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The Sunday Comments ( 10 - 31 - 10 ) HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

We tried, but we couldn't do it,
We tried, but we couldn't do it,
We tried, but we couldn't do it ...
Just COULDN'T pull together a special Halloween Page in time to run this weekend.
There was simply WAY too much happening this week ... and then we got SLAMMED with responses to our "Crazy Mixed-Up Song" piece (162 emails on that subject alone in the past three days!!! Unreal!)
So apologies to EVERYONE who submitted ideas, suggestions and material to be used in our Halloween piece ... we've got a few things posted below but then it's on to the regular comments (which, as you'll see, were ALSO pretty extensive this past week! In fact, we'll probably end up stretching these into AT LEAST two more pages of Comments over the next couple of days!)
So Thank You to Everyone for writing in ... we LOVE it!!! (But there are only so many hours in a day!!! And I've got to work ... and sleep ... at least SOME of them!!! And a little family time is always kinda nice, too, ya know!!! lol)
Oh well, here's what we got:

Here's some Halloween Cheer!
Happy Halloween from "Grossland!"

Here's a brand new song / melodrama called "The Ghost of Myself" from my upcoming CD: "Rhymes and Misdemeanors".
The CD has 20 new masters recorded in Ft.Myers, Florida, with John Mclane, my co-conspirator on the "One Hit Wanderer" and "Foreverland" CD's. Another 20 song CD of new masters Called "Right as Rain" will be released at the same time, hopefully before the end of this year.
You can order advance copies of both at
Best wishes to all for a healthy and happy Horrorday!
Please share this "Chiller" with your "Fiends" and Family!
Devilish Guitar solo by John Mclane!
Words By Henry Gross ©2010 Actunes, ASCAP
Music by Henry Gross © 2010 Actunes, ASCAP and John Mclane / The Music Moose, ASCAP
©2010 Zelda Records
Click here to download The Ghost of Myself MP3 for free!

Macabre artwork by Jennifer Kahn

Henry Gross

You can use this for HALLOWEEN ...
A good buddy of mine from out your way (Algonquin, IL) and I collaborated on a Halloween themed bit of audio ... (REST IN PEACE VINCE - he died young)Anyway ... we took the BOAT RIDE from WILLIE WONKA & Marilyn Manson reciting the 'poem' from it and edited them together ...
It's not a duet, in fact, quite subtle ...
It's no LONELY CHRISTMAS, but we had fun ...
and it came out well (thanks to vince) ...

Sony Creates A Monster by releasing a new Dr. Elmo Halloween CD, and causes the artist to sue them over digital royalties
SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Dr. Elmo, the wacky, off-kilter wit responsible for the mega-platinum Christmas standard, Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer, has a trick and a treat for Sony Music this Halloween. The trick is Dr. Elmo’s participation in a lawsuit filed by artists (including Cheap Trick and the Allman Brothers Band) against Sony Music for underpaying royalties for musical downloads and ring tones. The treat is Dr. Elmo’s SonyBMG CD, “Dr. Elmo Sings the Boos,” which creates a mirthful counterpoint to the musical nightmare known as Halloween.
Halloween is the third biggest party night of the year (following New Year’s Eve and Dr. Elmo’s Birthday), yet there is only one song on the entire holiday play list, “The Monster Mash." And now, Dr. Elmo with the re-release of his Sony / BMG CD, “Dr. Elmo Sings the Boos,” has ten rousing Halloween songs to ease the burden on the “The Monster Mash.”
The songs on “Dr. Elmo Sings the Boos” will appeal to adults and kids, as each captures the wacky, cheerful, hilarious sensibilities of “Grandma.” And while anonymous press-release writers aren’t supposed to play favorites, the song that jumped off the CD the first time I heard it (much the way “Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer” caught my full attention the first time I heard it on the radio) was “Redneck Dracula.” Who else but Dr. Elmo would set Count Dracula down in a redneck bar in Kentucky and confront him with a veritable litany of American horrors, including Wrestlemania, NASCAR, big hair, gun racks and chicken-fried steak?
Sample lyric: I drank her blood 'til I was full, then lost it all on the mechanical bull
With songs like “The Fly,” “Texas Chainsaw Halloween,” and “Pointy, the Pyramid Pumpkin,” Dr. Elmo’s new CD provides a perfect soundtrack for the scariest night of the year.
-- submitted by Michelle Abrams

As a kid growing up, I always liked the month of October,

spelled H-a-l-l-o-w-e-e-n.

