, so I loaded up a batch of the songs you listed and keep them in my personal rotation so I won't forget the hits.
David Lewis

Hey Kent ...
Haven't posted anything for a while ... Rest assured I'm still here :)
I'm pretty sure at about the same time that Cymarron had their hit with "Rings" that Lonnie Mack also recorded a version as well. I'm sure as a kid I heard it played on WROR (WRKO's automated sister) in Boston.
On a personal note, the song kind of parallels my wife and I. She was born in '71 (several months after "Rings" was a hit and when we got married 10 years ago, the ceremony was performed on the beach (Deerfield Beach near Ft. Lauderdale) in the morning. I remember as I said "I Do" the song was running in my head. Still does today when I look at our wedding pics :)
Scott Levison
Pinellas Park, FL
Tompall and the Glaser Brothers scored a Top Ten Country Hit with THEIR version of "Rings" back in 1971, too. (Of course THEY had Merle Haggard on the radio instead of James Taylor ... but it still worked!!! lol) kk

>>>When Bob Hamilton got engaged and announced his wedding plans, a number of us who were especially close to him attended his wedding, which was held on the beach at sunrise in Marina del Ray. About a dozen or so of us stayed up with him all night prior to the dawn wedding. That 'all-night' gathering inspired two guests, Alex Harvey and Eddie Reeves, to write the hit song, "Rings," by Cymarron -- "ring, ring, telephone ring, got James Taylor on the stereo." (Fred Vail)
I didn't know that! This should be posted on the songfacts website. David Lewis

I passed your suggestion along to Carl Wiser, who runs Songfacts. (kk)

Our buddy Mitch Schecter of The Rip Chords just sent us an updated ordering link for their brand new "Cobra Beach" CD ... you can check it out here:


After defending our position (again) regarding our coverage of some of the Local Bands who ruled our Chicagoland Charts back in the 1960's, I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to tell you about THIS upcoming concert event:

Next Saturday (June 27th), The Cryan' Shames will be appearing in Downers Grove with original lead vocalist Tom Doody, original guitarist Jim Fairs and assorted OTHER Cryan' Shames alumni for a VERY special concert appearance. Full details can be found on The Cryan' Shames website:

Jim Fairs will also be performing with his new band, and has posted this message on The Cryan' Shames Website:

Hi All!

The Cryan' Shames were formed and played in a magical time and, for about 40 years, I've generally stayed away from reunions, perhaps feeling that one couldn't catch lightning in a bottle twice or, perhaps exercising a personal tendency to try new things.

Who knows ...

But this summer, Saturday, June 27th, at 9:00 P.M. at the Fishel Park Band Shell in Downers Grove will be a complete exception; I'll perform with original members of The Cryan' Shames and with my own band, The Jamez Band, for a full 90 minute free concert.

(Perhaps we should call this show the "Lightning In A Bottle Tour"!!!)

I've already been working with Gerry Stone and Dennis Conroy. Tom Doody and Lenny Kerley have graciously come in from California for rehearsals ... and, of course, I've been conferring regularly with the one and only J.C. Hooke.

We will perform updated versions of "Sugar And Spice", "It Could Be We're In Love" and many other pieces that I wrote at that time. The Jamez Band will include drummer Artie Baldacci (Heartsfield), keyboardist Jeff Lantz (of Jim Peterik's "Life Force"), bassist Gregg Voorhees (of The Gregg Allman Band), three female backup singers and a full horn section.

I invite each and every one of you to attend and I promise to stay after the show and speak to all and to sign any CD or other artifact that you may offer. It's music under the stars and BYOB (Bring your own Blanket ... or Chair)!

I promise you that we will play our hearts out.

(Next show: 2049)

All the best,


Sounds like a "Can't Miss" Chicagoland Event ... hope to see some of you there. And, for MORE upcoming appearances by The Cryan' Shames (including special appearances by guest vocalists like Dennis Tufano, Ronnie Rice and Jimy Sohns), be sure to check out the COMPLETE Cryan' Shames tour schedule!!!

