Tuesday, July 14, 2009

More Concert News

On June 26, my husband and I saw Gordon Lightfoot at Westbury Music Fair. I hate to say this, but he's lost it. First, when he came out on stage, he was so thin. It was the day after The Gloved One died. He made a remark to the audience that shocked everyone because everyone gasped. He said "Michael Jackson isn't doing what we're doing tonight." A very tasteless joke. While he sang a lot of songs, he didn't sing the ones most of us were familiar with. He never sang "That's What You Get For Loving Me" and "Early Morning Rain." The stage usually revolves, but they not only blocked off the entrance to the stage with curtains, but those seats as well and the stage stayed put. He was not sold out therefore making it easy to get to and from the rest rooms, where there are usually long lines, the snack bar, and driving out of the parking lot.
We did get tickets to see Foreigner on October 1. And we're driving out to Westbury to buy tickets for Lou Christie, Shirley Alston Reeves, Johnny Santos of Johnny and Joe, Kenny Vance and the Planatones and others on the same show. That should be a great show. Lou Christie is my show because my husband picked Gordon Lightfoot and Foreigner.
We've run a couple of negative reviews here lately (and have come under a little bit of fire from some of the artists on the list, questioning what POSITIVE effect this will have on Oldies Music. One went so far as to say that I'll have a tough time attracting more artists to come onboard if this is the way I'm going to treat them!) Well, I disagree ... in this day and age ... and in an EXTREMELY tough economy ... each and every one of us music fans out here have to weigh the decision as to who we want to see in concert. I think that these artists can learn a lot by reading what their REAL fans have to say, rather than listening to their promo people and hangers-on who are ALWAYS going to tell them what they want to hear, simply to stay employed or part of the inner circle. Hearing from a fan's perspective what their expectations are ... and who delivered the goods and who didn't ... can become a very valuable tool for these artists if they simply take the time to listen and consider what the fans have to say. The opinions expressed in THIS column come from the REAL, honest-to-goodness fans out there who have supported these artists for YEARS, buying their albums and singles and CDs and now tickets to their shows along with programs and T-Shirts and who knows what else. I believe that these artists DO have an obligation to these fans to put forth the BEST show possible ... and, if it isn't fun for them anymore ... or, they aren't able to do so ... get off the road for a while and re-evaluate what's important to you. (We've heard similar reports lately about other artists, many of whom ARE on the list and, knowing this, the reviewers have asked that I NOT publish their comments and reviews so as not to offend anybody. I think this is a far GREATER crime ... let these artists know that we, as oldies fans, have a choice as to who we go out and see ... and we DO have certain expectations that we count on you guys to fulfill. Simply put, you guys need to BRING IT each and every time you perform ... because in many cases we're paying hard-earned cash to see it and to hear it!!! Heck, I've even walked out of a couple of FREE shows recently because the performance was SO bad that it wasn't even worth watching for FREE!!! Now how sad is THAT?!?!?)
Anyway, you guys want the support of the fans ... and this is how you get it ... EVERY show counts ... go on out there and give it your best shot every single night, and the fans will come ... I guarantee it. And THESE are the shows we want to hear about here in Forgotten Hits. We will do EVERYTHING in our power to help get the word out and let the oldies fans which shows are definitely worth seeing ... by the same token, we will ALSO let them know which shows they may wish to take a pass on. (kk)
P.S. That being said, the ONE artist who UNANIMOUSLY comes in as the BEST oldies show around ... hand down ... has GOT to be Peter Noone!!! He goes out there and gives it his all EVERY single night ... and wins the crowd over each and every time. We've been saying it for years and continue to hear it season after season after season from our readers ... some of these OTHER artists can certainly learn a thing or two from ol' 'erman!!! (kk)

Do you have any information on where or when Cummings.Bachman concert will be that you mentioned in Schaumburg? Can you buy tickets at the door or do you have to purchase them thru ticketmaster or other? Carolyn
Sounds like it's JUST The Randy Bachman Band ... no Burton Cummings ... too bad ... the two of them TOGETHER would have been a GREAT show!!! (I'm sure we'll still go ... love Bachman's stuff, too ... but the chance to see the two guys who CREATED all of the early Guess Who hits again would have been awesome!!!) In any event, it's free ... part of Schaumburg's Septemberfest ... a VERY packed house ... September 5th.
The following night is Starship with Mickey Thomas and Bobby Kimball of Toto ... THAT sounds like the good one! (kk)

Dear Kent -
Thanks so much for the info on Schaumburg Fest. I will be there. Wouldnt miss Randy Bachman. Too bad Burton isnt with him but I have seen Randy by himself and he is great.
Have a great week and keep up the good work ...



Wolfgang's Vault has just posted a Dwight Twilley concert from Rockabillys in Houston, Texas, circa 1982 ... you can check out one of our newest Forgotten Hits list members right here: Click here: Dwight Twilley Band Live Concert at Rockabillys (Houston, TX) May 1, 1982 WolfgangsVault.com

The rained out performance of The Jamez Band, featuring original Cryan' Shames lead guitarist Jim (James) Fairs has OFFICIALLY been rescheduled for Wednesday, August 26th, at The Bolingbrook Performance Art Center in Bolingbrook, IL ... and it sounds like ALL of the special guests originally scheduled to appear will be on hand. This should be an OUTSTANDING show ... check The Cryan' Shames website for more details:

Click here: http://cryanshames.com/

Meanwhile, the guys kick off a four-night-stand at Festa Italiana up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, beginning tomorrow night and running through Sunday. Special vocal guests include Sonny Geraci (of The Outsiders and Climax, who, you may recall, filled in for many of Rob Grill's Grass Roots dates when Rob was recuperating from surgery a few years back), Dennis Tufano (original lead singer of The Buckinghams), Jimmy Sohns of The Shadows Of Knight and Jimy Rogers of The Mauds. (Don't be surprised if a few more of our "Local Heroes" show up, too, as "surprise guests"!) The whole thing takes place at Henry W. Maier Festival Park; 200 N. Harbour Drive in Milwaukee, WI 53213. This sounds like a VERY hot event. For more details, Click Here (kk)


Don't forget ... Paul McCartney will be performing tonight on The David Letterman Show ... kinda neat that he's returning to Shea Stadium for his New York concert and now heading back to The Ed Sullivan Theater, too!!! Talk about reliving some precious memories!!! You can catch it all on CBS tonight starting at 10:35 PM Central time. (kk)