Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Sunday Comments ( 11 - 22 - 09 )

A few weeks back we told you about a Bee Gees reunion of sorts ... Barry and Robin have been rehearsing to begin performing as The Brothers Gibb again. If you happened to be watching "Dancing With The Stars" the other night on ABC, you were lucky enough to catch a performance of "You Should Be Dancin'", their #1 Hit from 1976. (If you missed it, I've included the clip from YouTube as a means to view this historic occasion.) We'll keep you posted as tour dates are announced.
Click here: YouTube - Bee Gees - You Should Be Dancing - DWTS

Meanwhile, here's a chance to catch some of the brand new Paul McCartney concert video DVD / CD release that we've been telling you about ... highlights from Macca's CitiField show are being broadcast over free TV on Thanksgiving Night (also on ABC!) at 9 PM Central Time on the 26th!!! (kk)

And, speaking of The Beatles ...

And I'm not just talking in a "Let's Play 'Rock Band'" kind of way. Check THIS out ... a OPEN CASTING CALL to actually PLAY one of The Fabs!!!
[JOHN] 20-45, British Accent (Liverpool).LEAD ROLE
[PAUL] 20-45, British Accent (Liverpool).LEAD ROLE
[RINGO] 20-45, British Accent (Liverpool).LEAD ROLE
[GEORGE] 20-45, British Accent (Liverpool).LEAD ROLE
BEATexpo 2009," coming to the Downtown Stamford Holiday Inn in Stamford, CT on November 28-29, currently boasts a wonderful guest-list, some fine tribute bands, a memorabilia marketplace + other worthy convention attractions. Now the event has one other amazing element to it: a motion picture casting call! But not just any casting call, this is the national audition for the upcoming Fab Four film being produced by Disney. They are not looking for singers, as the film is using 16 original Beatles tracks, but they are seeking four actors to play the leads who resemble or can imitate, or have the mannerisms and idiosyncrasies of Lennon, McCartney, Harrison and Starr. Aspiring actors and hopefuls are invited to this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to play a Beatle in what will undoubtedly be the biggest animated film of the year (it was previously reported that this was the 3-D remake of "Yellow Submarine").
The official casting call takes place at the hotel's "Shippan Point Room" on Saturday, Nov. 28 from 10 am - 6 pm and Sunday, Nov. 29 from 12 noon - 8 pm as part of the convention. Below are the casting details ...
UNTITLED FAB 4 PROJECT - Feature Film / Motion Capture / Comedy
STUDIO: Disney / Prod. Company: ImageMovers Digital
PRODUCERS: Steve Starkey, Robert Zemeckis, Jack Rapke
DIRECTOR: Robert Zemeckis
CASTING DIRECTORS: Victoria Burrows / Scot Boland
START DATE: September 2010
NOTE: [Previz footage shooting Feb. 2010 for 1 week]
LOCATION: Los Angeles, CA
Location: BEATexpo 2009 / Holiday Inn Stamford
At 700 E. Main St., Stamford, CT *Shippan Point Room*
Dates: Saturday 11/28 10 am - 6 pm, Sunday, 11/29 12 noon - 8 pm
*please come dressed appropriately for the late 60's era
*actors should come in character with the accent & mannerisms
This film will be done in the Motion Capture technique that has been used in features such as BEOWULF, THE POLAR EXPRESS, A CHRISTMAS CAROL and MONSTER HOUSE. The human characters will resemble the Fab Four and not the particular actor playing the role. For all of the characters, we will capture not only the actor's voice but also physical performance in incredible detail. The captured performance then drives the computer-generated character in the final screen image. The actor's actual performance is very non-technical and liberating and is rehearsed and performed in a studio like a play.
Those auditioning will be portraying characters between ages 20-45. Actors should come dressed appropriately for the late 60's era and come in character with required accents and mannerisms. For research material and audition scenes, visit the blog:
This casting call for the four leads is just one element, albeit a unique and exciting one, of this special event for fans.