I loved it especially if Halloween fell on a Friday night or Saturday night.

I knew that here in OKC some local station would show a "monster movie" of some kind. Our Shock Theatre had already gone off the air when it debuted in OKC back in May of 1958.
As a kid growing up here in OKC, I wish I could have been back East for a while, so that I could have seen John Zacherle doing one of his shows on Shock. When I was doing my Wax Museum, I would do a "Halloween Spooktacular" on the Sunday night before Halloween. Five solid hours of Halloween or Halloween related songs from 9 pm to 2 am. Very rarely would I play MONSTER MASH by Bobby "Boris" Pickett because a day or two before Halloween, the station would play that about every 4 or 5 hours.

My opening and closing theme for that night was an instrumental from a local Horror show called SLEEPWALKER'S MATINEE.

Larry Neal

Readers should know that Larry sent me an UNBELIEVABLE list of GREAT Halloween song suggestions ... and we weren't able to use a single one!!!

Sorry, Larry, maybe next year ... and maybe some of the jocks on the list might want to take a crack at some of these, too ... you know, take a step off the beaten path every once in a while during your Spooktacular Weekends. (Maybe next year, we'll offer these as a special "Halloween Play List" for the jocks who want to push the envelope a little bit.) Had I planned this better, I would have devoted the entire WEEK to Halloween, leading up to the big Sunday finish ... sadly it just wasn't to be this year ... but I've learned to never say never! (kk)

For your Halloween pages, first a photo of Dick Biondi from his Mutual days in October, 1964. Looks like he was the model for "Dick's Hard Liquor" with that second head on his shoulders??

Here he is plugging Lenny Maxwell's (left) new LP "A Merry Monster Christmas" for which Dick was running a contest to have listeners send in their conceptions of what Lenny looked like, as he did all the weird voices and sounds on the LP.

Next, an ad for the newly returned to WCFL Chicago Biondi' s "Haunted House" in October, 1967.

And finally, here's one from the earliest of Uncle Lar's days as a Chicago jock. Here, Larry Lujack visits Old Town and the wax museum to chat with Frankenstein. Is it just me, or could he be old Frank's son? As a bit of irony, WCFL Program Director Ken Draper probably did not enjoy this photo of Larry, which was used as part of a two-page spread in Teen Set Magazine, focusing on Larry Lujack at WCFL.
So, what was the problem?
By this August issue, Larry was on WLS and the guy he replaced, Dex Card, was on CFL!!!
-- Clark Besch

You had asked for offbeat Halloween songs. And, coincidentally, Ace Records released this week a new collection entitled "Mostly Ghostly: More Horror For Halloween".
What should appear on it but our old friend, Chicago legend Art Roberts, from March of 1958 when he was with KCUE in Akron, Ohio (yes, a "K" station east of the Mississippi). Released on Imperial Records, "Terrible Ivan" is a shameless rip-off of "Dinner With Drac" but Art does a professional job with what he's given.
Billboard reviewed the song on March 10, 1958, the same day "Dinner With Drac" charted, but apparently didn't see the similarity. They called it "a catchy blues with a crazy vocal about the wild one from the steppes."

