Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Sunday Comments ( 05 - 23 - 10 )

I happened to hear Scott Shannon talking about Ron Smith's website the other day on The True Oldies Channel ... he said that Ron is finding it harder and harder to find "Oldies News" about Oldies Artists OTHER than obituaries. Sadly, this certainly DOES seem to be the case ... and we seem to be losing some great talent lately. (And, since Ron Smith is ALSO the "official" Grim Reaper here at Forgotten Hits, we tend to report many of these passings in our pages as well.) Here are a few recent losses you may or may not have heard about ... all from Ron's awesome oldies site, appropriately called

Norman Ezell, vocalist and guitarist with the Five Americans and lyricist of their biggest hit, "Western Union," died of cancer Saturday (May 8) near his home in Lodi, California. He was 68. Born in Chelsea, Alabama, Norman grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico, before attending Southeastern Oklahoma State University in Durant on a football and basketball scholarship. There he helped form a band called the Mutineers (along with Michael Rabon, John Durrill, James Grant and James Wright), which moved to Dallas after graduation and became the Five Americans. Joining Jon Abdnor's Abnak Records, they switched from playing surf music to a more British sound, though contrasting that with the "Americans" name. Their first single, "I See The Light," was released in 1965 and graduated to national prominence when leased to HBR Records at the end of the year. It reached a respectable #26 early in 1966, as did "Evol - Not Love" (#52). 1967 saw Abnak distribute their own records and "Western Union" benefited, reaching #5 and staying on the charts for 12 weeks. But similar sounding "Sound Of Love" and (especially) "Zip Code" only got to #36 and, after three more songs that never got out of the top 95, the group disbanded in 1969. Norman became a born-again Christian, teacher and minister in northern California. He also wrote two books.

Eddie Jackson, vocalist and guitarist with Philadelphia's Brenda & the Tabulations, died Monday (May 3) of a brain aneurism in a hospital there at the age of 63. Eddie also co-wrote the group's hit, "Right On The Tip Of My Tongue" (#23 Pop, #10 R&B - 1971). Originally a quartet consisting of Eddie (who had moved to Philadelphia from his native Forest City, North Carolina, in 1965), lead vocalist Brenda Payton, Maurice Coates and Jerry Jones, the group got together in 1966 when the wife of influential Philly DJ Georgie Woods heard Brenda and Maurice singing together. She arranged a recording session and their first single on her Dionn label, "Dry Your Eyes", made it to #20 pop and #8 R&B in 1967. It was followed by twelve more pop and sixteen more R&B chart records on Dionn, Top & Bottom, Epic and the Chocolate City labels. Eddie left in 1971, at which time the group became an all-female trio. Brenda died in 1992 at the age of just 46. In later years, Eddie worked as a car salesman in Philadelphia.

Norman Wright, member of the Dell-Vikings, died Friday (April 23) at the age of 72. The group was founded by airmen at a Pittsburgh base who recruited Philadelphia-born Norman when their tenor singer became stationed in Germany. Their victories in several talent contests (including the All Air Force competition in New York City) earned them a recording session with Fee Bee Records where "Come Go With Me," with Norman on lead, was cut in 1956. Originally recorded a cappella, the label added instrumentation and it soon became so popular that the master was leased to Dot Records for national distribution, where it reached #4 Pop and #2 R&B the following year. It was the first top ten hit for a racially-mixed group in the U.S. But by the time Dot released "Whispering Bells" (#9 Pop, #5 R&B), Norman and three of the four other group members -- who had been under-age when they signed their contracts -- had already split for Mercury Records where they competed with their Dot recording with "Cool Shake" (#12 Pop, #9 R&B). For the remainder of 1957, both labels released singles (though Dot added a second "L" to their group's name) but the confusion led to no more chart recordings -- even when Corinthian "Kripp" Johnson was legally able to join the others in 1958. Though the group disbanded in the mid-'60s, it re-formed in 1970 and Norman sang at times with them and with his sons in another incarnation of the group over the next thirty years. Norman and the Del Vikings were inducted into the Vocal Group Hall of Fame in 2005.

