Monday, May 17, 2010

The Tygers - Part One

A few weeks back we told you that The Tygers had just released their second album (called simply "Second Album"!!!)

What makes that such big news is the fact that the band released their FIRST album back in 1968!!!

Tony's Tygers scored a local hit in Milwaukee with their 1968 release "Little By Little" ... in fact, it went all the way to #2 on the local charts there. (Although it never officially charted in the national trades, this is EXACTLY the kind of song and artist we LOVE to feature in our "Show Me Your Hits" / Regional Hits Series!!!)

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1969 band members Tony Dancy, Lanny Hale and Craig Fairchild regrouped in 1997 for a special Maritime Days concert in Milwaukee ... and the guys had so much fun playing together again, they actually stayed together until 2002, playing local gigs in and around the Milwaukee area before parting ways again.

Now, they're back together again with a brand new LP ... and I've been listening to it all week long!

There's something comfortably familiar about the sound of this album ... it's just the kind of thing you would have expected to hear back in 1969 / 1970 ... and a great example of what's missing in much of today's music in the way of catchy melodies, clever lyrics and exceptional harmonies.

The musical influences are obvious ... Steely Dan ... Poco ... and along the way, you'll also notice some not-so-subtle nods to Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Association, Phil Spector ... you'll even hear a touch of artists like The Monkees and The Hudson Brothers if you listen closely enough. It might just be a line of melody here or a chord exchange there ... but all the hints are there ... yet none of this gets in the way of the music ... in fact, '60's and '70's music fans like us will catch themselves smiling in knowing recognition when they come across certain musical passages. Each song is still unique in its own way ... I think you'll find the album very listenable and enjoyable. In fact, the vocals are top notch ... some remarkable harmonies for a bunch of old guys!!! (lol) And the sidemen musicians balancing out the trio really fill in the gaps ... as I said, a thoroughly enjoyable listening experience.

(I joke about the "old guy" aspect of the band because collectively the guys seem to have adopted a credo of "Who says you have to be 20 years old to have a hit record?" Now pushing 60, The Tygers sound every bit as fresh today as they did 40 years ago when they recorded their first LP ... and prove that there just may be something to that whole "older and wiser" theory!!!)

My personal "pick hit" for Most Likely Single would have to be "Night Walker" ... it's got all the makings of a radio hit. We'll spotlight that one today ... and then take a look back at the early years ... and the in-between years in the next day or two.

Another LP favorite would have to be "Scottsdale Blues" ... it really doesn't sound like anything else at all on the album ... and the guys have a lot of fun with the lyrics on this one ... proving that money problems are relative, I guess ... we've all got 'em ... just on different levels.

You can visit The Tygers' website here: Click here: The Tygers.

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And be sure to check back tomorrow to hear a little bit more about this band!