Monday, December 6, 2010

Helping Out Our Readers ... And A Couple Of Quick Announcements

Even with our extremely late posting of yesterdays' Sunday Comments Page we STILL missed a few timely announcements ... so we'll kick off today's page with those and then move into another edition of HELPING OUT OUR READERS!

I'm stunned, Kent.
Forgotten Hits was where I learned of Jimy Rogers passing. As you noted, he always looked in tip-top shape, and always appeared much younger than his true age. Apparently he died of cancer, but I didn't know he was ill. He was truly a one-of-a-kind vocalist, and as energetic as they came. I was fortunate to meet Jimy several times, and he invited me to his home to peruse his Mauds' memorabilia. He always enjoyed talking about the band's heyday, and was very generous in sharing photos and other Maud's mementos with me. I didn't know him well, but it's obvious he was one of the good guys. My condolences to his family and friends, and to great music lovers everywhere.
Mike Dugo
It was a shock to ALL that were close to him. In talking with Jim "Hooke" Pilster of The Cryan' Shames shortly after our Sunday Comments Page went out, he confirmed that it was, indeed, cancer that took Jimy away from us. It happened VERY quickly ... sounds like he only spent one day in the hospital and then he was gone.
Apparently he hid his cancer from even his closest friends, perhaps not wanting to burden them with it, perhaps simply wanting to put up the strongest front possible. Jimy was still making plans for upcoming shows next summer so I don't believe that ANYONE knew the cancer had spread as far along as it had.
Instead of a wake and a funeral, they're going to hold a "musical celebration" ...
On Friday, December 10th, Blue Road was scheduled to appear at Gabe's Backstage Lounge for their third annual holiday party.
Instead, they're going to turn it into party to honor and remember Jimy and his great music. It all kicks off between 8 and 9 pm (and will run until at least Midnight). Fans and friends are invited to stop by and celebrate the music at:
Gabe's Backstage Lounge
214 Greenbay Rd.
Highwood, IL
Here is the official announcement as posted on both The Mauds and the Blue Road websites:
Jimy Rogers, vocalist of the Mauds and Blue Road, passed away on December 4, 2010, of cancer. He will be greatly missed, but his spirit lives on through the wonderful music he created.A memorial concert celebration and benefit will be held Friday, December 10, 2010, with Blue Road and special guests from 8:30 - midnight at at Gabe's Backstage Lounge, 214 Green Bay Rd. Highwood IL 60040. His spirit will live on through the wonderful music he created. Donations will be accepted to help defray his medical expenses.

Really sad news about Jimy Rogers ... a powerhouse voice and a good friend ... he will surely be missed.
I wish the radio would play the Mauds' version of "Hold On" once in a while.
My guess is you'll be hearing quite a bit of "Hold On" and "Soul Drippin'" this week as local radio pays tribute to this great voice and talent. (I know Bob Stroud has already prepared a special "One 45 at 1:45" segment spotlighting The Mauds.) Since we just featured "Soul Drippin'" here recently ... and since you requested "Hold On", that's the one we'll run with today.
Jimy's was one of those voices that just continued to improve with age ... he could always belt out a song but these last ten years or so, he has sounded better than ever. He truly will be missed.


I will be featuring your wonderful Christmas song lists of these original Holiday classics as chosen by you throughout the month of December ... thanks again for making my job so easy and fun!
DJ Scarlett Hayze
Revolution Radio

Dear Kent,

Just saw your blog on Forgotten Hits from a "Brenda Lee" Google Alert ... wanted to alert you to our wonderful internet radio station ... we play THE BEST MUSIC of the '40s, '50s & '60s ... 24/7 ... but we are now starting the Christmas Music, too. Please check out:

Speaking of Brenda Lee, and also Connie Francis - we are paying tribute to both of these great singers with Birthday Tributes to them - Brenda's birthday is December 11th and Connie's is December 12th - the shows will air from 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm (New York time). We have several celebrities who have already called in and left a message. Friends and fans are invited to call.