Corrado "Connie" Codarini, original bass singer with the Four Lads, died Wednesday (April 28) in Concord, North Carolina at the age of 80. Originally formed by choir members at St. Michael's Church in Toronto, the quartet began performing in clubs there. One night while they performed an imitation of the Golden Gate Quartet, the leader of the group was in the audience and phoned his manager in New York to hear it. That led to an invitation to the Big Apple where club and TV appearances led to a 1951 contract with Columbia Records, who soon used them as backup singer for Johnnie Ray on hits like "Cry" (#1 - 1951), "The Little White Cloud That Cried" (#2 - 1951) and "Please Mr. Sun" (#6 - 1952). Moving on to their own recordings, the Lads charted 28 times between 1951 and 1959, including "Moments To Remember " (#2 - 1955), "No Not Much" (#2 - 1956), "Standing On The Corner" (#3 - 1956) , "Skokiaan" (#7 - 1954), "Put A Light In The Window" (#8 - 1958), "Who Needs You" (#9 - 1957) and "Istanbul (Not Constantinople" (#10 - 1953). Connie left the group in 1961 and started a restaurant. The Four Lads were inducted into the Vocal Group Hall of Fame in 2003.

Dave Fisher, founding member, musical director and lead singer of the Highwaymen, died of myelofibrosis, a rare blood disease, Friday (May 7) at the age of 70. While still a high school student in New Haven, Connecticut, Dave sang with a doo-wop group called the Academics that released three singles on Ancho Records (while he was with them). Moving on a year later to Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut, Dave started the Highwaymen with Bob Burnett, Steve Trott, Chan Daniels and Steve Butts. Originally calling themselves the Clansmen, they eventually changed their name due to its unsavory connotations. The new moniker came from the Alfred Noyes poem of that name. After honing their act for two years on campus, the quintet traveled to New York, where they quickly picked up a manager, producer and recording contract. Their first single on United Artists Records was "Santiano," David's composition centering on the California Gold Rush, with the classic folk tune, "Michael (Row The Boat Ashore)" on the B-side. Released during the height of the "folk boom" in January of 1961, it should have sailed to the top of the charts. It did, but not without a struggle. It wasn't until a Worchester, Massachusetts, DJ turned the record over that summer that "Michael" reached #1 for two weeks. By then UA no longer had the group under contract and had to pay to get them back. "Michael" was followed early the next year by the double-sided hit, "Cotton Fields" (#13) and "The Gypsy Rover" (#42). The group steadfastly refused to leave school, performing only on weekends, which slowed their success. "I'm On My Way" only reached #90 in 1962 and "The Bird Man" finished their chart run at #64 that year. While most of the others went on to law or business schools when the group disbanded in 1964 (Steve Trott served at one time as Assistant U.S. Attorney General and became a federal judge), Dave stuck with music, recording solo for Columbia and MGM Records before eventually working with former Four Preps singer Glen Larson on the music for his television productions (including the 1987 production, "The Highwayman"). A lawsuit filed by the original Highwaymen against the later Johnny Cash - Willie Nelson - Waylon Jennings - Kris Kristofferson incarnation was settled amicable when Dave's group opened a concert for the others and then granted them limited use of the name.

Actress and singer Lena Horne died Sunday night (May 9) at a hospital in New York. She was 92. Born in Brooklyn in 1917, Lena joined the chorus at the Cotton Club in Harlem when she was just 16, soon graduating to singing at the club, then on to Broadway and Hollywood musicals. Appearing in dozens of musicals on the screen, her performance of "Stormy Weather" in the 1943 musical of that name became her signature song. It also was her first hit record, making it to #21 that year. All told, Lena charted six times, including "One For My Baby" (#21 - 1945), "Deed I Do" (#26 - 1948) and "Love Me Or Leave Me" (#19 - 1955). Her last movie was as Glinda the Good Witch in "The Wiz" in 1978. But her 1981 one-woman show, "Lena Horne: The Lady and Her Music" earned her a Tony award. Lena was a Kennedy Center honoree in 1984, and received a lifetime achievement Grammy in 1998.
-- all of the above courtesy of Ron Smith,

And, speaking of Lena Horne, I ALSO wanted to mention that we received very lengthy tributes to two other artists that we recently lost. Too long to run in their entirety here in Forgotten Hits, we're instead forwarding copies to interested parties. These include a VERY nice tribute to Lena Horne, who passed away on Sunday, May 9th. Horne enjoyed a long, illustrious career, successful in music, film, Broadway and more. Her passing at the age of 92 cost us a true legend. And, a week later, we lost Metal Guitar Legend Ronnie James Dio. (Boy, talk about your two extremes of the musical spectrum!!! Dio had most recently been performing with the latest incarnation of Black Sabbath, a group calling itself Heaven And Hell!) FH Readers interested in obtaining copies of these two tributes need only to drop us a line and we'll be happy to forward copies of these piece to you. (kk)


