Friday, July 9, 2010

The Friday Flash ... And The Deadline Dash

A few last minute comments, news items and interesting tidbits to round out the week:

Legendary performer and writer Harvey Fuqua died from a heart attack Tuesday (July 6) in a Detroit hospital. He was 80. Born in Louisville, Kentucky (the nephew of Charlie Fuqua of the Ink Spots), he founded what would become the Moonglows after leaving the service for Cleveland in 1952. DJ Alan Freed found out about the group, which included Bobby Lester, Pete Graves and Prentiss Barnes, and recorded them on his own label. He changed their name from the Crazy Sounds to the Moonglows after his own on-air nickname, the "Moondog." With Bobby on lead, "I Just Can't Tell No Lie" became a regional hit in Cleveland, but failed to chart nationally. So the group traveled to Chicago, where they signed with Chance Records. With Alan Freed often listed as co-writer, theycontinued to find success in Cleveland and now Chicago, with tunes like "Baby Please," "Hey Santa Claus," "Just A Lonely Christmas," "Secret Love" and "I Was Wrong." The group moved across the street to Chess Records in 1954 and "Sincerely" became their first chart hit -- reaching #1 R&B but only #20 pop (thanks to a cover version by the McGuire Sisters). It was followed by "Most Of All" (#5 R&B - 1955), "We Go Together (#9 R&B - 1955) and "See Saw" (#25 pop, #6 R&B - 1956). Harvey was co-lead singer in the group with Bobby, usually on the up-tempo numbers. As Harvey asserted more authority over the group, Bobby left and the group became Harvey and the Moonglows. "The Ten Commandments Of Love" got to #22 pop and #9 R&B - 1958. But the next year, Harvey fired the rest of the group and instituted the Marquees (including young Marvin Gaye)out of Washington, DC, as his new Moonglows. Despite singing background on hits by other Chess artists, the Moonglows had no more on their own and by 1960 Harvey moved to Detroit. His Tri-Phi label introduced the Spinners and Johnny Bristol to America. He also married Anna Gordy, sister of Motown President Berry Gordy, Junior, and was there for the early years of Motown, eventually folding his label and moving his acts there. Harvey headed artist development at Motown and wrote such hits as "What Does It Take (To Win Your Love)" and "Someday We'll Be Together." In later years he produced Marvin Gaye's hit, "Sexual Healing" and is credited with discovering disco acts like the Weather Girls, New Birth and Sylvester. Harvey (along with the Moonglows) appeared in the AlanFreed movie, "Rock Rock Rock" in 1956. They were inducted into the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame in 2000 a year after joining the Vocal Group Hall of Fame.
-- Ron Smith

Lolita (real name Edith "Ditta" Zusa Einzinger), whose 1960 German-language tune, "Sailor (Your Home Is The Sea)" reached #5 in the U.S. in 1960, died Wednesday (June 30) of cancer in Salzburg, Austria. She was 79. She was a kindergarten nurse in Austria when she was discovered on a radio program and began recording in 1957. Considered aone-hit wonder, she did manage a couple of American follow-ups (again in German) to "Sailor" -- "Cowboy Jimmy Joe" (#94 - 1961) and "Theme From 'A Summer Place'" (#112 - 1961).
-- Ron Smith