For further information on BEATexpo 2009 (not on the casting call itself),

>>>Too bad it's now really too late to TRULY represent just how HUGE of an impact the recent sales of Michael Jackson's and The Beatles' work has really had on an otherwise quite dormant industry. (kk)

Actually, it's not "too late" ... Billboard has been compiling a "Comprehensive Album Chart" for the past six years (available to subscribers of its online site), which has included all album sales, regardless of age. That chart has indeed chronicled the recent surges in the sales of Beatles and Michael Jackson albums. For example, for the chart week of Sept. 26, Beatles albums occupied 14 of the top 34 positions on that chart, and for the week of July 11, Michael Jackson albums occupied 9 of the top 41 positions (including one Jackson 5 compilation). The change that will take place with the Dec. 5 issue of Billboard is simply that the Comprehensive Album Chart will become the new Billboard 200 (although the weeks-on-the-chart column might be a continuation from the current version of the Billboard 200).
– Randy Price
Interesting ... and good to know. Although NOT the album chart viewed by the "masses" ... at least there is SOME documented history of these recent life-changing events. (kk)

And, of course, you can't talk about Billboard Magazine and NOT mention Joel Whitburn!!!


We've been very fortunate to have Joel Whitburn participate with us here in Forgotten Hits from time to time ... and one of our list members just sent me a link to a GREAT interview that Joel recently did with Larry LeBlanc. You can check it out here: Click here: ENCORE: The Standard in Live Entertainment News

And, speaking of Joel Whitburn, our FH Buddy Ronnie Allen has ALSO just posted an interview with the chart guru on HIS website ... you can access it here:
Read Ronnie's instructions on how to maneuver around the site ... and his take on what it was like to talk to this chart expert ... below. (kk)

I had the distinct pleasure of doing a radio interview show with the celebrated Joel Whitburn this week and I am pleased to announce that I have just posted it on my Radio Page. I think you will find this show interesting on many levels. There's at least one true confession from Joel (an amazing one!), controversy, plenty of humor and the revelation from Joel as to what he is convinced is the worst record in the history of the world! Of course the show is primarily about what his endeavors have been over the past 40 years. I came away from this show with a very positive impression of the man and a huge admiration for what he has accomplished. Here's a brief "Joel Whitburn 101" course!

Joel, who founded his company Record Research in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin (where he still lives) is considered by many to be the most authoritative historian on the subject of charted music in the entire world. His website is Over the past 40 years Joel has authored and published 122 reference books based on chart data from various popular music charts, almost all being from Billboard Magazine. But his work is not limited to that publication. Joel published one book called "Pop Memories: 1890 to 1954" using charts from other publications that predated Billboard. Although we did not discuss that book during this interview show, I alluded to it during my introduction of him at the outset of the show by pointing that Joel has, in fact, chronicled charted music for the past 120 years! He's published 122 Record Research reference books and, in addition, has also written several Billboard books published by Watson-Guptill Publications. These are the ones you see on bookshelves and include various editions of "Top 40 Hits," "Top 40 Albums" and "Top 40 Country hits." And he's also produced over 150 CD compilations of hits for Rhino Records.

Joel owns one of the world's largest record collections. He has over 200,000 singles (that's 200 thousand!) and also the largest collection of picture sleeves in the world: 18,000. It was such a joy spending one hour with this amazing man who assured me that there's plenty more to come in the near future!

P.S. This is my external comment on the radio page. Just think how amazing this is! "This renowned author, researcher and musicologist personally owns every charted pop single going back to 1936 and every charted pop album going back to 1945."

To access this Joel Whitburn radio interview show or any of my previous ones, please visit the "Jersey Girls Sing" website at When that home page comes up, please click the "Ronnie Allen Theater" (the name has a yellow background) in the picture on the right-hand side. That will bring you to my index page. Please click on "Ronnie's Radio Page" and you will then be able to access the show (it's the first one listed under the blue heading "Current Radio Interview Shows") or any of my previous ones, which are listed in reverse chronological order.

Ronnie Allen

Hi, Kent ... I
n the last few months I've had to take a drive on a Saturday morning early and I found that one of my usual oldies radio station is running "American Top Forty" from the seventies with Casey Kasem. They play an actual broadcast from the same week in one year of the seventies as when you are listening. I was amazed by the number of songs that I heard that I either never or rarely hear on the radio. They are songs that may have come in number 5 or 10 on the charts, but were definitely big. For example, a couple of weeks ago I heard "Don't Expect Me to Be Your Friend" by Lobo, "Pieces of April" by Three Dog Night and "I've Got a Name" by Jim Croce ... all from 1973, which they NEVER play on the so-called "Oldies" station, at least not where I live. Others I've heard recently: "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down" - Joan Baez; "Stoney End" - Barbra Streisand; "The Air That I Breathe" - Hollies; "Sweet Seasons" - Carole King; and "Hurting Each Other" - the Carpenters. When do you hear these played? And yet ... all in the top 40 charts. From what I can see this show is syndicated, so if your readers get a chance to catch it on their local station, it's worth a listen. Debbie in PA
I know XM70s has been running Casey's "American Top 40" reruns for a while now ... and we've heard from other readers who are also enjoying these nostalgic rebroadcasts if only because so many songs from The Top 40 DON'T receive any airplay anymore. Here in Chicago, we hear Jim Croce's "I Got A Name" and The Hollies' "The Air That I Breathe" fairly often ... but you're right ... for the most part artists like Lobo (other than "I'd Love You To Want Me") and Carole King (other than "It's Too Late" and "I Feel The Earth Move") have pretty much fallen off the oldies radar. (kk)