This summer, join Beatles fans from throughout North America on the MAGICAL HISTORY TOUR to Liverpool, London and Hamburg.
Fifty years ago, The Beatles journeyed to Hamburg, Germany, and fans will get to follow in the Beatles' footsteps in the city where The Beatles turned from boys to men. In John Lennon's own words, "I grew up in Hamburg, not Liverpool."
The visit to Hamburg is part of Liverpool Productions 27th annual "MMTour" from August 21 - September 2, 2010, which brings fans to all the Beatles homes, schools, clubs, homes, early hang-outs and other sites in the three main cities connected to the history. For fans wishing to go to Liverpool and London only, the dates are August 23 - September 2, and there are also options for Liverpool-only stays and shorter options.
The fully-guided, professionally-escorted tour includes visits to Penny Lane, Strawberry Field, Abbey Road, the Cavern Club and all the locations that fans have dreamed of someday visiting. A highlight of the tour is "Beatle Week" in Liverpool, featuring the International Beatles Convention, the Mersey Street Music Festival and the annual Liverpool Beatles Auction. There is also a V.I.P. event in the London Hard Rock Café with special guests, and exclusive parties at some of original Hamburg clubs where the Beatles got their start. Travelers will experience every Beatles-related landmark in Hamburg, as well as in London and Liverpool. Interested fans are encouraged to visit the website to read about past tours which included Hamburg.
During the tour, travelers will meet and greet many Beatle associates, relatives and dignitaries who take part in the annual festivities. In the past, participants have had close encounters with Paul, George, Ringo, Pete Best, Julian and just about everyone connected with the history of The Beatles. The tour is hosted by Beatles aficionado Charles F. Rosenay!!! and Rene van Haarlem, editor of the international magazine "Beatles Unlimited," and an expert on Beatles sites.
The tour is presented by Beatles fans for Beatles fans and is open to all ages. Space is limited.
For further information, write: Liverpool Productions, 315 Derby Avenue, Orange CT 06477 USA, e-mail or phone toll-free
(866) L-I-V-E-R-P-O-O-L-T-O-U-R (direct line is 203-795-4737). Please contact us for a link to the website.
Magical History Tour 1983-2010 "It's Guaranteed to Raise a Smile"
-- Charles Rosenay
Sounds like a splendid time is guaranteed for all. What an amazing thing this would be to see! (kk)

In other "Beatles" news, Paul McCartney has announced two more dates for his "Up And Coming" tour ... Saturday, July 10th, at AT&T Park in San Francisco and Tuesday, July 13th, at Rio Tinto Stadium in Salt Lake City. More information is available at Macca also hosted a live video chat this past week and over 4000 fans enjoyed a fun Q & A session. Rolling Stone Magazine reports that McCartney was asked everything from "Do you listen to Justin Bieber?" to "Boxers or briefs?" McCartney used the opportunity to encourage fans to buy the upcoming, newly remastered "Band On The Run" CD (available in August) and hinted that a live performance at The White House was also in his immediate future. Rolling Stone described McCartney as "chatty, jokey and warm" ... and the fans genuinely seemed to enjoy his candor in answering many of their questions.

