Monday, September 6, 2010

The Last Blast Of Summer

Summers have ALWAYS gone by too quickly for me ... for as far back as I can remember, it seems that as fast as they're here, they're gone. (Throw in a couple of rainy weekends and they disappear even faster!)
Much like The Sunrays, I Live For The Sun ... so it's sometimes depressing to blink and find it gone.

We've been ALL about the Summers recently in Forgotten Hits. This year we polled our readers (and The Oldies Nation) to once again determine Your All-Time Favorite Songs Of Summer. (The results can be found here:
Click here: Forgotten Hits - Your All-Time Summer Favorites )

In fact, elsewhere on that same website you'll find our official countdowns of The Top 50 Songs Of Summer, 1967, 1968 and 1969!

This year, on the Official First Day Of Summer (June 21st), Scott Shannon counted down Your Top 20 Summer Favorites on The True Oldies Channel as determined by The Forgotten Hits Readers. Other jocks on the list counted down various segments of our list, too, including both The Top 40 AND the complete Top 100! This special summer treatment really warmed our hearts (pun intended) ... and apparently caught on with oldies fans all over the country, too. That's just another reason we hate to see it end.

Summer officially began on June 21st ... and doesn't officially end until September 21st ... yet for many of us, we continue to abbreviate our favorite season by considering The 4th of July the summer kick-off and Labor Day (or back to school) as the grand finale ... sadly, this scenario cheats us out of three or four more weeks of summer bliss! (Now some will say that summer begins for them on Memorial Day ... and, in fact, many folks use that weekend to "open" their pools ... and yes, that is a LITTLE bit better ... although here in Chicago you just never really know for sure what type of weather you're likely to run into come the end of May ... it's pretty "hit or miss" here in Chi-Town!)

In any event, much as we did to kick-off Summer, we've put together a very special Last Blast Of Summer Series here in Forgotten Hits this year. (With a little bit of luck, The True Oldies Channel will once again jump on the bandwagon and help us countdown these Summer Favorites come September 21st, the "Official" Last Day of Summer, 2010 ... and we're hoping to get one of the local Chicago stations to participate as well, to show the Chicago side of the musical story, summer-style ... so stay tuned!)

What WE'LL be doing is adding to our website list of Summer's Greatest Hits ... beginning on Monday, September 13th, we'll publish The Top 50 Songs Of Summer for 1963, 1964, 1965, 1966 and 1970 ... one list per day that week ... bringing our website tally current from 1963 - 1970. With the help of Randy Price and Jack Levin, you'll see The 50 Biggest Songs Of Summer (June, July and August) for each of these years ... on both a national level ... and as ranked by our very own Chicagoland charts.

You'll find them here first ... and then, after the series has run its course, they'll be moved to their new permanent home at ... where they'll join our similar countdowns for 1967, 1968 and 1969.

So please check back with us next week ... and join us in our 2010 final summer celebration ... it's The Last Blast Of Summer in Forgotten Hits!

(More Forgotten Hits pieces are planned for later this week ... so please check the website ... or your mail boxes for email reminders. Not on the list? Well, it looks like we're back to emailing new web posting announcements. If YOU'D like to receive a copy, too, just drop us an email at and ask us to: PUT ME ON THE LIST!!!)