By the way, DJ Stu Weiss has planned tributes to BOTH of these artists for his Friday Night / Top Shelf Oldies Program, "The Pop Shoppe". Here are the details:
Hi everybody:
Here are the details for this week's show. It's as good as it gets, but sadly there are some special tributes to artists we loved and lost.
My show "The Pop Shoppe" is on Friday nights from 7 PM till 3:01 AM (eastern) and can only be heard at
7:00 PM / 9:00 An assortment of memories from the 1950's and 60's. Sing along to the ones you know. Enjoy the ones you aren't familiar with.
9:00 / 9:15 Something new! Bi-weekly you'll be hearing a special segment by Ed Rambeau. His interview recently wasn't enough, so now you'll hear Ed Rambeau's Little Corner of The World. It will take a few years to hear all Ed has to say and hear his music. So start this Friday night. I had the pleasure of having lunch with Ed on Tuesday and can't wait to have him appear in October at my old-time radio convention in Newark.
9:15 / 9:30 Remembering Lolita. Although her music consisted of mainly songs sung in German, one of her hits did great over here. You might recall "Sailor" (your home is the sea). She did a few really nice tunes that I'd like you to hear.
9:30 / 10:00 30 minutes of folk music. This portion of my show keeps getting requested as a favorite for many. Mostly I remember the 60's when this music was at its peak before The Beatles came in and kind of changed things and this music was harder to find on radio.
10:00 / 11:00 From time to time, you might hear me mention Vito Picone's name. Besides being a booking agent, Vito is the original lead voice of The Elegants. It was some 50 years ago that "Little Star" burst on the scene. One of the true doo wop classics. Vito has a monthly cable tv show in Staten Island. Sadly you can't see it in other markets, although it sure would be a hit shown anywhere. This Friday night you'll be hearing a complete hour from Vito's show from a couple months back. Because of some mix-up, the guests didn't show up and Vito used this time to talk about his friendship with his dear friend of many years. Vito looks back in time as he walks down memory lane with Johnny Maestro and the years they spent together. It is a very moving program and will probably have you shed a tear or two. This show is being played with Vito's knowledge and permission. You will love it and learn much about Vito and Johnny.
11:00 / 12:00 AM We now look back on the career of Harvey Fuqua. It was my pleasure seeing them perform so many years ago on stage of one of Alan Freed's rock and roll shows in Brooklyn, New York. Harvey has just passed away and we remember him with and without his classic group / The Moonglows.
12:00 / 1:30 Change of pace as we go to Midnight Country. Some of the greatest country music came out of the 40's / 50's / 60's. I want to remember Ernest Tubb as part of this segment.
1:30 / 3:01 AM Our last 90 minutes or so together we'll go back to the where we started tonight with the 50's / 60's but adding a touch of the 40's.
It's all here Friday night. I don't think you want to miss this one.
Thanks to Ramtown Mike I now have a website where you can check out past interviews from my shows. Plus you can check out my picture collection and links.
It's at:
My email address is
You can use this anytime you want to contact me.
A special thank you to Randy Price. He just put together a top 100 songs program for me from 1964. He compiles it from both Cashbox and Billboard magazines. Here's another exciting night you can look forward to in the near future.
Well, I think I've said enough. Be here or be square. See you this Friday night for the Greatest Songs That Ever Lived. (Remember, you MUST be here, because I don't want to be alone!)
I am
Sincerely yours,
Stu Weiss / DJ STU
Sounds like a winner, Stu! Hopefully some of our readers will have a chance to tune in! (kk)

Harold Cowart, bass player for John Fred and his Playboy Band, died Sunday (June 27) at his home near Baton Rouge, Louisiana at the age of 66. Harold's bass work can be heard on the #1 hit, "Judy In Disguise (With Glasses)" from 1968, but he later worked as a studio musician in Miami and played on Brook Benton's "Rainy Night In Georgia," Frankie Valli's "Grease" and Andy Gibbs' "Shadow Dancing." He later opened his own recording studio and produced, among other recordings, Al Hirt's last album in 1999.
-- Ron Smith

This PBS Show sounds like a KILLER! Thanks for letting EVERYBODY know that it'll be coming to a TV channel near you in December. This will be a MUST SEE and you might want to make a donation and get a copy of the DVD. Check out the Forgotten Hits website to see the groups and songs you will see and hear!
"Wild" Bill Cody
Scroll back to July 3rd for the complete list of performers. Thanks, Bill! (kk)

To my friends in South Florida and anyone in my address book who might be passing through South Florida this summer:
I'll be back in concert at the CENTER FOR SPIRITUAL LIVING (formerly the Science of Mind Center) on August 7th.
I haven't seen a lot you Floridians in a long time and I'm eager to get atcha once again. This show is sandwiched between the Winter U.S.A. tour we did back in March and the European tour coming up in October. I've got a mess o' new songs and can't wait to play them for you.
So come on out and hear me.
Here are the details:
Saturday, August 7, 2010
Center for Spiritual Living
2 SW 12th St
Boca Raton, FL 33486
Showtime: 8 p.m.
I'll follow up with another of these notices when the time gets closer for those of you who like to make last minute plans.
BTW, I always send these notices to everyone -- not only locals. I never know when somebody on my inform list will be passing through the area on the dates I play. So if you live in South Africa or Wales or Denmark (which some of you do), don't think I'm including you by mistake. I'd rather inform you and have you not be able to make it than not inform you and find out later you could've been there.
Bob Lind

Here's another great shot of Jimy Sohns and Dennis Tufano, performing at the Arlington Heights Chicago Gold 4th of July Concert ... I can only tell you that they were rockin' the blues on this number!!! (Photo courtesy of Michele Abrams) kk

(click to enlarge photos)