>>>Be sure to check THIS one out ... lots of cool stuff to look at and listen to! (kk)
Hits Of Yesteryear is one of those shows you can hear on Topshelf Oldies -- truly the best music on the internet ... different DJ's every night with lots of cool music, a large portion of it you likely have never heard (but that does NOT mean it is not good -- it just means there was too much music released at the time for things to get noticed when they were new).
-- Tom Diehl

I just read a great interview with Chicagoland DJ Connie Szerszen in Rich Appel's "Hz So Good" publication ... if you're interested in reading it, too, just drop me a line and I'll forward a copy off to you! (kk)

And, speaking of good interviews ...

I've also got one with Alice Cooper, done by Dr. Rock ... good stuff. Again, just let me know and I'll shoot it off to you! (kk)


I would just like to tell you that I'm really enjoying Forgotten Hits. Keep on keepin' on!

Rob Frankel

Great Sunday comments and great work. Hope you can keep it going but don't know how you have the energy or time.
Roy in Salt Lake City
Thanks, Roy! It's been getting tougher and tougher with so many work and family commitments lately ... and the holidays coming up ... but we're doing what we can, when we can ... it's the loyal, patient readers like you that help to provide the fuel to keep this whole thing going ... and, of course, our shared love and appreciation of all of this great music. Forgotten Hits celebrates its TENTH ANNIVERSARY this Thanksgiving Weekend ... the very first issue went out to a list of 35 subscribers Thanksgiving Weekend, 1999. (Guess you could say we've grown a little bit since then!!! lol) So thanks again to EVERYONE out there for your continued support! (kk)

Hey Kent --
In regards to your comments on long versions of late 60’s early 70’s tunes, I had to laugh. “Crimson and Clover” long version is my favorite ever. I admit the song sounds complete without it, but I love every extended section as the guitar takes on new sounds and attitudes. Fuzz, wah-wah – I love it! A good example of one I don’t like much is “And When I Die” by B, S &T. That rodeo-style solo breaks up the mood created in the song.
Speaking of B, S and T, which “Spinning Wheel” solo do you prefer - the horns on the album version or the guitar on the single? Or “Let It Be” – the Leslie speaker solo on the single or the fuzz – drenched solo on the Spector album version?
Fun stuff to talk about. Keep up the great site.
Greg F. / Renditions

Honestly, I like BOTH versions of "And When I Die" and "Spinning Wheel" ... it's always interesting when these songs start playing on the radio, trying to guess which version they're going to play ... kinda like watching the opening of The Dick Van Dyke Show and screaming out "Trip" or "No Trip"!!! (lol) I think both versions of these stand alone just fine as complete pieces. As for "Let It Be", that one holds a special place in my heart. Because I was familiar with the song nearly a year before it was officially released (through all kinds of "Get Back" bootlegs albums), the first version I heard had a pretty tame guitar solo ... probably closer to the one shown in the actual film. By the time the single came out, I remember commenting to several friends (and fellow Beatlemaniacs at the time) how that powerful guitar really broke up the tenderness of the song ... kinda cool in a way as we hadn't really heard that done before. (McCartney would use a similar treatment on "My Love" when that guitar solo just comes in out of nowhere with the loud fuzz.) Then when I heard the LP version, I thought "You have GOT to be kidding me!!!" I figured Macca probably didn't care for THAT version at all ... and I'm thinking that I'm probably right on that, as the "Let It Be ... Naked" version returns us to the much more subtle George Harrison lead. (kk)

'Hello, Ohio!' (Psst! Boss, We're in Michigan!)
AP, Nov 15, 2009
The curse of Friday the 13th struck Bruce Springsteen in a most unusual way: it made the 60-year-old rock legend forget where he was.
The Boss bellowed "Hello, Ohio!" to his fans at the Auburn Hills Palace in Michigan. Springsteen referred to the neighboring state several times in the following 30 minutes until E Street Band guitarist Steve Van Zandt whispered in his ear.
A visibly embarrassed Springsteen grinned and said such a mistake was "every front man's nightmare."
The Detroit Free Press says Springsteen rocked the forgiving audience for nearly three hours Friday night with new and old hits including a complete performance of his album "Born to Run."

