Saturday, December 5, 2009

Forgotten Hits On The Radio!!!

We've just uploaded The Official Forgotten Hits Top 50 Favorite Instrumental Countdown to our brand new radio page ... if you missed Phil Nee playing back Your 50 Favorites last weekend ... or you simply want to hear it again ... it's ALL here for your listening enjoyment ...

Simply visit: ...

The special has been broken into 12 easy-to-listen-to segments, each approximately 20-30 minutes long ... listen to them in order or play back your favorites. (This system makes it REAL easy to come back often and pick up wherever you last left off!)

All of Your 50 Favorites are there ... along with LOTS of great extras ... and some INCREDIBLE interviews that Phil put together for this special program. Throughout the show, Phil Nee is joined by Burton Cummings of The Guess Who, Mitch Schecter of The Rip Chords, guitar virtuosos Duane Eddy, Dick Dale and Davie Allan (of the Arrows) ... you'll also hear classic commentary from Bob Spickard of The Chantays, Jim Pash of The Surfaris, Don Wilson of The Ventures. Chuck Rio of The Champs and even Frank Mills, who made the countdown with HIS 1979 Instrumental Recording "Music Box Dancer"!!! (Oh yeah ... and I stop by a couple of times, too!!!)

Phil did an OUTSTANDING job of putting this whole thing together ... MAJOR kudos to him and to WRCO - 100.9 FM in Richland Center, Wisconsin, for allowing us to post the ENTIRE program on our brand new Forgotten Hits Radio Page!

Also up on the page ... our appearance from last Christmas on Mr. C's Flip Side Show from Radio Free Nashville!!! Join us as Mr. C and I play down some of our all-time favorite B-Sides!!! (In fact, this Tuesday Night, December 8th, marks the two-year anniversary of Mr. C's Program ... be sure to tune in and listen ... Forgotten Hits Regular Contributor David Lewis will be Mr. C's guest that night ... and you can listen live here: Click here: WRFN - Radio Free Nashville

More great radio shows and appearances to come. (In fact, if any of the jocks would like to stream a special segment of THEIR program, contact me and we'll see what we can put together!)

When you get to the site (, simply type in the program(s) you're looking for. (Yes, we actually have our own channel!!! However, it doesn't seem to be able to display ALL of the titles available ... so simply type in either the "Instrumental Countdown" OR "The Flip Side Show" and then it'll give you about ten choices of what to listen to.)

Meanwhile ... in OTHER Radio News ...

This weekend Scott Shannon's True Oldies Channel remembers the music of John Lennon on the anniversary of his death ... hear LOTS of great Beatle John tunes along with the very best of his solo work. You can Listen Live to The True Oldies Channel here: Click here: True Oldies Channel

This just in from John Rook of Hit Parade Radio ... from an article he read in The Wall Street Journal ...
Radio's online audience is growing at an impressive pace at a time when the beleaguered radio industry needs all the ears it can get. But radio companies, suffering their third straight year of revenue declines, are having trouble turning that audience into the cash they crave.
More than 42 million people each week listen to radio streamed over the Internet, more than double the rate from five years ago, according to market-research firms Edison Research Inc. and Arbitron Inc. Many of those are either new listeners or people tuning in at times when they never listened to regular broadcast radio.

No question about it, Internet Radio (along with WiFi listening capabilities) are revolutionizing the way we listen to music these days ... and don't forget to give John's Hit Parade Radio a listen, too ... he's currently programming over 3000 songs from the '50's, '60's and '70's ... you're liable to hear just about ANYTHING here: Click here: Hit Parade Radio

Also this weekend, spend some time with our Radio Buddy Citizen Bill ... here's the latest scoop on his "Remember Then" Program that airs on Sunday Night:
Hey Kent -
This weekend's "Remember Then" Show will feature "Songs of the Night" ... with a lost 45 in the same category as well as the Soul Patrol. Sunday night at 7:00 on We have a new streaming provider so your readers can tune in from anywhere in the world and hear the program. This weekend will be show #401 ... how the time flies (I just featured "How The Time Flies" a few weeks ago as the lost 45 by Jerry Wallace from 1958). Keep up the good work!
Citizen Bill
Fun 92.7