Another interesting tune is "Old Boris" by Bela La Goldstein on Chicago's IRC label. This rip-off of "Old Rivers" spent two weeks on the Top Tunes of Greater Chicago (WJJD) chart in November of 1962. Frankly, I have no idea who Bela La Goldstein was (the writing credit is to "H. Goldstein"). I asked Ronnie Rice of the New Colony Six, who wasrecording solo for IRC at that time, if he remembered anyone named Goldstein working at or with the label and it didn't ring a bell.
-- Ron Smith

Kent ...
This should fit in with your Sunday edition.
Frank B.
Top Ten Greatest Halloween Music Videos Of All Time « WCBS-FM 101.1

Kent ... How ya' doin'?
For the last 155 weeks my collection of Halloween Music videos have been on page one of related Google searches! NOW HERE ARE THE TOP 25 HALLOWEEN MUSIC VIDEOS OF ALL TIME including … “The Monster Mash”, “Unchained Melody’ from Ghost”, “Disturbia” UNEDITED, UNCENSORED Rhianna, The Addams Family theme, “Time Warp” from “Rocky Horror Show”, “I Put A Spell On You” Screaming Jay Hawkins, “Halloween Theme” John Carpenter, Michael Jackson’s “THRILLER” 14 minute version! ... AND MORE!

Happy Halloween!
Artie Wayne

LOL ... I LOVE it!!! Dueling Halloween Countdowns!!! Check out the oft-visited Top 25 Halloween Music Videos on Artie's site ... or, if you're pressed for time, watch the trimmed down Top Ten Version over at! Thanks, Guys! (kk)

Sorry folks, that's all I could pull together in time.

Way back when (back in the days when Frannie and I were regular visitors to the AOL Oldies Chat and Trivia Room) I remember attending an online Halloween Party where she went as "Scaricat" and I went as "TheLittle60sShopOfHorrors" ... honestly, I think that's the ONLY Halloween Party we've ever been to! (lol)

And there's a good reason for that ... I've just never been much of one for costumes.

One year when somebody told me I looked like I had a "pumpkin butt", I took them literally and wore this:

(Woody Allen once remarked that because he had such bad varicose veins, one year for Halloween he went as a road map!!! See, we ALL have our different sources of inspiration!!! lol)

And, although I was convinced that this outfit would win me the "Best Costume" Award at THIS Halloween Party, apparently the rest of the folks there felt otherwise:

C'mon ... who doesn't love a good "Fat Elvis"?!?!? (kk)


A few more quickies ... and then LOTS more next week ... so stay tuned!!!

Quite a bit of press lately regarding both Lon Van Eaton and the new "Best Of Apple Records" CD. (You can catch our Forgotten Hits coverage here):
Click here: Forgotten Hits: Lon Van Eaton: Making "Sweet Music"
I hear that Goldmine Magazine is also doing a piece on Lon ... and just got this from David Salidor regarding a piece that's currently running in "Record Collector" Magazine ...
In the September issue of the British Magazine "Record Collector", there is a fine and extended article about the Apple Label (16 pages). If you can buy it somewhere, I can only recommend it.
Anyway, part of the article is a presentation of the various records released on Apple with a short comment about each record. This is what it says about 'Brother':
"Lon & Derrek, who had earned their stripes with New Jersey rock bands The Trees and Jacob's Creek (the latter recording a 1969 album for Columbia) before hooking up with George at Apple towards the tail-end of the label's shelf-life in 1972. The Beatles' old friend Klaus Voormann produced the resulting album Brother, recorded at Apple Studios with Ringo drumming on Another Thought. The LP received more ecstatic reviews on both sides of the pond than almost anything else issued on Apple. From it was plucked the single Warm Woman and a second, US-only 45, Sweet Music, produced by George and also featuring Ringo"
There is also a complete Apple discography with a value on each record, and one can read that the US Warm Woman-single in a picture sleeve (mint condition) is worth £125 (!) while the record without the picture sleeve is £50. Unfortunately I don't have the picture sleeve, so I don't know what it looks like, but perhaps it is the same as the European issue of Sweet Music ('The Siamese Twins-cover').
The article is just another example of Lon Van Eaton's "renaissance" ... without forgetting that he is not just "the past" but also "the future" in the shape of ADOL and many other projects up his sleeve! :-)