Jimmy Jay of the Rewind Show will host the Broadcast Event of the Year! The Dick Clark Birthday Salute. This show will run not only on all of the Rewind outlets around the world but many stations have added him for this Special Event. The True Oldies Channel with Scott Shannon will run a one hour special edition geared for the format of the station. Times vary depending on the station. Some of the acts that have joined Jimmy on this special include Neil Sedaka, KC & The Sunshine Band, The Spinners, Johnny Rivers, Brenda Lee, The Rip Chords, Freddy Cannon, Andy Williams, Connie Francis, Bobby Vee and the list goes on & on. BB King's Grammy Award winning producer Trade Martin did all the jingles. Jimmy and Trade did a special opening song for this show. Dick Clark has already heard the first two hours of this show. If you have a station that would like to run with this 3 Hour Broadcast Event contact Jimmy Jay at 617 - 773 - 0690. More stars are being added every day.

Jimmy Jay


It's coming!!! But first a few other cool instrumental tidbits!

Click here: YouTube - Chet Atkins - Mr. Sandman (TV 1954)

submitted by Fred Vail

A GREAT version of an old classic ... and, with over a millions views, it would seem many folks out there would agree!!! Thanks, Fred! (kk)

And, while you're there, you've just GOT to devote a couple of minutes to THIS one ... TOTALLY cracked me up!!!

Click here: YouTube - Mr. Sandman

Well, OK. Here are a few that are probably not on the list already (but do turn up on YouTube):
IN THE MOOD Glenn Miller & his Orchestra (1939)
HEARTACHES Ted Weems & his Orchestra; Elmo Tanner, whistler (1933)
IT'S A GAS - Alfred E. Newman (c. 1962) [the only lyric: the spoken title at the beginning]
THE WALLACE & GROMIT THEME (from the "Revenge of the Were-Rabbit" soundtrack CD)
THEME FROM "POLICE SQUAD" a/k/a THE "NAKED GUN THEME" ("Naked Gun" soundtrack CD)
SOUPY'S THEME (from the LP "The Soupy Sales Show")
THEME FROM "FRACTURED FLICKERS" Dennis Farnon & his Orchestra (1961) [the only lyric: the spoken words "one, two" at the beginning]
Gary Theroux

Nope ... NONE of these are gonna make the countdown ... but I have always LOVED "It's A Gas" ... and have featured it a few times before in Forgotten Hits. (lol) kk

On another note, I was quite surprised that NOBODY had nominated and/or voted for the Jimi Hendrix version of "The Star Spangled Banner" as a favorite instrumental ... granted, it wasn't a HIT single ... and had it been nominated, I doubt that it would have earned enough support to place in The Top 50 ... but it TOTALLY escaped my mind (and, evidently, everybody ELSE's mind, too!) until FH Reader Charlie Fraser brought it up ... honestly, I hadn't even noticed that it wasn't nominated ... until somebody DID nominate it!

Memory is a funny thing as you get older, compiling my list I may have left out some songs I truly enjoyed in the past, I am a Big Band fan but primarily I enjoy vocals. (My musical tastes go further back than most of my contemporaries, my older brother by 10 years was a band member and built his own stereo equipment in the 50's so I was listening to music at a very early age)
The Star Spangled Banner is a touchy subject to many, and to many baby-boomers the influence of parents who participated in WWII held the song in great reverence and rightly so. Jimi being an artist had warts and flaws, but his rendition was an act of patriotism and he put his all into it although it was downplayed by society. I personally think it was a display of what makes America such a great country. Ray Charles' God Bless America is similar but no to the degree of separation from the accepted norm.
Thank you for telling me I was the only vote, it strokes my ego, and reinforces my self assessment of marching to a 'Different Drum'
PS Have a great Thanksgiving, and how come there is no 'Favorite Thanksgiving Songs' list ? ha ha ty Kent

We covered some of the controversy that surrounded Jimi's version when we put The Forgotten Hits Spotlight on Hendrix a few years back. Here's a short snippet of that piece ... along with a link to the whole article, now posted on The Forgotten Hits Web Page: Click here: Forgotten Hits - Jimi Hendrix

