Thursday, May 27, 2010

Scrapbook Memories

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We're in the process of building a brand new page on The Forgotten Hits Website called "Scrapbook Memories" ... and we need your help!!!
Over the years, a number of you have sent in photos of yourselves taken with some of your favorite artists ... autographed album covers ... exciting stage shots ... or (like the photo above) ... tour book memorabilia. (Look closely and you'll see that the cover of this vintage Dave Clark Five Tour Book has been signed by a couple of the artists who shared the bill with these guys way back when.)
The above photo comes courtesy of Carrie Pasfield, who actually sent me SEVERAL neat photos from back in the day. (You'll find a number of these up on the website ... with lots more coming up in the weeks to come ... so please check back often!)
If you've got some photos that you'd like to share with our readers, send 'em along ... give me as much information as possible as to when they were taken (and don't forget to include your name and location so we can give you proper credit for submitting these.)
And, if you've sent us in photos in the past, please send them again as they literally could be ANYWHERE on my computer right now!!! (lol) It'll take me forever to find 'em all ... so we really could use your help.
Hopefully this will grow into a long-standing, on-going feature ... one more neat reason to check out The Forgotten Hits Web Page!
Thanks! (Can't wait to see what you've got!!!)

We've all heard about Dick Clark's Caravan Of Stars Tours from the '60's ... here's an actual program book cover from the mid '60's!!!

Today's batch of Scrapbook Memories comes from Carrie Pasfield of Brighton, Michigan, who tells us that these tour books were purchased at shows held in Greenville, SC, back in the day. Please send in YOUR photos and memorabilia to share with our readers!

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