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The Sunday Comments ( 12 - 05 - 10 )

Yes, we're running extremely late this morning ... but after last week's MAMMOTH Sunday Comments Page, we thought you might still enjoy a "Better Late Than Never" edition this morning.

And, speaking of last week's Sunday Comments Page ...

MY what a big Sunday Comments page you have!!!
The better to entertain you with, my dear!
(Guess you could say that we put enough out there to keep you satisfied all day long!) kk



Earlier this morning I received a couple of emails from friends and Chicago-area musicians telling me that Jimy Rogers, lead singer for The Mauds and Blue Road, had passed away last night. Unfortunately, in the scurry to get today's Comments Page together, I was unable to talk with any of these folks first hand to learn any more details prior to going to press with today's edition.

Jimy was ALWAYS a good friend and great supporter of Forgotten Hits ... and a consumate performer. He always seemed to be in tip-top health and I know for a fact that he truly took care of his body. This is sad, sad news indeed for all of us here who grew up and continued to love and enjoy his music. More details as they become available. (kk)

>>>Is it just me or are you guys really enjoying these little iTunes / Beatles videos.The Beatles sold more than 450,000 albums and 2 million individual songs worldwide in the first week that the group's music was available on iTunes, according to a representative from the company. Further proof that this music will NEVER die!!! (kk)
I get tired of The Beatles! You know who they topped as the most number of weeks for #1 hits? Yeah, Boyz II Men. Whoopee!! LOL

They sort of remind me of Willie Nelson ... they looked professional in the beginning, well dressed, well groomed, but ended up looking like bums. Even Willie was just busted for pot possession! Can you see the similarities? :-)
By the way, I'm told his "On The Road Again", 1980, is a live recording. Very quiet in the beginning, with countdown, but applause at the end. Maybe single was edited? Just curious why Time-Life and Joel Whitburn don't state that!!


>>>and it makes me jump out of my chair and run in from the other room nearly every time I hear one start. (kk)
Believe him ... it's the absolute truth. It's amazing how he cannot hear me say, "hey hon (insert question / comment here)" but he can absolutely hear, from another room away, Paul sing 'Yesterday' for the 256,825th time :D

I guess you can file this one under "Sick Collectibles" ... truly part of history, I'll betcha this one goes for big bucks ...
Kent ...
How much do you think this will sell for? I don't think I'd want it. Such bad memories
attached to it.
Frank B.

Album That John Lennon Signed For Killer Goes To Auction « WCBS-FM 101.1 The album John Lennon autographed for Mark David Chapman just hours before the delusional fan murdered him is up for sale. It’s expected to fetch $850,000 through a New York dealer.
A spokesman for tells the New York Post, “It has Lennon’s signature on the cover and Chapman’s forensically enhanced finger prints on the sleeve. I have never come across a piece with such provenance — police reports, fingerprint documentation, letters from the District Attorney, it goes on and on.”
Recovered by a building maintenance man from the front gate area of the Dakota, the album was turned over to police for use in the Chapman prosecution. It most recently sold in 1999.
The identity of its current owner is being kept secret — that person is said to have received death threats for owning the tragedy-tied item.
$850,000 for an LP?!?!? You can buy a pristine copy of these tracks on CD for about fifteen bucks!!! (j/k)
We watched CNN's "Countdown To Murder" / John Lennon news special last night ... pretty hard to believe that it's already been thirty years ... but Wednesday marks the 30th Anniversary of Lennon's murder. A few new revelations are made during the one hour documentary so if you get a chance to see it, you might want to tune in ... I'm sure they'll be running it several times this month.
As for the autographed LP, if you're not an album or autograph collector ... you can ALSO buy Lee Harvey Oswald's original coffin this week, too!!! (They must be running some sort of Murderers Holiday Special Sale or something this week!!!) Unreal what keeps turning up, isn't it??? (kk)

Original Beatle considered for Liverpool street name honour > Local News > News Click Liverpool
Kent ...
I got this one from Ron Smith.
I guess this will be the "BEST" street in Liverpool LOL !
Frank B.
WTF?!?!? EVERYBODY's getting a street named after them but me!!! And I can't even get a frickin' driveway!!! Life just isn't fair!!!
(Honestly, though, what exactly is the accomplishment that Pete Best achieved to make him worthy of such an honor? Seems a bit frivolous to me!)
And, reading the article, it isn't even remotely accurate! Who is actually being fooled by this???
Pete Best was NOT a founding member of The Beatles ... they came and got him considerably later when they needed a new drummer to tour Hamburg.
And how would Pete Best be more deserving of representing the City of Liverpool than any of the REAL Beatles? Or Rory Storm for that matter!!! Or Gerry Marsden (who still calls Liverpool home)!!! Or countless other artists from this same era. Unreal! (kk)

Saw you mention "The Fendertones" the other day ... The Fendertones are amazing!
I saw them perform live a few years back and it was just great.
We invited Lead Singer Anders Fehon to record with us ... and he's singing Lead on our re-recorded version of "Summer USA" that's on our CD, "The Rip Chords ... Now!"
Mitch Schecter / The Rip Chords

Then we should feature this track ... because these guys have just completely bowled us over ... INCREDIBLE talent ... and a true love and respect for this music. (Besides, after featuring Christmas music all week long, a "summer song" sounds pretty good right now!!!) Thanks, Mitch! (kk)

That track by The Poor is a beautiful song. Many thanks to Veeder for sharing his story, and this great tune. First time I'd ever heard it, but after about 20 seconds it reminded me of this Looking Glass track, the flip side of Brandy.
David Lewis

