Thursday, December 9, 2010

Five Golden Rings

We've got a few more Christmas presents for you today ...

Some of your very favorite Christmas tunes from the past few years as featured in Forgotten Hits!

Based on your responses and comments, here are your Top Five Recent Christmas Favorites ... including a couple of MINE, too! (kk)

Hello to the "Oldies" Community!
For your holiday programming - "Santa's Stuck Up In The Chimney".
Santa's You Tube views have soared since last year, but I'm still chasing that hard-to-find Christmas compilation CD.
These hits are certainly an indication of the song's potential, but You Tube videos just can't match the power of radio.
My YouTube video "hits" are increasing at approximately 1,000 per day. (1,300 new views yesterday) And the total "hits" are at 175,000 in three years. Those numbers are pretty hefty, considering that the Christmas season has just come to life, the season is so short, and Paul Evans is no longer a household name.
However, it's discouraging to have to admit that in spite of all my efforts, it appears that Christmas compilers are just not aware of these numbers. My conclusion is that You Tube is perhaps a measure of popularity but is not nearly as influential on the recording industry as radio play.
SANTA'S STUCK UP IN THE CHIMNEY ... over 200,000 YouTube Views!
Click here to see the video:
Click here: YouTube - Santa's Stuck up in the Chimney
Have a great holiday season ...
Thanks for letting me vent ... and thanks for the plays!
Paul Evans

As you publish more stories on the classic Christmas singles of the 50's / 60's, you may wish to run this video clip again.
Click here: Pray For Surf: All-Time Great Little Saint Nick Covered by Fendertones
Happy Holidays!
Fred Vail / Treasure Isle Recorders, Inc. / "Music City, USA"
Yep, this is a GREAT one ... one of my favorites from the last year or two ... I still can't get over how PERFECTLY they recreate every single sound down to the tiniest detail ... in their LIVING ROOM, no less!!! Definitely worth watching again ... and again! (kk)

In a similar vein ... I mean, c'mon ... what beats surfin' on Christmas Eve??? ... here's another recent favorite according to our Forgotten Hits readers ... "Christmas In Malibu" by The Rad Dudes!
Click here: YouTube - Christmas In Malibu

Just wanted to mention my "Fuzz For The Holidays 2" CD.
We still have copies available and the special price for the holidays is now $10.00 including the postage and mailer.
Thanks and Happy Holidays,
Davie Allan
Happy to let the folks know about this one, Davie! One of my favorite tracks is still "A Winter Song". Folks may think of Davie Allan as "The King Of The Fuzz" ... but this man can ALSO sing!!! And quite well, I might add! Discovering this track a couple of years ago was a VERY pleasant surprise. (Davie sings quite a bit on his latest CD release, too!) Here it is again for the benefit of anyone who may have missed it the last time around ... and be sure to visit Davie's website to pick up your own copy of this great CD! (kk)
Click here: Davie Allan and The Arrows

As for me, I've got several other recent favorites ... Tommy James' "I Love Christmas" (in fact, his whole Christmas CD is outstanding), the brand new "Santa's Bag" by Rick Bell (which we featured the other day ... in fact, scroll back to catch ANY of the great Christmas tunes you may have missed) ... the previously-featured "I Lose It When I Hear 'White Christmas'" by Tony Orlando (and written by our good FH Buddy Artie Wayne and Toni Wine) ... "Have A Little Faith" by our FH buddies The Buckinghams ... and, honestly, quite a few others ... but if asked to pick my VERY favorite of the recent Christmas offerings, I've STILL gotta go with this one ... "Santa's Comin' Here" by Dick Eastman. (Just TRY and get this one out of your head today!!!) You can check it out again right here: (kk)
Hey Kent,
First of all, thanks for another great year of Forgotten Hits! I am still amazed by the incredibly fantastic job you do with this site!
The above link will take you to our YouTube video Santa's Comin' Here. The video was created by an incredibly talented artist by the name of Swanyce. She and her husband Mike Kroell (who also plays on the song) are regular musical contributors to the Oprah Winfrey Show. Others playing on the track are a couple of Forgotten Hits aficionados Ron Kaplan (Drums) and Dave Leeds (Bass).
Just wanted to share the video with everyone. Merry Christmas!
Dick Eastman
One of my recent favorites, Dick, so I'm happy to feature this again this year.

(I remember there being some licensing issues a while back regarding the YouTube video ... glad to see that's all been worked out and this is posted again for all to enjoy.) Now tell me that THIS one wouldn't sound great on the radio during the holiday season! (What are you jocks waiting for?!?!? Give it a spin!!!) kk

Those are our "Five Golden Rings" so far ... but there's LOTS more great Christmas Music still to come ... so stay tuned to Forgotten Hits for Christmas Music you just can't get anywhere else!!! (kk)