Click here: The Cryan' Shames 2009 Events Schedule

Another one of our readers caught Fleetwood Mac in concert this past week ... here is HIS review of the show:
Fleetwood Mac finds the magic of old
For a few hours Wednesday night, the clock seemed like it had turned back 30 years, as the world's biggest rock band of the late 1970s provided fans with a memorable blast from the past. Four of the five members of the classic Fleetwood Mac lineup began touring together in early March, playing their biggest hits and some favorite studio tracks from their four-decade career in a show entitled "Unleashed". The entourage delighted about 7,000 fans during their stop Wednesday at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Conn.
Singer Stevie Nicks, guitarist / vocalist Lindsey Buckingham, bassist John McVie and drummer Mick Fleetwood sizzled through a two-hour main set and an encore, encompassing 22 songs ranging from mega-hits like "Go Your Own Way" and the chart-topping "Dreams", to album favorites such as "Gold Dust Woman" and "The Chain".
Though McVie and Fleetwood have been with the group since its origin as a blues band in England in the late 1960s, and Nicks is the most well-known member due to her series of successful solo albums, the evening was clearly Buckingham's chance to shine.
Called by Fleetwood "the man with the magic fingers," Buckingham captivated the audience with a wide variety of guitar-playing styles, highlighted by a rapid flamenco-flavored rendition of "Big Love" and a searing extended jam during "I'm So Afraid". While the other three band members took short breaks during the night, Buckingham remained a constant presence the entire show. Nicks had several turns in the spotlight, telling the crowd about meeting Buckingham in 1967 and joining his San Francisco-area band, Fritz. "We opened for Jimi Hendrix, we opened for just about everybody for four years, and we lived like gypsies," she said before launching into the 1982 hit "Gypsy". She performed her trademark twirling routine during the middle section of her solo hit "Stand Back", and received the biggest ovation of the night at the conclusion of "Landslide".
Fleetwood, who will turn 62 next week, showed no signs of age, demonstrating particularly muscular drumming during the tribal-like "Tusk" and in a five-minute drum solo in the middle of "World Turning". McVie, "the quiet backbone of the band" according to Fleetwood, had his brief individual moment of glory during his famous bass solo in "The Chain".
Although the show was billed as being a "hits tour", Nicks said the group wanted to find a song that they had never performed live before. That tune was "Storms", from the 1979 Tusk album. "Fleetwood Mac has had a long, convoluted emotional history," understated Buckingham, referring to the turmoil in the members' personal lives during their heyday. During the making of 1977's Rumours, he and Nicks ended their personal relationship, McVie was divorced from his wife, pianist / vocalist Christine McVie, and Fleetwood was in the midst of a divorce from his wife Jenny. Despite the emotional hell the group was going through, Rumours went on to become one of the best-selling albums of all time, spending 31 weeks at the top of the Billboard chart. Christine McVie left the band in 1998; consequently, she was not mentioned during the performance, and the majority of hit songs she penned were omitted from the show, including "You Make Loving Fun", "Over My Head" and "Hold Me". However, two of her songs found their way into the set list: "Say You Love Me", on which Nicks and Buckingham traded lead vocals, and the encore finale, "Don't Stop".
The set list for Fleetwood Mac's show Wednesday at the Mohegan Sun Arena was: Monday Morning, The Chain, Dreams, I Know I'm Not Wrong, Gypsy, Go Insane, Rhiannon, Second Hand News, Tusk, Sara, Big Love, Landslide, Never Going Back Again, Storms, Say You Love Me, Gold Dust Woman, Oh Well, I'm So Afraid, Stand Back, Go Your Own Way, (encore) World Turning, Don't Stop

Honestly, it sounds like a GREAT show ... now I'm wishing we would have bought tickets!!! (kk)

So, you've got Dwight Twilley on board now! How cool is that?! Twilley is one of the unsung, underappreciated genii (that's plural for geniuseseseses.) of Power Pop. I've worn out at least two copies of the debut album by The Dwight Twilley Band and its successor (Phil Seymour, R.I.P.) and I've featured at least two Twilley tunes so far on Marimba's Jukebox on my blawg thingie, As I've said since day one (yes, I'm an original Forgotten Hits list member), keep on keepin' on, Mr. K. It's good work that you do ...