One of JIMI HENDRIX's greatest (and most famous) performances has to be at the WOODSTOCK festival in 1969. He moved to the area a few months in advance to rehearse and problems began almost immediately. Someone was breaking into the house and guitars came up missing ... drugs were being put into people's food ... and it all culminated with a shootout at the front gate! (To say the least, it made things a bit strained while the band tried to rehearse!)
Signing JIMI to do the gig was a real coup. The promoters had already decided that the most they would pay an act was $15,000. The week before, JIMI had earned $150,000 for a gig in California. HENDRIX said he wanted $30,000 but was told that the only way he could earn that much money was to perform twice: on the first and last day of the festival. Eventually, they settled on $18,000 and JIMI closed the show. And what a performance it was. To a nearly empty, open field, JIMI announced "You can all leave if you want to ... we're just gonna jam" and then wailed on his version of THE STAR SPANGLED BANNER (which he then segued into PURPLE HAZE). Performing THE STAR SPANGLED BANNER at a time when there was so much controversy regarding the War in Viet Nam made for a pretty poignant moment. Guitarist LARRY LEE said the stage conditions were horrendous. Between the way the amps were set up and the fact that rain at saturated the stage, "On a lot of my solos there's feedback and when it ain't feeding back, I was actually getting electrocuted."The guitar effects on JIMI's performance of THE STAR SPANGLED BANNER were electrifying ... he made you feel "the rocket's red glare" and "the bombs bursting in air" ... and it was even more revolutionary coming almost exactly one year after JOSE FELICIANO infuriated a nation by his "sacrilege" performance of our NATIONAL ANTHEM at the 1968 WORLD SERIES.
DIDJAKNOW?: Although JIMI's performance of THE STAR SPANGLED BANNER at WOODSTOCK is considered by many to be one of the highlights of the festival ... especially the way it climaxed the ending of the theatrical release of the film ... this was NOT the first time he had performed this song. In fact, he had been performing it (and perfecting the incredible guitar sound effects) for nearly a year ... perhaps MOST famously at a performance that April at the Memorial Auditorium in Dallas, Texas. Handler RON TERRY says that when HENDRIX arrived at his dressing room that night, there were five thugs blocking the entrance. TERRY was told by the apparent gang leader "You tell that fuckin' nigger if he plays 'STAR SPANGLED BANNER' in this hall tonight, he won't live to get out of the building. Did you hear what I said? No one does that in Dallas, Texas, and lives to tell about it. We'll start a riot and if he don't make it out of the building, that's just the way it fucking goes." HENDRIX performed THE STAR SPANGLED BANNER that night ... without incident. (kk)

Well, I must admit I wondered to myself how the instrumentals would come across. But you were right. Several times over the weekend I found myself turning up the volume asking myself now what was that song? They were great. Atlanta was rocking over the weekend to the great oldies on 106.7. Thanks for leading the charge on this one.
Chris Jones
Roswell, GA

I heard from Scott Shannon who told me that his Instrumentally Yours Weekend was a rousing success ... lots of phone calls and email requests from our Forgotten Hits Readers, so thanks to all of you guys for that! Meanwhile, the polls are closed ... the ballots have been counted ... and we now know the results of our Top 50 Countdown ... Your All-Time Favorite Instrumentals.
DeeJay Phil Nee will be counting down the results NEXT SATURDAY NIGHT, November 28th, on WRCO, AM 1450, in Richland Center, Wisconsin ... and then we'll publish Your Top 50 Favorites on both Forgotten Hits web pages on Sunday, November 29th (along with a COMPLETE set of lyrics so that you can sing along with your favorites!!!) Beginning on Friday, December 4th, the show will also be available for rebroadcast through our new "Forgotten Hits on the Radio" Podcast site. (More info to come!) Thanks again to EVERYONE who voted ... when all was said and done, just over 14,000 votes were tabulated ... so we truly do have a very fair representation of the opinions of the oldies nation at heart here. (kk)

>>>Elvis did a version of an Ink Spots' song called " A Fool Such As I".

(Bob Hughes)
We've been looking for a copy of The Ink Spots doing the Elvis Presley tune "(Now And Then There's) A Fool Such As I" ... and so far, no luck. I got this from one of our readers, who checked an Ink Spots Music site (kk) ...
Can you ask the requester if they know a site that lists this song? Because at this site it doesn't show it:
Enjoy your Sunday.
I couldn't find a listing for it in any of the sources that I checked either ... then I got this from Hil (TheOneBuff) kk ...
I found Tommy Edwards via youtube singing A Fool Such As I. Maybe this is what was heard and supposed as The Ink Spots. Worth a shot, I figured.