Posting this too late to tune in and listen, but it sounds like a neat little Bob Dylan tribute special ran last week as part of the Atomic Cocktail radio Series!
Atomic Cocktail Radio Series Salutes Dylan’s Birthday May 20 with an Hour of Imitators, Pretenders, Fakes and Flatterers
How many roads must a man walk down before they call him a man? Yes, and how many ways might we find, other than just playing his songs, to acknowledge the arrival date of the man who forever rearranged the face of popular music?
On Thursday, May 20, from 5 to 6 p.m. PDT, the popular online radio show Atomic Cocktail ( offered an answer in "It Ain’t Him, Babe", an hour’s worth of the best tracks from four decades of Dylan clones and sound-alikes. Rare sides by such name acts as Simon & Garfunkel, Sonny Bono, Michael Nesmith, Barry McGuire and Mott the Hoople’s Ian Hunter were featured alongside plagiaristic paeans from all manner of obscure also-rans.
Atomic Cocktail producer Gene Sculatti (who’s never been photographed with program host Vic Tripp) explains that "It Ain’t Him, Babe" is “something we’ve been wanting to do for some time. The whole notion of our show is doing an affectionate send-up of vintage Top 40, with a wildly eclectic playlist, and this birthday tribute plays right into the way we like to deliver the goods. It’s irreverent, but at the same time hopefully it’s informative. In an hour you’ll get a pretty good idea of how pervasive Dylan’s impact has been and the often weird lengths others have go to to try and recreate his magic.
“There’s so much material that we could have done two shows, so we’ve picked the best of the crop, for what we hope will comprise an intense 60 minutes. No actual Dylan songs will be played, though a Dylanesque interpretation of a soul-pop classic by Bob & the Dylan-tones will get an airing. And we’re saving the absolute best fake-Dylan of all time for the end of the show. If you’re a Dylan fan and you haven’t heard this fellow, it’ll be a ‘new morning,’ we guarantee.”
Sculatti, a pop-culture observer whose books include The Catalog of Cool, Too Cool and San Francisco Nights: The Psychedelic Music Trip, has been a Billboard editor and contributor to USA Today, Rolling Stone and the Los Angeles Times. He’s overseen the weekly Atomic Cocktail program (which counts down the Frostbite 5000 chart of “the coolest records of all time”) since November 2007.
Luxuria Music is an independent, Los Angeles-based online radio station staffed by some of the country’s most knowledgeable pop-music experts, among them several recording artists and industry professionals. The station, which celebrates 10 years of continuous service this year, programs a daily mix of mostly 20th-century music: lounge and easy-listening, surf, garage-rock, girl-group, Brill Building and British Invasion sounds, Latin and exotica.
-- Bob Merlis / M.F.H.
Several years ago, we did a special week-long series spotlighting the very best of the Bob Dylan "covers" ... kinda like the Bruce Springsteen / Tribute To The Boss feature we reran recently. If we can find it ... and there's enough demand ... maybe we'll run it again on the website in the weeks to come. (kk)
How does it feel to be the most acclaimed songwriter of the pop-rock era? Sooner or later, one of us must know. But how does it feel to want to be that celebrated poet? Listeners to the popular online radio show Atomic Cocktail got some surprises tonight, Thursday, May 20, at 5 p.m. California time, at when the program saluted Bob Dylan’s 69th birthday with the ‘It Ain’t Him, Babe’ special. DJ Vic Tripp delivered a full hour’s worth of music from artists momentarily sucked into the kooky vortex of Dylan’s high-’60s style --- imitators, clones and pretenders like P.F. Sloan, Bob Seger, Simon & Garfunkel, Sonny Bono, Mike Nesmith and a plagiaristic passel of obscure also-rans. “Hey there, don’t you scream ’cause I didn’t eat up all my ice cream or turn off the light when I came downstairs / Forgot to burn the rubbish and comb my hair, just shut up!”
-- Bob Merlis
Please let us know if this program is archived somewhere, Bob, so that interested readers can get a chance to hear it. Thanks! (kk)

Congratulations Dick Biondi for 50 Years!
I was honored to be included on the Dick Biondi 50th anniversary broadcast on WLS May 1, 2010. Governor Quinn proclaimed May 1st Dick Biondi Day in Illinois. Jimy Rogers / The Mauds

I would particularly love to see the appearances of Frankie Valli with the Four Lovers. I believe they appeared at least twice.
Bob Hughes
Now THAT is something that I would like to see for myself!!! (kk)

Here's the latest on the new Endless Summer Quarterly CD: Brian Wilson, Michael Love, Alan Jardine, David Marks, Carl Wilson, Dennis Wilson and Dean Torrence (+ Jan Berry) will all be included … more info at the website:
David Beard
Endless Summer Quarterly

Hi Kent ...
I just started a new site for record buyers and sellers to hook up. Hope your readers will check it out. Sellers post their records with their contact email addresses. Then they negotiate their own terms with any interested buyers. Any comments or suggestions on improving the site from any interested reader would be much appreciated.
John Marshall
I've been toying around with the idea of selling some of my most prized collectibles ... honestly, it may be getting very close to the point where I'm going to have to unload some of these ... so we may be in touch sooner rather than later, John! Meanwhile, other record collectors should also check out this new site. (By the way, we're in the process of putting together another "Collectors" piece for the website ... so if you have any Record Collecting stories to share, please drop us a line!) kk

>>>When I click on the 'sixtiesoldiesguys songs' link, to go to Rich Grunke's website for the songs he posted, I get a Web page cannot be found. Could you please email me a direct (http) link. It might work for me. Thank you. (Larry G.)>>>I believe that that link was only "live" for about six months or so ... to the best of my knowledge, these tracks are no longer accessible on the web. Sorry. (kk)

