Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Weekend Comments

Here's a play-by-play report from FH Reader Mike Mertes ... who was fortunate enough to see the Paul McCartney Show at The Hollywood Bowl Tuesday Night!!
Hey Kent,
Long time no talk!!!
Wanted to let you know I got Macca tix for the Tuesday March 30th show at the Hollywood Bowl. I'll make sure to sent my reviews hot off the presses.
The Hollywood Bowl is such a classic place to see a show.
I guess when he's plays Chicago he's supposed to be at Wrigley Field.

(Remember, no Sox fans allowed at Wrigley ... nyuk-nyuk).
Take Care
"(There's a Rock Show at the Hollywood Bowl ... We'll be there ... Oh Yeah!!!)"
And then ...
I was reading reviews on Macca's playlist in Phoenix from last night and it looks like I'll get part of my wish.

He opens with Venus & Mars / Rock Show into Jet, he also does 1985 and Obla-di Obla-da.
I'm definitely psyche; hopefully the rain will hold off. I'm glad I got tix for Tuesday's show instead of Wednesday's because the weather is supposed to be cold, crappy and rainy on Wednesday.
I'll let you know how the show was..
And then this KILLER review of the show ...
What can I say!!!! 2 hrs and 45 mins ... 37 songs!!!!

He looked great, his voice was very very strong for most of the songs, although he did seem to struggle a bit on some of the high parts, but he didn't shy away from them and hit most of them.
The band was tight as usual (although at the being of "Day Tripper" Rusty hit the 3rd note wrong ... they just kinda chuckled and went on.)
He started with a shortened 3 minute version of "Venus & Mars / Rock Show" and then went right into "Jet" and it set the mood for the night. He did great versions of "Letting Go", "Let Me Roll It" with an added two minute instrumental of "Foxy Lady" at the end and Macca playing some nice guitar licks.
"1985" and "Mrs. Vanderbilt" were a very nice added touch and sounded great. "Obbla-di Obbla-da" was sped up a bit and it sounded very reggaish but definitely rocked. "Back in the USSR" was excellent with Rusty doing some nice guitar stuff. "I've Got A Feeling" was very very good with Macca again adding some nice guitar work at the end.
"Paperback Writer" was great musically, but he struggled a bit with the vocals. He used the same Epiphone that he used in the studio. "Eleanor Rigby" sounded a little off. Wicks was doing fills on the Synth, but they used the recorded studio string accompaniment as well and it didn't seem to fit right.
"Live and Let Die" was definitely the highlight of the show. Besides the usual onstage pyrotechnics they had two fireworks displays behind the band stand that lit up the sky. Macca rocked on piano and added a nice little jam at the end.
All in all, I thought it was one of his best shows and he rocked. It was nice that he did some new material and you really couldn't ask for more, well, you could, but the show would last til July!!! He now sports the suspender look and gives Larry King a run for his money.
Here is the playlist for the show:
“Venus And Mars / Rock Show" (excerpt) / "Jet”
“All My Loving”
“Letting Go”
“Got To Get You Into My Life”
“Let Me Roll It” (with “Foxy Lady” coda)
“The Long And Winding Road”
“Nineteen Hundred And Eighty Five”
“(I Want To) Come Home”
“My Love”
“I’m Looking Through You”
“Two Of Us”
“Here Today”
“Dance Tonight”
“Mrs. Vanderbilt”
“Eleanor Rigby”
“Sing The Changes”
“Band On The Run”
“Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da”
“Back In The U.S.S.R.”
“I’ve Got A Feeling”
“Paperback Writer”
“A Day In The Life" (abbreviated) / "Give Peace A Chance" (excerpt)
“Let It Be”
“Live And Let Die”
“Hey Jude”
Encore One:
“Day Tripper”
“Lady Madonna”
“Get Back”
Encore Two:
“Helter Skelter”
“Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band" (Reprise) / "The End”
Yeah, a splendid time was guaranteed for all!!!!
Sounds like one heck of a show. I remember several years ago McCartney was playing at what was then The Rosemont Horizon and the fire marshals wouldn't let him do the on-stage fireworks during "Live And Let Die" ... the whole episode caused quite a stir and was on the news for DAYS!!! So, after the tour was over, McCartney came BACK to Chicago and played outdoors at Soldiers Field ... and did REAL fireworks during "Live And Let Die" ... we LOVED it!!! (McCartney ultimately got his way ... and Chicago got an extra, unscheduled concert ... and, since he did the very same indoor fireworks at 30-something OTHER shows that year without ANY incidents, The Rosemont Fire Department looked QUITE ridiculous!!!
Paul's been doing the "Live And Let Die" fireworks and explosions / laser light show since his very first U.S. tour back in 1976 ... it's ALWAYS a concert highlight, no matter how many times you've seen it ... and the Rosemont Fire Department were truly cramping his style!!! lol)
I don't think Wrigley Field has "officially" been announced yet, but it's a widely-circulating rumor ... they've held more and more concerts there these past few years and I guess these outdoor venues allow McCartney, much like Sinatra, to do it HIS way. (kk)