Dwight and his wife are what we call "occassional" members of the Forgotten Hits List ... they don't read every day but when we need them for something, it sounds like they'll be there ... which is really cool. Dwight's been in the studio virtually non-stop lately, recording cover versions of some of his all-time favorite songs. (Ironically, in my last band, I covered HIS tune, "I'm On Fire", his big hit from 1975 and another one of my '70's favorites.) You'll find ALL kinds of brand new Twilley music available for downloading at all the usual places ... but I'm especially fond of his take on this Beatles' tune, "You're Gonna Lose That Girl". (kk)

This is from Vic's and my friend, Wes Britton.
An icon of rock and roll history passed away last Sunday — Bob Bogle, long-time bass player for The Ventures died at the age of 75. He’d been suffering ill health for some time.
The Ventures were a 1958 co-creation of Bob Bogle and Don Wilson, two Tacoma, Washington construction workers who discovered they each played guitar. While Bob played lead guitar on the signature hit, “Walk, Don’t Run” and four other songs on the band’s debut album, he took over bass duties when Nokie Edwards was brought on board in 1959. The classic line-up jelled when session master Mel Taylor became their permanent drummer in 1962.
The catalogue of The Ventures recording career is astonishing. For decades, they recorded dance, twist, surf, and original instrumentals along with their versions of current chart hits. They also reworked film and TV themes, most notably their 1971 hit, “Hawaii 5-O.” Among their many interpretations of TV themes, perhaps their best original collection was the 1966 “Batman” album which included fast-paced versions of “Secret Agent” (a popular single), “Get Smart,” “The Green Hornet,” and “The Man From U.N.C.L.E.”
No musical group was more influential on fellow and would-be guitar and drum players than The Ventures. Beyond their general release LPs, they also put out the “Play Guitar with The Ventures” instructional albums — Vol. IV was Bob Bogle’s how to play bass.
It’s difficult to suggest which current releases to recommend — there are countless anthologies, compilations, and combinations of the original albums in a variety of packages. I’ll point out two:
(1992) The Ventures Play Telstar - The Lonely Bull And Others / (The) Ventures In Space.
The first album is a typical collection of then current hits and originals; “The Ventures in Space” is widely credited as setting the stage for much of the psychedelic sound that would become popular two years later. Very distinctive.
(1995) Ventures A Go-Go / Where the Action Is!
No Ventures collection is complete without “Slaughter on 10th Avenue”—both these records include some of the most energetic performances of the era.
Nokie Edwards talked about Bob Bogle and the other Ventures in a May 13, 2009 radio interview with Wes Britton for “Dave White Presents.” The interview can be found in the “Past Programs” button at
Rock and Roll heaven just gained another star.
-- Wes Britton

Doesn't he look just AWFUL without his hair. When I saw these pictures, I nearly threw up! If I saw someone like that walking on the street, I'd run like hell!
I have to admit it was pretty shocking when I first saw that photo!!! (kk)

It was great to hear this one again ... I truly had forgotten all about it! You really never know what you're going to rediscover in Forgotten Hits!

It was a pretty good parody ... but unless you experienced the movie magic of what was Marty Feldman, you're probably not going to "get" this song. (I seem to remember a music video, too, that kept showing close-ups from many of Marty's films over Bruce "Baby Man" Baum's musical background. Ironically, Bob Stroud featured "Bette Davis Eyes" last week, too, in tribute to the fact that it started its nine week run at the top of the charts this week in 1981. (He's probably the ONLY jock on The Drive who would even think about ... let alone get away with ... playing THAT tune on the station ... it doesn't exactly fit The Drive's "Classic Rock" format ... which is to say that I'm not expecting to see Kim Carnes turn up on The Drive's "Thursday Artist Portrait" any time soon!!!) kk