Here's the http link for Larry G. to Rich Grunke's site:
It has all the Chicago b-sides there.
Happy days!
Thanks, Don ... happy to run a link to Rich's site again ... but what this guy was looking for was the COMPLETE Top 200 Favorite, Forgotten B-Sides Countdown that we did a few years back. Rich posted those tracks shortly after our final list was announced ... but I believe he only kept it up there for about six months. (I don't know that he'd be inclined to run it again ... but there seems to be quite a bit of renewed focus to the B-Sides again right now ... so who knows!!!) Thanks again! (kk)

He has plenty of B-sides to DL, and if enough people ask, he might put the Top 200 up again.
Works for me! I've sent Rich a copy of this exchange ... let's see what happens. Meanwhile, I would LOVE to get a copy of The Top 20 Favorite, Forgotten B-Sides Countdown I did on the Dave the Rave / Relics And Rarities Top Shelf Oldies Show at the time ... we spent about six hours on Dave's program that night and had all kinds of musical guests calling in as well. (Hey Dave, do you have this available as some sort of an archived podcast? Or, if you have a copy, I can even post it on my Mevio site where we feature certain Forgotten Hits radio appearances. Lemme know!!!) kk

And this just in from Rich Grunke ... sounds like those of you who missed listening to The Top 200 Favorite, Forgotten B-Sides the first time around will soon have a chance to listen to these tracks in stages. Check this out:
This is what I have decided to do regarding the request to repost the 200 Favorite Forgotten B-Sides. Here is what I have posted regarding this on my Yahoo website Bside45 : The B side -
"Going to do something different over the next 4 weeks.
Back in 2007 the "Forgotten Hits" Blog site held a vote and determined the top 200 B sides. Shortly after the list was released, I made available the complete 200 B sides on my personal web site. The songs were available there for about 6 months before I took them down.I've had a request for me to repost them there.
What I have decided to do is this:
For the next four weeks I will post the top 40 of the 200 B sides. Each week I will post 10 songs starting at the number 40 position and work myself up to the Number One song. The songs from #41 through 200 will be posted after this at my personal web site. The entire 200 songs will up at that site for a limited time. After the 4 weeks, I will take a week's break and then restart my B sides off yearly charts starting in 1961. During this 5th week, my wife and I will be exploring the Grand Canyon on the Colorado River for five days and four nights. Assuming I don't drown, my regular postings will resume on June 23rd.
The first group of songs (#31 through #40) will be posted on Wednesday June 19th. The next 10 the following Wednesday and so on.
If interested in the songs, I hope to see you there.

sixtiesoldiesguy / Rich"
Thanks, Rich ... and please send us a "friendly reminder" so we can let know folks when these are up there for their listening pleasure. (We've got a couple of other B-Sides projects in the works, too, so stay tuned!) kk

Also ... thanks again to Mr. C. for featuring several of the songs that made our Top 200 Favorite, Forgotten B-Sides List on his program these past couple of weeks ... we got a chance to catch a little bit of the program this past Tuesday and loved not only his song choices but also the mentions of the website. Thanks, Mr. C. ... I truly do appreciate it! (kk)

And we may be doing ANOTHER show real soon, too ... Phil Nee from WRCO in Richland Center, Wisconsin, just told me that HE'D like to do a B-Sides Show sometime this summer ... and even invited me to join him in the studio to play back some of our favorites! And Y103.9 FM right here in Chicago has been talking about doing a "Flip Sides" / "Twin Spins" Weekend later this year, too! Stay tuned for more details! (kk)

Hi Kent,
Thank you and David Lewis for including the song by Matt Monroe in Sunday Comments 05-16-10. Knowing Matt and working on quite a few of his recordings, I have to admit to tears rolling down my cheeks by the the end of the track. His voice, the arrangement, the production were all wonderful.
I read the input about Bob Rush and Tony Marc, both good friends of mine. Tony recently bought my VOX Electric 12 string which was featured on, amongst other recordings, "A World Without Love" by Peter and Gordon. The transaction was excellent in every way. As a thank you and, knowing of his amazing interest in and collection of guitars, I sent Tony a copy of 'Rickenbacker Electric 12 string' by Tony Bacon. Unexpectedly, a couple of weeks later, in the mail came a Danelectro Cool Cat Board and five Cool Cat Pedals which I intend to put to good use. This is just one example of Tony's kindness and generosity.
Thanks as always for the Forgotten Hits,
Thanks, Vic ... GREAT to hear from you. One of the most rewarding aspects of doing Forgotten Hits has always been hearing from those of you who have devoted your entire lives to their love of music ... and then selflessly sharing that gift and love with the rest of us ... the kindness and generosity you describe is simply so uncommon in these "make a buck" / "screw your neighbor" days that we sometimes forget that it even exists. Thanks for reminding us ... it means a lot. (kk)
P.S. UPDATE: Days waiting for MY free Danelectro Guitar to show up: 7