This just in ... one more:
Hey Kent,
I guess Macca is switching up his playlists. In the show that I saw he played "I Want You to Come Home", "I'm Looking Through You" and "Two of Us" ... however, at Wednesday's show he eliminated those three songs and added "Let Em In", "I've Just Seen A Face" and "And I Love Her". I guess he also did "Every Night" when he played in Arizona Sunday. That's different for him because he usual sticks with the same songlist. So God knows what to expect at future shows ... maybe he'll do "Eat at Home" or "Smile Away" ... "Hi-Hi-Hi" or "Junior's Farm" ... who knows ... !!!

On a number of occasions I've bought tickets for all three shows McCartney did here in Chicago and they were pretty much the same show every night ... however, the last time we saw him, he was noticeably annoyed when somebody in the audience kept shouting out what's coming next ... or the "punch line" to a particular story Paul was telling during a quiet moment on stage. Finally, he just said "OK, so you were at the show last night" and then the repeated interruptions thankfully stopped. As you mentioned before, with a music catalog as extensive as his, he can easily mix things up every night ... less boring for him AND the audience, I suppose. Still sounds like a GREAT show either way. ("Every Night" has always been one of my favorites and we've seen him perform it live a few times now.) kk

Greetings, Kent --
Mark Kleiner here up in Canada, plugging away on my Dolenz, Jones, Boyce and Hart book. Thank you for all your support.
Just wondering -- do you happen to have a contact for the Larden brothers from Every Mother's Son? I especially want to make contact with Dennis, who has a Davy Jones connection.
Best regards,
I don't ... but let's put it out to the list and see what comes back. It's also a GREAT excuse to feature a GREAT song ... "Come On Down To My Boat" was a National Top Five smash during the Summer of 1967 ... but here in Chicago it went all the way to #1!
In fact, it was one of The Top Ten Songs of The Summer Of Love on BOTH charts ... you can check out those results right here:
Click here: Forgotten Hits - The Summer Of Love Countdown

The re-vamped Hit Parade Hall Of Fame is now up and running ... you can now cast your votes for the 2010 Nominees, check out all of the past inductees or click on a link and listen to Hit Parade Radio, all from this one website. Meet the Nominating Committee, read brief artist bios ... even hear a snippet of one of their biggest hits ... AND see how each artist ranks based on the number of votes cast thus far. You can check the whole thing out right here:
Click here: Welcome To The Hit Parade Hall of Fame

Here are some links to stories that were in the Pittsburgh paper recently about Tommy James and his book:
Clearwater, FL
Tommy James' book is one of the most talked-about music bios in a long, long while ... it's a VERY interesting and entertaining read, sure to satisfy even the most casual fan. (And, looking at Tommy's record sales, I'd say MOST of us were MAJOR fans of this music!!!) Jim Shea did a GREAT interview with Tommy this past week ... and the book will soon be a major motion picture AND a Broadway Musical / Stage Play. (Sounds like the same guys who put together "Jersey Boys" are interested ... and we all know what a HUGE hit THAT was!!!) Stay tuned ... I've got a feeling there's a lot more to come on the Tommy James newsfront! (kk)

Kent ...
Don't know if you or any of your readers are interested or not, but here is the information if you want to listen:
It's a special tribute to Johnny Maestro
Saturday, April 3, 2010 - Midnight to 2 A M, EDT (That's tonight, folks! kk)
The Group Harmony Revue hosted by Dan Romanello
From Fordham University, Bronx, New York
In the New York Area = 90.7 F M
Outside New York Area =

I also just got this from Wild Wayne:
Church Service for Johnny, April 9.
Memorial Service, April 11.
More info here: Click here: Johnny Maestro

Frank B.
Happy to pass this information along. Meanwhile, don't miss our Forgotten Hits Annual Easter Offering ... tomorrow on the web page!