Talk about your killer shows ... how about THIS one?!?!? We all know that Ringo celebrated his 70th Birthday this week ... but imagine being in the audience for THIS All-Starr Band performance:
For about 30 seconds it seemed like Ringo Starr's 70th birthday concert at Radio City Music Hall earlier tonight was over. An incredible assemblage of rock stars including Yoko Ono, Joe Walsh, Steve Van Zandt, Brian Johnson, Jeff Lynne, Nils Lofgren, Max Weinberg and Foreigner's Mick Jones had just left the stage following a massive singalong rendition of "With a Little Help From My Friends" that felt like the grand finale to an incredible night. Then, just as the house lights threatened to rise, a roadie brought out Paul McCartney's signature Hofner bass and the sell-out crowd went into absolute hysterics. When McCartney himself ran onstage and burst into (of course) the White Album's "Birthday," the screams reached a decibel level rarely heard since the Beatles stopped touring nearly 45 years ago.
Midway through Richard Page (of Mr. Mister)'s performance of their #1 Hit "Broken Wings," a murmur erupted through the hall as many of the rock stars in the audience suddenly got out of their seats and began walking towards the lobby. Out of the darkness came Johnson, Walsh, Lynne, Ono and more big names. Ringo's son Zak stepped behind the drum kit as a small army of rock stars took the stage to sing backup on "A Little Help From My Friends." It was incredible, but not the finale everybody was praying for, which came mere minutes later when McCartney arrived to accompany Ringo (on drums) for the rollicking "Birthday." It was sadly the closest thing to a Beatles reunion possible these days (the two had previously teamed up at
a benefit in April 2009). At the end, with Yoko beaming on the side of the stage, Paul and Ringo embraced before walking offstage to what must have been one hell of an afterparty.
-- Andy Greene / Rolling Stone Magazine

Photo by Rob Shanahan / PictureGroup

Hi Kent,
Enjoyed your weekend comments. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and comments from everyone. I love hearing the "backstage" stories.
Thanks for mentioning the Noonefest in PA this weekend. Not sure if you knew but Herman's Hermits staring Peter Noone will be at the West Chicago Railroad Days this coming Sunday (July 11). Not sure if you've had a chance to go to one of his hows, maybe you can check it out. He's a great entertainer and everyone enjoys his shows.
Thanks again! Stay cool in this weather!!

Judi G.
Livonia, MI
Sounds like what Peter REALLY needs is somebody to look into his itinerary a little bit closer ... he's in Elk Grove Village on Tuesday ... then off to Philadelphia for a couple of appearances ... and then right back here to Chicago for another show this weekend!!! (Actually, I'm not sure if Tuesday's show went off as planned or not ... it was storming pretty bad here right around showtime!!!)
Without question, Peter puts on one of the BEST live shows around ... we've been letting the fans know for YEARS now that he is an absolute MUST SEE if he comes to town ... in fact, we've probably been to close to a dozen shows ourselves over the past four years! Wish we could hit Noonefest but it just doesn't work out for us ... meanwhile, you can bet that a nation of Noonatics WILL be attending!!! (kk)

Hey gang:
You need to go onto this website and click on Herman's Herman's Greatest Hits and just let it go with the speakers full-tilt.
Some of the songs are remakes but they sound better than the originals ... and if you have to leave your computer for any reason, they'll just keep playing, or minimize the tunes and go about your biz on the computer and enjoy! When you listen to these you'll be amazed at how many hits these guys ACTUALLY had, you'll remember them all! I'll bet money that you WILL be singing along to each and every song. Isn't it funny that you can remember the words to these songs but you can't find your keys?????
"Leaning on a Lampost" and "Listen People" are my all time favorites!
Wild Bill Cody