Kent ...
I've commented before on how much I appreciate the effort you put into making FH a quality product. I've also mentioned that Bob Greene's books are often the only books I'll read in a given year that don't contain grammar errors. Here's Bob's new article on typos: David Lewis
I'll admit to being one of those who find these sort of typos annoying in a "pet peeve" sort of way ... and I really do strive to get Forgotten Hits as grammatically correct and close to perfect as possible ... but sometimes between the rush of trying to cram it all in and the occasional brain freeze, stuff still gets by me ... I'll usually catch it while reading the finished, already circulated piece ... 'cause then it seems to just jump off the page at me!!! Of course by then it's already too late. (I guess you could say that those of us who ARE offended by this sort of thing tend to take it pretty seriously ... in what virtually everyone else would probably consider to be a real "anal" sort of way!!! lol)
But the story that REALLY cracked me up recently was the one about the Canadian Cook Book Printer who had to scrap an entire edition of their latest book because one of the recipes called for "freshly ground black people" ... it happened about three weeks ago and has been the talk of the printing industry ever since. (For the tens of thousands of dollars that this had to cost to reprint, I'm guessing there's a former proof-reader out looking for a job right now in The Great White North ... and it's a pretty safe bet that he'll be a WHOLE lot more careful while "peppering" his resume!) kk

Kent -
Thanks for the mention a couple weeks back on this killer web site! I've bookmarked your site - love it - and I always appreciate the help of your web site - I want this station to rock the suburbs! With over 25,000 45's myself that I can pick from - and I do - I always need a hand from time to time and will let you know when I run into that wall!
Can't say nothing now - but something BIG is shaking up for my program that involves some the greatest 45's that have not been on the air in 35+ years!!!!!!!!!!!!
As soon as I get the ok to mention it, you guys will be the first to know!!!!!
Jeff James
Can't wait to hear the news, Jeff ... love the way you mix up the play list on a daily basis ... you truly are likely to hear just about ANYTHING on this program. (I mean, let's face it ... if you're going to play "The Greatest Hits of All-Time", you've really got to cover more than two or three hundred songs!!!) Happy to promote ANYTHING in the name of Good Radio! And if some of our "suggestions" help to liven things up every now and then, all the better! (kk)

Hi Kent!
Fabulous site ... thanks for all your hard work ... we really enjoy it!!
Woody Johnson / The Class of 68 Band
Thanks, Woody, great to hear from you! Glad that you're enjoying Forgotten Hits! (kk)

Last week we picked a video of former Byrd Roger McGuinn's train ride from Florida to New York as our "Video Clip Of The Week" ... the clip was submitted by our buddy Wild Bill Cody ... who, after seeing it posted on our website, sent along a nice note to Camilla and Roger McGuinn, letting them know that we had posted it for all the world to see!
A Glorious and Blessed Sunday Morning to you and Roger!
Last week I came across the Growing Bolder website and watched your "rail" video. Finally, we get to see and hear a little of bit of Camilla! Well I sent it on to some friends and fans and also mindlessly sent it to the editor of the "Forgotten Hits" website which goes out to tens of thousands of oldies radio dee-jays and fans alike. Much to my surprise this morning in their weekly newsletter it was the "Clip of the Week" for all to see and hear ... how cool of Kent Kotal to share!!!
I'll see you in Denver soon!
Much love,
Wild Bill
And then this nice note from Bill ...
Thanx Kent, and the website and newsletters are HUGE, thank you for all the hard work. One of these days we'll get together and discuss the oldies over a beer or two!
Wild Bill
Thanks, Bill ... jeez, I should hire you as my P.R. Guy!!! (I don't think we've got tens of thousands of readers just yet ... but hey, let's put it out there ... like Artie Wayne always says, "If it's on the Internet, it must be true!") Thanks again! (kk)
P.S. The website DID just recently pass 200,000 readers 'though ... so that's pretty cool, right?!?!?!!

We were bombarded with comments this past week ... I just love it when you guys respond to some of what you read here ... so look for additional comments pages throughout the week.
Got something that YOU'D like to say? Just drop us an email at ... and then check this page often to see if your comments appear!