Passing this along for my long-time buddy Jack Levin, who's been operating his collectibles business through eBay for years now ...
ROCK AND ROLL NEVER FORGETS IS NOW A RETAIL STORE!A couple months ago I decided as long as I have two houses next to one another, I should use one as a store to sell my collection of music odds and ends. What will be available are LPs, 45s, CDs, 1000s of top 40 surveys, (got in 48 more today!), as well as more damn music magazines than you can read in a lifetime. Publications include Rolling Stone, dating back to 1970, Guitar Player, World, School, One and For the Practicing Musician, as well as Vintage Guitar magazine. Illinois Entertainer dating back to the mid 70s. Creem & Circus, both dating back to the early/mid 70s. Hit Parader & Song Hits. UK magazines Mojo, Q, Uncut, NME, Melody Maker & Kerrang. So if you're in the southern Illinois area, come visit Rock And Roll Never Forgets, The Retail Experience. 401 E. Section Line RD - Wayne City, Illinois. It's a bare bones operation, but I'm hoping with enough support, I can make it work.

And, if you've never been to Cool Scoops, here's your chance to check it out ... or, better yet, if you happen to be in the area, stop by for the taping!!!
Hello to all our friends and fans of Cool Scoops!
The Travel Channel will be filming a Doo Wop Episode of Samantha Brown's Great Vacation Show on June 29th @ 9 am here at Cool Scoops.
Mr. Chubby Checker will be here to help teach Ms. Brown how to Twist.
Please join us in your 50's attire to dance with Chubby!
This will be a great event for the Wildwoods.
Thanks again,
Paul / Cool Scoops

(click on photo to enlarge)

Side note to Jimmy Jay ... no twisting or limbo tonight, OK, buddy?!?!? (kk)

Welcome back, Kent ... it's great to see you posting again. Reading Forgotten Hits has become part of my daily routine.
Thanks, John. All I can promise to do is post WHAT I can, WHEN I can for right now. I don't have anything "in the can" waiting to go out at this point ... nor do I feel up to putting together a brand new series just yet ... but hopefully there'll be enough going on musically to visit with you guys from time to time. (kk)

Man, what a nice Leftovers Page! This has provided nearly a week's worth of reading for me! By the time you get through everything that you sent, check out some of the links to the other articles referenced in this issue, and watched all of the videos, I've been able to spread this one issue out over the whole week. Maybe you should consider doing Forgotten Hits as a "weekly" for the time being ... until you're ready to do more. Selfishly speaking, I'm sure most of us would love to see more ... but just know that we'll continue to read and enjoy everything you send, whatever format it is.
That WAS a pretty big Leftovers Page, wasn't it?!?!? Of course, "Leftovers" isn't for everybody. SOME folks on the list claim it's their favorite Forgotten Hits feature because we tend to cover some of the more "obscure" elements of oldies music in these issues. Others don't read it at all because they say it's TOO far off the beaten path. This particular issue was bigger because we lumped in pretty much ANYTHING that was still sitting around, having not been around much lately ... but I think the "once a month" format has been working out pretty well thus far. (Wow!!! Issue #53 already since we switched over to this schedule!!! Amazing!) As I promised John above, I'll continue to post what I can, when I can, without being tied to any sort of specific schedule. Honestly, I just haven't felt real motivated lately to take on another large topic ... so we'll see where it goes from here. Meanwhile, thanks to everyone out their for their patience and understanding. (kk)