Thanks KK!
I know you did a work of endeavor to present Davie Allan's tribute to Wayne Allwine to your readers, which I as one appreciate. Again thanks for your self commitment to see it posted.
For those who think of Davie Allan & The Arrows as Drive-In action music like the biker soundtracks that rattled the speakers and your brain back when you parked the car to watch B movies on a summer weekend, they are correct in doing so and there are tunes on this CD that evolved from that pool of crank by Davie & his Deltonian Duo that will usher you back and forwards but also on this retrospective CD where past meets present you not only get the vibes of Ferry 'Cross the Motown,California Dream Believer and Ride The Wild Turf ... you also enter the doors where Dim Lights Thick Smoke & Loud, Loud Music come billowing out and reflect the strobing of psychedelia where toys in the childhood attic bleed into a domestic bliss ( Can I get a witness!) and there's this modern equivalent where we all need a Lesley Gore today ... Lisa Mychols ... who takes the listener to a vacation paradise so vivid you can smell the coppertoned bodies sauna steaming in the ocean breezes and later to visit a house of horrors so spine tingling gothic that your need for a ghostly encounter song need never look beyond!
This CD, "Retrophonic" is sure to awaken and arouse the listener that there is and always was an artist that remained faithful and dedicated to the era where we evolved from. To those who ask ... "Where is something today as good as it was when we were growing up listening to the radio?", Here it is!
Davie Allan & The Arrows lineup has changed over time but he never did. He remains an unsung hero among that era and he is relevant today ... and not an "oldies" act either, mind you! He's been steady crankin' 'em out.
Readers here would be astonished at how many times they have actually heard songs on records and movies and TV shows where this man contributed his melodic guitar masteries and "nasturies" (Davie helped spawn grungy) from the sixties even as up to just a few months ago! That list also includes some members of his band The Arrows, too!
If you buy just one CD this year let it be his. You will not be disappointed.
Tell him the "Vibeman" pointed the arrow at him.
PS Davie handles his own emails and merchandise via his website ... you deal directly with the artist who signs it. He is readily accessible.
You will be handled personally and that's almost practically unheard of in the business. He responds ... not some form letter or secretary! You will be one on one! And he is affordable ... no gouging here! Free shipping too! How's them apples?
Davie has been a friend of Forgotten Hits for several years now ... and allowed us to not only "sneak peek" new music as it becomes available, but has also signed copies of his latest CDs to be given away to Forgotten Hits readers. He's a heck of a good guy and we appreciate all that he's done to help spread the word about what we're trying to do here in Forgotten Hits. (And it's damn good music, too!!! We LOVE it!!!) Now if he'd just come and do a show here in Chicago!!! (kk)

... and, speaking of Davie Allan, we just heard from the man himself!!!


Thank you for posting the Wayne Allwine Tribute. He was a gem of a friend and a great talent. His stint as an "Arrow" was short but oh so memorable.

Davie Allan

Hi Kent,
Heard the sad news that Tommy James had to cancel his July 10th show in Westchester. We've been playing his songs all weekend in anticipation.Then I heard the good news that they got Paul Revere and The Raiders to take his place. So excited to see them in person, I never have. I heard that The Buckinghams drummer Tommy Scheckel is playing with them now, too. So now we're playing Paul Revere songs all week! "Kicks just keep getting harder to find" ... but not in Westchester!
;-) Sandi
Yes, The Buckinghams seem to be going through some "musical chairs" of late ... but I guess this happens from time to time. There was a big heart-attack scare surrounding Tommy James last week ... but apparently this was NOT the case. (I'm sure there were all kinds of "mob hit" rumors circulating, too ... but the latest word is this, according to frequent FH Contributor Ronnie Allen):
The following message was posted on Tommy's Website Bulletin Board:
Hello everyone,

I just heard that Tommy is doing ok. He did have a scare and spent a few days in the hospital (for precautionary reasons). He wants everyone to know that he is back home and doing fine.
Tommy's Manager Carol Ross-Durborow revealed to me that Tommy did indeed have a scare. According to her, he went to the doctor for his annual physical and his doctor was concerned about something but did not have the proper testing equipment. So he sent Tommy to the hospital. Carol said he spent one day there and was NOT there for a few days.
The bottom line is this:
(1) Tommy did have a scare and was in the hospital but for no more than a day
(2) He did not have a heart attack and
(3) He is very busy doing interviews and plans to keep all of his schedule intact including the RockCon event at the end of this month.
-- Ronnie Allen

... and, speaking of RockCon ...

Hey Kent ...
We'll be appearing at The "RocCon" at The Sheraton Meadowlands on Sunday, August 1st. We won't be performing, but we will be doing a meet & greet. Looking forward to seeing a lot of our friends there!
Mitch Schecter / The Rip Chords
There are quite a few of our "Forgotten Hits Regulars" making an appearance at this big show ... besides The Rip Chords, you can catch Beverly Bremers, Ron Dante, The Fifth Estate, Tommy James, members of The Rascals, Charlie Gracie, Jay and the Americans, The 1910 Fruit Gum Company, The Orlons, The Soul Survivors, Billy Hinsche, Al Jardine, and many others are confirmed guests ... hopefully Charles Rosenay will help to spread the word about Forgotten Hits to this collective group of our musical heroes! (Wish WE could be there, too, but it's just not possible this year!) kk

We'll have more of your comments coming your way on Sunday ... 'til then, keep your feet on the stars and keep reaching for the ground!!! (kk)