You and your readers can be a part of the festivities by calling in your personal birthday greeting to one or both. We have a toll-free number - see below:

Call toll-free: 877-577-2630

For Brenda, use Option # 4; for Connie, use Option # 5

Please call BEFORE December 8th.

We have interviewed both ladies and each will be calling in on their birthday. Both are taking an active part in these special shows.

Check out this YouTube:

Thanks for your interesting blog on Forgotten Hits ...
Please feel free to pass the word about our special programs.

Mary Anne Barothy

"Where We Speak To The Stars"

We play THE BEST MUSIC of the '40s, '50s & '60s ... 24/7

This sounds like a GREAT opportunity to hear some Brenda Lee and Connie Francis on the radio again! (Do these two artists seem to be joined at the hip to anyone other than me? Pretty much been that way for their entire careers!) kk

And, speaking of birthdays, here's a birthday wish to our FH Buddy Freddy Cannon:

Kent ...
I'd like to wish our friend Freddy "Boom Boom" Cannon a Happy 70th Birthday = 12/4/10.
"Boom Boom" = One of the best nicknames of all time.
Frank B.
It's Freddy's birthday again?!?!? Jeez, Freddy, didn't you just HAVE a birthday last year around this time?!?!?

Congrats on your big day ... actually, the Big 7-0 was LAST year, wasn't it?!?!? This year would be #71 ... and still going strong (and rockin' the fans!) Happy Birthday, Freddy! (kk)
By the way (and I think we've covered this before), the nickname "Boom Boom" came from the driving, pulsating beat of his music ... and, most likely, because his new stage name was "Cannon"!!!)

Another birthday I just read about was Dave Brubeck's 90th ... he turns 90 today ... and the TCM Cable Network is airing a birthday tribute. (Check your local listings ... I believe it's on at 4 PM here in Chicago, for those of you fortunate enough to be home in the afternoon and watch it!) There's a WHOLE lot more to this guy than just "Take Five" ... and it sounds like they've done a very nice job with this tribute. (kk)


Christmas Greetings, Kent,
The holidays are officially in full swing for The Buckinghams; they’ve been rehearsing Christmas songs for four upcoming concerts:
1) Three nights at Potawatomi Bingo Casino in Milwaukee, Dec. 9, 10, and 11th two shows each night, free for casino patrons.
2) Ticket sales going strong for their Chicagoland Christmas date, Dec. 18th at the Beverly Arts Theatre, one show at 8 pm.
All concerts include Holiday music + Great rock and roll, Buckinghams style.
Although the band released their “Joy of Christmas” CD last year, and you graciously featured Carl’s composition, “Have a Little Faith” here, this year there’s a new holiday video Christmas card on Facebook — Carl’s new Singer / Songwriter page at:
The video was a Christmas gift to Carl and Nick from Peter Shelton, The Bucks road manager from the 60s, who presently lives in Blackpool, England. Lots of great photographers took photos, which Peter used to build the video holiday card.
Your hours spent before and after your ‘day job’, and your continued work in behalf of keeping this site running for all of us to enjoy are greatly appreciated. It takes a team to keep great music alive; nice to be a part of your list.
May all the joys and blessings of the season be yours to have and share with all whom you hold dear,
Dawn Lee Wakefield
Thanks for the nice sentiment, Dawn Lee, I appreciate it!
The Buckinghams have been doing their Christmas Show for a few years now and, although I've never seen one, I understand that it's a very moving performance. (For fans of our local heroes, The Ides of March did a similar show last night,
mixing Christmas Music with the usual hits ... see Marlene O'Malley's comments below.)
We're always happy to let the folks know what The Bucks are up to.