Denny Laine at 66 confirms BEATexpo appearance after a 25 year wait
Stamford, CT: British singer / guitarist / songwriter Denny Laine has done it all ... almost.
Today is his sixty-sixth birthday and he is considered rock and roll royalty worldwide.
His resume is certainly impressive.
In 1964, he joined the Moody Blues and sang lead on their huge international hit and his signature song, "Go Now."
In 1966, he left the Moody Blues to form the Electric String Band, a precursor to ELO, the Electric Light Orchestra, and his group played with the likes of Jimi Hendrix and Procol Harum.
But it was in 1971 that Denny Laine joined forces with the man who wrote "Penny Lane" when he formed Wings with Paul McCartney. For an entire decade, Laine provided lead and rhythm guitars, vocals, keyboards, and writing or co-writing credits along with Paul and his wife Linda in the band that had twelve Top 10 singles (including one #1) in the United Kingdom and fourteen Top 10 singles (including six #1's) in the United States. All 23 singles credited to Wings reached the Top 40 in the U.S. and, of the nine albums credited to Wings, all went Top 10 in either the UK or the US, with five consecutive albums topping the U.S. charts.
These albums included "Red Rose Speedway," "Band on The Run," "Venus And Mars," "Wings At The Speed of Sound," "Wings Over America," "London Town" and "Back to the Egg."
Laine and McCartney co-wrote the epic anthem "Mull of Kintyre," named for the Scottish coastal region Paul had made his home in the early seventies. It was an international hit, ultimately becoming the first single to exceed sales of 2 million in the U.K., which eclipsed the previous all-time best-seller -- The Beatles' "She Loves You." It remains one of the biggest selling U.K. singles of all time. Wings was together longer than The Beatles, and Denny Laine was Paul McCartney's musical partner longer than anyone else other than John Lennon and Linda McCartney.
Laine still tours, still records and makes appearances worldwide, including stints as guest speaker at Beatles Conventions in Liverpool and other locations. Denny Laine has accomplished so much yet one thing was always missing on his resume.
In 1986, Denny Laine was booked to appear as Special Guest of Honor in Trumbull, Connecticut at "BEATLES EXPO: The New York / New England Beatles Convention" produced by Liverpool Productions. At the time, Laine had never been to a convention, had never been a guest speaker, had never been to such a gathering where fans could meet him, ask questions, pose for photographs, get his autograph and see him perform. It would have been the first time a member of Wings, and the first time (aside from drummer Pete Best) that a musical collaborator of one of The Beatles had appeared at a fan convention. Unfortunately, Denny Laine could not get into the U.S. at the time, but his ex-wife, Jo-Jo, and his children Laine and Heidi attended in his place.
Now, a quarter of a century later, fans will finally get closure as Denny finally makes his first Connecticut convention appearance. It's a long time coming, but this missing chapter in Laine's legacy will take place at "BEATexpo 2010," Saturday, November 27 - Sunday, November 28, at the Downtown Stamford Holiday Inn on 700 East Main Street in Stamford, CT. As Special Guest of Honor, Paul McCartney's former musical partner will talk onstage, sign autographs, pose for photos and is also slated to perform.
Denny Laine will be joined by other celebrity guests, noted authors (including Jude Kessler, who just released the book "Shivering Inside") the New York Beatles tribute band "The MerseyBeat," the Paul McCartney / Wings tribute band "One Sweet Dream" and many other attractions, including a rock & roll flea market / memorabilia marketplace; rare video shows and feature-length films; 60's karaoke room; Beatles rock band competition; special exhibits and displays; art galleries and many other features, events and activites, suitable for all ages.
Tickets are available in advance or at the door for the Saturday Night Special Concert Event on November 27, 2010 at 8 pm with special guests, bands and live music attractions and the Sunday, November 28 Convention where "Ticket to Ride" all-day passes (Noon - 8 pm) are also available in advance or at the door. There is an early-bird V.I.P. admission on Sunday, November 28, which gets fans and collectors in at 11 am for first crack at the vendors and earliest access to the guests, and they may stay on all day. Advance tickets available online at
If you are thinking about attending this event in celebration of the music of The Beatles, the magic of The Beatles and the fans of The Beatles, follow the words of Denny Laine's hit -- "Go Now!"
Further information on "BEATexpo 2010" is available by calling (203) 795-4737, by emailing or from the website
-- Charles Rosenay