I won't lie to you ... from time to time I get really discouraged wondering if we can REALLY make a difference with Forgotten Hits. Sure, every once in a while I can hear the results on the radio, givine me just some small spark of hope that things are slowly starting to improve ... but we've been pushing the jocks for almost TEN YEARS now to push the envelope just a LITTLE bit farther and play some of these tracks that were legitimate hits that have simply fallen off the radar after years of tunnel-vision radio programming ... and the truth is that only a few of these guys have it within their power to do so. Being equally as honest, I will admit that there is NO question in my mind that oldies radio TODAY is a WHOLE lot better than it was ten years ago when Forgotten Hits first started. Mega outlets like Scott Shannon's True Oldies Channel are beaming nationwide these days, playing a better variety of music than we'd grown accustomed to and slipping in those "surprises" once in a while to keep things interesting ... and I have to believe that at least in SOME small way we've been a source of inspiration for this. Likewise the new Hit Parade Radio start-up, programming nearly 3500 songs from 1950-1980 ... it'd be nearly impossible NOT to come up with a surprise "Wow" song once in a while with THAT many titles to select from ... is programming exclusively to the "ignored demographic" that we preach about so often here in Forgotten Hits ... so this, too, is an encouraging sign. Whereas ten years ago it wasn't really much of a factor at all, Internet Radio now runs the full gammut of the obvious hits, the lesser known hits and B-Sides to the completely obscure ... stuff you're not even going to recognize it because you most likely never even knew it exists. With WI-FI Radio soon to be available in cars, along with satellite operations like XM / Sirius, radio HAS grown leaps and bounds over this past decade. All in all, I suppose I should be feeling pretty good about the progress we've made ... maybe even sharing in just a LITTLE bit of the credit along the way.

But then every once in a while a reality check comes along that makes me realize that maybe I'm wrong ... maybe the average oldies listener out there doesn't really WANT to be challenged or enticed. The other day I was listening to Jim Shea's morning show on Y103.9 when he reached his "I Buried Paul" feature. It's a contest that runs every morning at 7:20 (and has for a couple of years now) where Jim plays a snippet of a popular song BACKWARDS and listeners have to try to identify the song and the artist to win some sort of prize. Well, the other day, something got screwed up in the studio and the tape of "Chick-A-Boom", the Daddy Dewdrop hit from 1971 played FORWARDS instead of backwards ... meaning simply that it played the actual record. It was a screw up of massive proportions but Jim decided to let it slide and said that since THIS is the way it was played, he'd let somebody win by simply identifying the song. (A Good Sport is Jim!!! lol) So the very first caller gets through and then Jim asks him, "Are you feelin' it?" ... to which he responds ... "Oh yeah, I'm feelin' it ... (long pause) ... is it 'Alley Oop'?!?!?" ... thus proving ALL of these narrow-minded programmers right when they state that the AVERAGE oldies listener doesn't WANT to expand their musical horizons ... they want to hear the music that they're most COMFORTABLE with, even if it DOES mean the same two or three hundred songs over and over and over again. (It's not at all uncommon to hear listeners playing this game not know the title of the songs Jim plays ... or misidentify the artist ... it happens all the time ... and thus my faith in the average oldies listener has hit a new all-time low.) The tunnel-vision programming (or as I like to refer to it, the DE-Programming) of our radio audience is virtually complete. MOST listeners really don't CARE what songs are being played ... they just want them to make them feel "comfortable" when they come on the air. They've been fed the SAME songs for so long now that they can no longer think out side the box. Most truly don't remember that artists like The Turtles and The Association and Tommy James and the Shondells recorded more than one or two hits ... when quite the opposite would be true. Even Elvis, The King Of Rock And Roll, has been reduced to a One Hit Wonder ... when do you EVER hear anything OTHER than "Suspicious Minds" anymore ... and why do we have to hear THAT one three or four times a day?!?!? There are over a hundred legitimate Elvis hits to choose from ... if you played just three a day you wouldn't have to spin "Suspicious Minds" again for a whole month!!!

Now, in all fairness, Forgotten Hits was never designed to appeal to the AVERAGE oldies listener ... but I have ALWAYS believed that, if given the chance ... if presented the challenge and the variety ... the average oldies listener WOULD come around to appreciate a deeper selection of music coming out of his or her radio. Revitalize some of those memory brain cells that have been lying dormat for the past two decades and challenge yourself again. But I could be wrong. I could have just been blowing smoke for the past ten years trying to prove otherwise ... chasing my tail trying to convince OTHER music people to just "give it a shot" and see what happens. I dunno ... this has really humbled me today ... hopefully some of you out there will restore my faith in the oldies scene and get me out of this funk. Otherwise, I guess my work here is done!!! (kk)

re: OMG!:

OMG! We made it through an entire Comments Page without ONE single Castity Boner Joke!!!