I really enjoy their Christmas CD (which is available on The Buckinghams' website:
Click here: The Buckinghams - Home Page
(You can hear samples on the home page!)
While "Have A Little Faith" is my personal favorite, we're featuring "Christmas Twelve Months A Year" today. You can find this track on the "It's About Christmas Volume II" CD we talked about the other day ... as well as on their own "The Joy Of Christmas" CD. (The Bucks also do a nice cover of Vance Brescia's "I'll Make Time For Christmas", ANOTHER track we featured last week as part of our "Forgotten Hits Countdown To Christmas"!)


Hi Kent,
Some of my favorite new Christmas songs are by the ever productive Jim Peterik and the Ides of March. Went to their annual Christmas concert last night at the Norris Center in St. Charles ... what a nice start to the Christmas season.

You can hear A Distant Trumpet on their website under Multimedia (sorry, I don't know how to forward it to you) and another favorite is Sharing Chrismas, which Jim wrote couple of years ago, and I love ... don't know if that's available on line or not ... I know, I'm so tech-savvy!!

Merry Christmas to you and Frannie and Paige, and all our friends on FH ... Marlene

I haven't heard any of The Ides' new Christmas music yet ... but fans can check out all the info on The Ides' website: Click here: The Ides Of March Flash Intro

More Christmas Music coming later in the week as our "Countdown To Christmas" / "Twelve Days Of Christmas" salute keeps going! Meanwhile, we now return you to our regularly scheduled feature!!! (kk)


I read about a song called "The Crazy Otto Rag / Out of the Bushes" by Ludwig Von Kaufman. This is on Fraternity / 1955 ... done by Murray the K before he was a dee jay.
Tom Diehl suggested you might help us find it as he couldn't.
Thanks in advance.
Stu Weiss
LOL ... well since Tom's the guy who USUALLY finds all the really rare stuff for us, I'm not so sure how we'll do on THIS one! (lol) But hey, we'll give it a shot. (For some reason, I think we may have looked for this once before but came up empty ... but we're adding new readers all the time so let's run it up the Forgotten Hits flagpole and see what happens.) Stay tuned! (kk)

My mom and dad has always talked about a song that Buddy Holly did called "The Mostest Girl" sometime in the late fifties or early sixties ... said they played it on the Mighty 690 radio station. Any info would be appreciated.
They just celebrated their 50th anniversary and I thought this would be a wonderful gift.
Brenda Veal
I wasn't familiar with this song (and didn't see it listed in any of the usual Buddy Holly places that I checked), so I posed your query to a couple of the Buddy Holly Experts on the list. Here's what they came back with (kk):
Hey, Kent -
We have just about everything Buddy recorded, including demos, live cuts, Buddy on sessions for other artists, etc., and the title doesn't ring a bell at all. It's either Buddy and the title is wrong or it's another artist altogether. I must say, though, that now I'm curious!
Kinda what I've been thinking, too. I found a song called "You Mostest Girl" by Bobby Lee Trammel from 1958 (so I'm thinking that this is PROBABLY the one they're thinking about ... not a Buddy Holly song at all but certainly worth a shot!) Holly wouldn't have released any "new" material post February 3, 1959, of course ... and virtually EVERYTHING he's EVER recorded has been reissued in any variety of mixes over the past 50-something years ... so I'm guessing this is it. (Of course only Brenda's parents can tell us for sure ... hopefully you can find a way to play this for them as part of your 50th Anniversary surprise!) kk
I'm willing to bet that this is the song in question ...
Bobby Lee Trammell recorded You Mostest Girl for the Radio record label in 1958. Skyla records reissued it in 1961 as by Bob Lee. In 1964 the song came out again on Fabor records, as Bobby Lee Trammell.
In 1973 he would record an all new version for Capitol records.
Tom Diehl