From the folks who gave you the JOCK 100, The Crass 100 and the now-annual I.R.S. Top 104 ... Hz So Good ... comes THE STATIONary 100, ranking your picks of the best radio stations (or music delivery services, to be all-inclusive) ever.
If you haven't voted already, send Hz as long a list as you'd like of stations, along with the years when each was at its best. Yes, that means that if any station was great in more than one era, you can vote for it more than just once. Oh, and feel free to tell why each station was so great, while you're at it.
Voting closes November 10th, just before the next Hz So Good comes out, featuring part 1 of THE STATIONary 100, #s 100-51.
Thanks for your help!
Oh, and if you missed either of the last 2 issues of Hz, you can find 'em here: (

We couldn't be more pleased to welcome Clay Cole to the Forgotten Hits List.
Here's hoping he'll share his goldmine of memories with our readers from time to time.
Meanwhile, be sure to check out Clay's site, too:

Here's a brand new DVD you might be interested in ...
Wild Bill

Hi Everybody
The "Wages of Spin" Documentary is now available nationally thru PBS: Best
Shawn Swords
We've been talking about this one for a couple of years now ... an in-depth look at the Philly / American Bandstand era ... finally available on home video. In fact, they're already working on the sequel. I asked Shawn for an update:
Hi Kent -
I have been up all night working on it. It will be almost a year till it is ready because it is covering a lot of ground and will probably be two feature length films. Were also working on a 5th anniversary version of Charlie Gracie "Fabulous" that is going to have around 20 new interviewees and a more dramatic narrative that should be ready by next Summer. Thanks for your help in getting The PBS info around ... it is greatly appreciated.
Hope you're well.
By the way, you'll find LOTS more on The Philly Sound coming up later this week in our extended Comments Pages! (kk)

Kent ...
Please find attached the new Danny & Juniors song ... it is getting a strong response from nearly everyone!
Thanks, Guys ... nice tune! Happy to share this with our readers! (kk)

If you've ever put a record on a turntable, there's a good chance you're familiar with Technics. Panasonic's turntables are legend among audiophiles as well as DJ scratchers and spinners. And now they're gone.
Panasonic made the announcement that they'd cease Technic SL-1200MK6 turntable production because of "a decline in demand for these analog products and also the growing difficulty of procuring key analog components necessary to sustain production." In a word: obsolescnce.
3.5 million SL-1200 turntables sold since 1972. Countless audio mixers and stereo headphones that also bear the Technics name. But with sales of analog decks being just 5% of what they were 10 years ago, Panasonic's finally pulled the plug on a classic.
What made Technics so good? A reliable Direct Drive turning mechanism. A heavy, rock-solid 27 pound base. And three decades of tradition.
-- submitted by Ken Voss
Which is REALLY weird when you consider the latest push for vinyl releases again ... and a number of turn-tables that hook directly into your computer to convert your vintage vinyl to MP3's. Strange that one of the all-time leaders would be closing up shop! (kk)

Kent ... How ya' doin?
It’s the 50th Anniversary of my longtime friend, and sometime collaborator, producer / songwriter Jerry Ross. After cutting classics with The Dreamlovers and The Sapphires, he had an amazing string of hits with Bobby Hebb, Keith, Spanky & Our Gang, Jay & The Techniques, Dee Dee Warwick, Jerry Butler, The Temptations and the Supremes.
If that wasn’t enough, he introduced many incredible acts on Colossus Records, including Shocking Blue … so why isn’t he in some kind of Hall of Fame?
Artie Wayne
For my entire article click onto:
Here is just one comment from my all star tribute ...
For my entire article click onto
I hope forgotten hit fans will drop by and leave a message for Jerry.
Thanks and regards,
Artie Wayne
If you visit Artie's site and leave a comment, you'll be joining some of the biggest names in the music business ... check it out at the link above! (kk)

