Friday, December 11, 2009

The Holiday Spirit

We have been very fortunate these past several years to be able to share some brand new holiday music with our readers during the Christmas Season ... sometimes even before this music hits radio!!!

Today, we've got FIVE holiday favorites to share with you again ...

Kent ...
I’d like to share the new video I made on Michael Jackson’s “Little Christmas Tree” (Clinton/Wayne) with you. I hope you enjoy it.
Merry Christmas and regards,
Artie Wayne

Thanks for sharing, Artie! SO much Michael Jackson attention this year ... how nice that you're able to share in this!!! (kk)

Hi Kent,
Now that the holidays are here, I wanted to make sure that you had Bob Lind's incredible song, "A New Year's Carol." This song really expresses what everybody feels but nobody says about this time of year. I am attaching it to share with your readers ... and they can also get it on Bob's website at
I'm sure your fans will love it.
Happy Holidays.
Jill Guerra
Thanks for sending, Jill ... and Happy Holidays to you and Bob and all of those close to you! (kk)

Hi Kent,
Hope all is well and thank you for another great year of Forgotten Hits!

My song "Santa's Comin' Here" was just voted one of the Top 10 finalists in the Chicago Tribune's New Holiday Classics contest. A friend of mine, Swanyce, put together a really nice video montage of the tune that I'd like to share with everyone:
Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year!
Dick Eastman

Congratulations, Dick, you absolutely deserve it! ("Santa's Comin' Here" was MY favorite Christmas song last year, too ... and it was a honor to be able to feature it in Forgotten Hits last season ... and now there's a video, too!!!) Enjoy! (kk)

We got this one too late to include in last year's batch of "Christmas Presents" ... so we're sending it out early this year ... it's Danny and the Juniors doing that old Christmas staple, "Marshmallow World"! (kk)

And finally, another one of our Forgotten Hits seasonal favorites ... we've had a number of requests for this one ... and it sounds like our FH Buddy Joe Klein has been hearing from some of you, too!

HAPPY HOLEY DAZE! (I've already ready received a couple of emails about CHRISTMAS IN MALIBU from FH fans!) Thanks, Kent!

Joe Klein / "New Media" Joe

It's a GREAT track, Joe ... and here's a video clip for those who may have missed this one the last time we featured it! (kk)

Click here: YouTube - Christmas In Malibu