Pretty much a blatant, note-for-note rip off of Elvis' "(You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care" from "Jailhouse Rock" ... they TOTALLY copied the arrangement. (Honestly, I don't think they could have gotten any closer other than to wipe Elvis' vocals off the original! Maybe that's why this didn't make it???) While Elvis' version was never officially released as a single here in The States, it WAS a VERY popular cut from the movie soundtrack EP ... in fact, the "Jailhouse Rock" Extended Play 45 (featuring "Jailhouse Rock", "Young And Beautiful", "I Want To Be Free", "Don't Leave Me Now" and "(You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care") topped Billboard's EP Chart for an incredible 28 WEEKS beginning in late 1957!!! It spent a total of 50 WEEKS on the chart and occupied the #1 Spot for more than HALF of them!!! Now that's just flat out AMAZING!!! (kk)
Agreed! Now, You're So Square IS a song Buddy Holly did record a version of ...

Here's a real obscure song and band I'd love to know more about. I have a song called "Long Hair Soulful" by (forgive the misspelling) Bhadavad Gita, on the Phillips label. It's a nice slow song, and the flip side is the same backing track with trippy guitars and such. Anyway, one the songwriters was named C. Mangione. I've always been curious is that was Chuck Mangione (apologies for misspelling if it is mispelled) who did the Olympics theme from the 70's. I'm not sure how old the song is - there's no date on the label.
Ed Pond
I'm not familiar with this one ... and it apparently didn't chart here in The States ... but Tom Diehl found THIS one for us, too. (kk)

Hi Kent,

Got a tough one for you ... Hard Times and Rainy Days was either the A or B side, I'm not sure which, of Peter & Gordon's last Capitol single in 1969.
I would love to hear what this song sounds like being a long time P & G fan.

Hope you can help me,
Thanks to Tom Diehl, we were able to track this one down, too ... albeit not the CLEANEST version (but the only one we could find.) Tom points out that the correct song title doesn't include "plurals" ... simply "Hard Time and Rainy Day" according to the label. Here ya go! (Probably a first-time hearing for most of us!) Thanks, Tom! (kk)

Thanks to some of our FH Readers, we came up with some great suggestions for Jack's Internet Thanksgiving Show ... maybe we can help him out again with this one:
I could use help on either songs about Elvis for his birthday week or songs about Memphis. I haven't decided which way to go.

Let's see what you guys come up with for this one! (kk)

Kent -
Have you (or any of the readers) heard anything about the ABC "IN CONCERT" shows coming out on DVD?
One of my friends said they were coming out, but since he is my age (60), I think he may be coming down from a "antiacid" trip (no more acid trips for the old folks we saw that movie "Wild in the Streets"!!).
The one I've been wanting to pick up is "Midnight Special", which had a LOT of great guests on it in the '70's and often featured "live" rather than lip-synced performances from its guests ... cool hosts, typically, too.
Click here: The Midnight Special DVD Collector Video Library
I've seen this advertised as both the COMPLETE SET as well as a "subscription" series, where they send you a new episode every four to six weeks. It'd still be cool to collect the entire series. Check out the Guest List on the website!
There's been talk about "Don Kirshner's Rock Concert" becoming available, too ... but this is the first I've heard about the ABC Series "In Concert" ... so let's put it out there to the fans and see if anything comes back. Thanks, Mike! (kk)

I'm looking for a song that has disappeared from the 60's (I believe) from a noted singer.
"Now I Know" or some such title.
Lyrics included:
"Now I know I needed you only, Darling, now I know".
I believe it was a famous male vocalist, possible Jack Jones, John Gary or someone who sounded like them. Any thoughts?
BTW, not sure it was an actual hit, but it was a very lovely song.
Maybe it was from a musical but can't find it anywhere. Perhaps under a wholly different title?Sincerely,
Reg Page
Jack Jones cut a song called "Now I Know" in 1967 and it was a minor hit (#73 in Billbaord) so I'm guessing that's the one. (kk)