Steven Steven Spielberg to produce Bee Gee’s Biopic
The brothers Gibb are set to see their story told on the silver screen.
The film will chronicle the rise of Bee Gees from their humble beginnings; rocking out on the Isle of Man and then show their rise to being one of the most famous pop acts of all time. Currently, their album sales have broken 200 million worldwide.
Speaking recently about the project Robin Gibb has confirmed that Hollywood mega-mogul Steven Spielberg has signed on to produce the film, which means we will see his company Dreamworks SKG dipping their fishing rod in to another honey pot, with the legendary director describing the subject as “box office gold”. Following the footsteps of musical biopic might be a good move for Spielberg, who’s contemporary Martin Scorcese recently released SHINE A LIGHT to rave reviews. Of course, a director is yet to be announced and, if Spielberg stays to his traditional formula; then it’s doubtful he will direct. He’ll be too busy with TINTIN: THE SECRET OF THE UNICORN and WAR HORSE, both due out in December 2011 and usually Mr Spielberg will do two and then have some time off.
Details about the film are still slo
wly coming out but it is clear that the news has leaked as early in to the production as possible but it is rumoured that the original Bee Gee’s recordings will be used instead of having actors lend their own voices to the iconic material.
The Bee Gees split in 2003 following the death of Maurice, however they announced last year that Robin and Barry will reform the band for more concerts.
Kent ...
I think they should have this movie premiere on Saturday Night.
Frank B.
Damn! When I first read this, I thought "Tin Tin" was a COMPANION piece that Spielberg was putting together, spotlighting the group that Maurice Gibb produced during some Bee Gees downtime back in 1971. (Remember their Top 20 Forgotten Hit "Toast And Marmalade For Tea"??? When's the last time you heard THAT one on the radio?!?!?)

And, a much-talked about tour featuring Robin and Barry was recently put on hold due to health reasons ... too bad because that's a show we DEFINITELY wouldn't have missed! Hopefully, they can still work SOMETHING out in that regard. (Can a Broadway Musical be far behind?!?!? The Brothers Gibb have conquered ever media known to man!)
Just the other day we spotlighted Barry's writing / production skills as being the ONLY artist to ever score Five Top Ten Hits in the same week ... TWICE!!! They're truly nothing short of AMAZING! (kk)

Philly's original rocker -- Charlie Gracie -- joined forces with Marshall Lytle (original bassist for Bill Haley's Comets) backed by the Blue Smoke Band for the 'Turn Back The Clock Concert' at Pope John-Paul II Auditorium in N.E. Philadelphia this past weekend.
PHOTO: Bill Haley, Jr. (son of the pioneer rocker) was in attendance and visits with Charlie Gracie, who worked with the late Mr. Haley several times in the late 50s.

Thanks to all who came out and made it a big success!
Charlie now heads to England and Wales for several shows over the next 4-weeks. Updates coming!
Charlie Gracie, Jr.

Hi to my Florida friends and fans --
And friends and fans who might be passing through Florida in mid-November.
I'll be playing the Luna Star Cafe on November 19th.
That's the Friday before Thanksgiving.
Here's the fine print:
Friday, November 19, 2010
Luna Star Cafe
775 NE 125th St
N Miami, FL
8 pm
I'll be hawking while-they-last DVDs of the new documentary BOB LIND Perspective, which is quickly selling out in its First Edition.
If you can't make the show and want a copy, you can still order it from my web site:
As always, I'll be sending out a reminder about the gig about a week before the show.
Bob Lind