Worth a spin ... I found early '50's charted versions by both Jo Stafford and Hank Snow, too ... but nothing on this one by The Ink Spots. (kk)

>>>I am looking for a song by "Just Us" called "I Can't Grow Peaches on a Cherry Tree". Nancy Sinatra does it as well, but I think this was the original. Can anyone help? (Sharon)
Let's see ... last week we featured the Just Us version (which was the "hit" version of this song) ... and then a version by The Browns, that "bubbled under" on the Billboard Chart back in 1965. Now comes word of yet ANOTHER version ... this time by The Tradewinds! (kk)

Here is the song you are looking for. I have it by both Just Us and the Tradewinds. This is a good version, too.

>>>The Just Us version, which first charted in the Spring of 1966, was FIRST released as a single on the Minuteman Record Label the year before, where it went virtually unnoticed ... which I suppose COULD mean that THEY, in fact, recorded it first. (kk)
The master of this record was purchased by Colpix and reissued on Colpix in 1966 #803.

And then this from Sharon, who had the original inquiry in the first place. (kk)
Hi Kent ~
I never imagined there would be such feedback from my request for the "Cherry" song. I wanted to thank Chascot59 {Charlie} for jumping right on that and now I have it, too. And thanks to you, Kent, Bobaloo, Doug ... for all the information about the song. I know exactly where to go now, when I am looking for something particular. I'm sure someone out there on the FHs readers list will have what I'm looking for. Still not sure where I'm supposed to look for songs on the FH website, aside from what you post about specific groups but, I'll get it some day. :o) Peace everyone and remember ... in the famous words of Kasey Kasem...."Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars" :o)
~ Sharon {Tokeitwo}
And now you've got yet ANOTHER version for your collection ... thanks to Carrie, The Tradewinds' version is posted below! (kk)

>>>Next you are going to mention Baby, You Come Rollin' Cross my Mind I guess. (Bobaloo)
>>>LOL ... which version of "Baby, You Come Rollin' Cross My Mind" are you referring to?!?!? (Didn't we just feature the John Beland version a month or two ago?!?!?) Personally, I've always liked Rick Nelson's version of this tune, too!!! (kk)
In my opinion THE version is The Peppermint Trolley Company. The only version I know of that actually charted, although not too well. Funny, AFN "wore it out" in Germany back in '68.

I'm not familiar with that one ... it didn't chart here in Chicago ... but did reach #45 on The Cash Box Chart ... so we can give it a listen today. (kk)

Meanwhile, here's the John Beland version again from a few weeks back:

Personally, the only one I'd be curious to hear would be The Magic Lanterns, as I heard they had several hits that didn't chart here ... as for the others, I'm not even remotely curious!!! (lol) But that's just MY opinion ... let's see what the rest of the list thinks ... maybe there are some lost "gems" out there that we don't even know about! (kk)

Hi Kent!
Still enjoying all the great Forgotten Hits newsletters and postings.

I heard this song on Chicago radio stations somewhere around the mid-1960s. I have no idea who sang it and the only help I can give you is a little portion of the verse.
"Well, it's heads I win, tails you lose, you won my heart and you broke it in two". "All the boys told me when they saw you riding again and again in a car with my very best friend".
Not much to go on and at the same time at my 60 something age I'm not sure if I asked you this before. Any help will a appriciated. Looking forward to our fuinal listings of our alltime instrumentals. Maybe some time in the future we can do an all time listings of our favorite TV themes. Take care.
Jerry Kamper

Lol ... TV Themes WOULD be a good one ... although you'll find a few of these on The Top 50 Instrumentals List as well! Let's see if anybody can solve your lyrics mystery. Thanks, Jerry! (kk)

And we never did get an answer to THIS one ... anybody able to help out our FH Buddy Tony Hatch???
Hi Kent,
I was wondering if anyone would know where I can contact Joe Smith? He was with Warner Brothers Records in the mid-60's and, I gotta tell you, he was the guy who picked Petula Clark's DOWNTOWN for a hit for Warner when UK's Pye Records didn't really know what to make of it. He also picked MY LOVE (another #1 and recorded in LA) when even Petula wasn't sure about it. Both she and I would have to say that we owe a lot to Joe Smith. What a great music exec!TONY HATCH

Thanks folks! Be sure to check back tomorrow ... we've got a GREAT "Stories Behind The Songs" segment planned for your enjoyment!!! (kk)