Help!!! LOL

Looking for a song by Sir Mack Rice ... I think originally on the 45 "B" side, circa 1968, "Got To Have My Baby's Love".I understand that Stax Records initially issued it, but can't find it on their CDs. Fear it's probably monophonic only!!!Also, there's a series of The Stax Sessions CDs, imported, it looks. How are they? I mean, it looks like some may contain alternate versions, studio talk, etc.!Thanks!!!
Jersey John
I seem to remember a CD Box Set Series of "The Complete Stax Singles", which would imply both the A-Sides and B-Sides of everything they released. Always one that I wanted to add to my collection but just never got around to it. (Pretty pricey, too, as I recall!) Not even sure if it's still in print ... but I'm betting we can come up with this one for you. (Not promising a pristine STEREO version, mind you, but let's see what comes back!) Rice "bubbled under" twice in Billboard but, ironically, NEITHER single was on Stax! Let's see what the troops come up with! (kk)

Kudos to Tom Diehl again ... Hero of the Day today in Forgotten Hits!

I have a personal question for you. Who played the instrumental version of "More?"

There's no such thing as a personal question around here!!! The hit instrumental version was done by Kai Winding, a Top Ten Hit back in 1963. (kk)

Hi guy -
All ready for Christmas? I hope you almost are if you are not already.
First let me thank you for Forgotten Hits. I enjoy it immensely.
The reason for this email is rather simple ... a song is driving me crazy.
It was a 70's hit I'm sure and after searching all over the internet I decided to consult the pro ... you. :)
This song was about a lady that worked in a bar who walked home alone at night and thought about her one true love who was a sailor. But his one true love was the sea so he could never be with her. I believe he brought her gold and pearls from around the world. And, if I remember right, the lyrics mention she would make a wonderful wife someday. That is all I can remember of the song.
Do you have any idea what the Title and Artist were? I would greatly appreciate your help.
Buck Lam
Not sure if you're just pulling my leg here or not, Buck, but I can't believe you don't recognize "Brandy" by Looking Glass, a #1 Hit from 1972 that I swear plays on the radio about four times a day here in Chicago!
Just in case you REALLY didn't know ... or you simply wanted to hear it one more time, I've included it today. (They also had a GREAT follow-up hit called "Jimmy Loves Mary-Anne" which we've featured a couple of times before in Forgotten Hits ... it went to #31 the following year ... but reached #2 here in Chicago. Great track!) kk

Good news regarding the SuperCharts!
I have completed the compiling of the weekly charts through the end of 1980.

I still have some gaps in the Music Vendor / Record World data from 1960 and 1964, which need to be filled in order to complete this project for the period 1960-1980.
At this point, I'd like to concentrate on 1964, which has the most significant gaps.
These are the Music Vendor and Record World charts I still need to finalize the charts for that year:
Jan. 25, 1964 (#868): Top 100 Pop / Looking Up chart [top 10 positions]
Feb. 1, 1964 (#869): Top 100 Pop / Looking Up chart [top 10 positions]
Feb. 29, 1964 (#873): Top 100 Pop / Looking Up chart [top 10 positions]
April 11, 1964 (#879): Top 100 Pop / Looking Up chart [top 10 positions]
April 18, 1964 (#880): Singles Coming Up chart [top 10 positions]
April 25, 1964 (#881): Singles Coming Up chart [top 10 positions]
May 2, 1964 (#882): Top 100 Pop / Singles Coming Up chart [top 10 positions]
Aug. 15, 1964 (#897): Top 100 Pop / Singles Coming Up chart [top 10 positions]
Black & white scans or photocopies are acceptable, and I'll pay any reasonable copying and mailing charges incurred by anyone who can contribute any of these charts.-– Randy
This is GREAT news, Randy! If ANYBODY out there can help us fill in these gaps, we REALLY would appreciate it. This is a project we've been working on for YEARS now and we're SO CLOSE to making some serious headway here. Just drop me a line and I'll make sure that Randy gets in touch with you. Thanks for your help! (kk)