A few weeks ago we told you about the Buffalo Springfield Reunion Concert that was coming up to help benefit Bridge School. FH Reader Frank now shares both a story AND some live video of this landmark event:
Kent ...
There's something happening here ---
Okay, I know I have a lousy voice.
I'll stop singing.
Frank B.
Lefsetz Letter » Blog Archive » For What It’s Worth

Now you know I hardly ever send stuff out unless it floors me. But this was great ... too bad ... it should have been longer! 60 Years Of Chicago TV.
By the way, the music lover in me has to tell you that the music at the beginning and end is a cool instrumental called Topsy Part 2 by Cozy Cole.
The Dude
This'll probably mean a whole lot more to you if you grew up here in the Chicago area ... and you WILL find some vintage footage here! (kk)

Kent ...
Listen to Bopper & Bopper Jr. sing "Chantilly Lace"
Frank B.
Big Bopper's Son Describes Seeing the Dad He Never Met 48 Years After His Death - Spinner

Here's this week's Clip of the Week!
Kent ...
I think you already know about this guy. He's worth a second look.
Terry Fador Funny Hilarious Video
Actually, no I had NOT seen this guy before. VERY impressive 'tho ... enough so to name it Clip of the Week! (kk)

Last week we ran an absolutely AWESOME photograph of the Program Booklet that Davie Allan bought when he went to go see Elvis Presley perform at The International Hotel in Las Vegas back in 1970. He was even able to get Elvis' autograph ... along with those of Roy Orbison and Colonel Tom Parker ... but for forty years it has bugged him that he couldn't read what Colonel Parker signed on the photo!!!
So we asked our readers to see if THEY could decipher these scribblings ... and here's what you guys have come up with:
That's a great item signed by Elvis, Roy and Parker.
It looks like it says "Lindsey Colonel P".
If people have a the 1969 menu from The International when Elvis first played there, they are worth big bucks.
Thanks again.
All The Best,
Cory Cooper
Elvis Historian, Consultant, Technical Advisor
Yeah, it DOES look like that ... but that doesn't make any sense!!! At least Elvis and Roy signed it to Linda and Davie ... did The Colonel simply misunderstand Linda's name? Possible I guess ... but here are a couple of other theories ...

Hello KK!
I think I can help out here. The signature of Elvis Presley's manager on Davie Allan's program simply reads: "Sincerely Colonel" .
It is written in hastily manner but that is the mystery solved.
Thanks for your wonderful website!
Elvis fan but a much bigger Davie Allan fan and loyalist,
Boobie "The Vibe Man".

FH Reader Danny Guilfoyle seems to agree with you ...
Kent and Dave --
It might be the Colonel's way of writing "Sincerely". I have his autograph somewhere and I'll try to find it and see what he wrote to me. Believe it or not, I got it when I stopped in to see my brother-in-law where he was working at a furniture store in Las Vegas and who came in to shop but Colonel Parker.
Danny Guilfoyle
That's two for "Sincerely" ... what do YOU guys think??? (Click Photo to Enlarge) kk

... and, speaking of cool photos ...

Hi Kent;
Hope you are doing well.
I was looking at your scrapbook on FH and was wondering if you would like some more photos. I have been attending a lot of concerts here recently and thought your readers would like to see some. I also have a good collection of autographs from over the years. If you have enough photos already, I understand.
Thanks so much.
John Blazier
Nope, we can always use more ... so keep 'em coming! And that goes for ALL of our Forgotten Hits Readers ... send us a few of your favorites and we'll add 'em to the SCRAPBOOK MEMORIES Page:
Click here: Forgotten Hits - Scrapbook Memories
Just send us as much information as you can ... time, place, who, what, when, where, why ... you know what I mean ... ALL of the pertinent information so we can properly credit the photos.
And, if we get buried, we'll just add another Scrapbook Page to the website! (kk)
That's it for now ... but we're hoping to post something new each day next week so check back often! Thanks again ... HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!