I was quite impressed with the Poor track, too ... the Looking Glass tune, not so much! (lol) kk

As for album / single versions: A version of "Smile A Little Smile For Me" by the Flying Machine has, during the instrumental break near the end, the band sing "ba-ba'ba's" instead of the horn solo (or whatever the instrument is!) Would like to find that version.
Also, "Think About Me' by Fleetwood Mac, from "Tusk". It wasn't a huge hit, but it's one of my fave songs. The single version is different from the album version, which has more guitar.
"Smile A Little Smile For Me" is a GREAT example ... radio has been playing the wrong version of that song for YEARS!!! That's because all of the commercially available versions have the singing ending that you're referring to instead of the horns as released on the original single. (We've actually covered this recording once before in Forgotten Hits and, as such, HAVE the correct version to share with you today. Radio would be wise to replace their copies with THIS one ... and play the hit as it was originally intended to be heard!) kk

>>>Neil Diamond sings the Bill Withers hit "Ain't No Sunshine" on his new album called "Dreams". (Frank B.)

>>>Quite honestly, the David Cassidy version of "Ain't No Sunshine" blows this one away! (kk)
THAT'S DAVID CASSIDY?!?!?! Singing "Ain't No Sunshine"?!?!?!That's way more soulful than I ever heard from him!! Withers would have been proud ...

David's voice has deepened and gotten more soulful over the years ... this one has been an "In Concert" favorite for years. (Toldja it was good! And it DOES blow Neil Diamond's version away as far as I'm concerned!) kk

Here's a better You Tube clip of Mickey Dolenz on "Circus Boy." The smile is a dead giveaway.
Gary Theroux
Yes, I saw this one on there, too ... pretty high quality clip considering the age of this piece ... and you're right, there's NO mistaking a young Micky Dolenz here! I opted for the opening theme because a couple of readers wrote in to say that it IMMEDIATELY popped in their heads at the mere mention of the "Circus Boy" TV Show. Honestly, I don't think I ever watched it ... maybe saw a couple of episodes at some point and time (and was curious, of course, once Micky hit it big with The Monkees) ... but my early TV memories don't include this program ... so it's neat to see that it rang a couple of bells out there! Forgotten Hits ... We're All About The Memories!!! (kk)

Just got through your record breaking Sunday Comments edition for today – as always, lots of interesting stuff. Enjoyed Micky’s comments about his Circus Boy days and the YouTube video … and I did watch that show! I didn’t realize they dyed his hair, thought maybe he was just more blond when he was a kid.

Kent ...
Reading from my newspaper ... It comes as no surprise that Davy Jones' performance at Queensborough performing Arts Center in Bayside, New York, would delight yet another generation of fans.
Jones, 64, recalled living in Forest Hills, N.Y. in the 1960's while appearing on Broadway as the Artful Dodger in "Oliver." He gave the crowd permission to take pictures and videotape his performance and signed anything they wanted him to sign.
"It matters to me that I entertain the audience that's made it all possible."
Kent, can you think of anyone else who allowed the audience to videotape their show?
I can't.
Frank B.

Sounds like all three Monkees (Davy, Micky and Peter) are ready to announce their 2011 40th Anniversary Tour ... watch for details REAL soon! (No, Mike Nesmith won't be participating. "That's OK," Peter Tork says, "We always sounded better without him." lol) kk

John Sebastian Presents: Folk Rewind
It's on PBS all month long.
It's two hours with a great show that includes the Chad Mitchell Trio, the Limelighters, Pete Seeger, Judy Collins, the Kingston Trio, the Highwaymen, Roger McGuinn, Barry McGuire and the list goes on ... you will eat it up!
Please watch and support PBS TV!
BTW, it's nationwide, so no matter what state you live in you will get it on PBS!
Wild Bill

James Hutchinson and Johnny Tillotson to be inducted into the Florida Artists Hall of Fame » 2010 » Press Release » Communica.
Kent ...
This is a well deserved honor for Johnny Tillotson.
Frank B.
Oh yeah??? What about James Hutchinson???
Congrats to Johnny (even though he snubbed Forgotten Hits a couple of years ago, despite the fact we promoted several of his upcoming appearances!!!) See, no hard feelings, Johnny! And the fans LOVE ya!!! (kk)

Reading your Sunday Comments Page, I noticed that the name Jim Post was mentioned. He had two records make the local survey here in OKC. The first was in 1959. It was on Crest records and was IF HE WERE IN HIS TEENS b/w WALK AWAY. On the label it read Bill and Doree Post. The second record was in 1962 on DJB records and the song was HOMING PIGEON b/w WALK AWAY. Now many years ago someone told me that Jim Post and Bill Post were one and the same. I don't know. Who Doree Post was, again I don't know. Probably wife or sister.

The discography published on the Wikipedia Website doesn't mention anything about Jim recording under any other names ... but who knows:
Click here: Jim Post - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Maybe Kristy's Mom (and soon-to-be Jim Post's girlfriend) can ask him!!! Then we'll ALL know! (lol) kk

Only the good die young ... the rest of us have to get hip replacement surgery! (kk)
Double Hip Replacements For Billy Joel « WCBS-FM 101.1
Kent ...
I always thought you had one hip done at a time, not both together.
Frank B.
Maybe he's going for the National Hipster Doofus Title or something! (kk)

I saw something in one of the comments that the group Back Porch Majority was mentioned. The only record they made that made the local survey here in OKC was their 1966 recording on Epic, SECOND HAND MAN.
Larry Neal
Apparently their only national chart hit as well ... it "bubbled under" in Billboard at #104 during a six-week chart run. (kk)

Here's one that's worth watching again ... in fact, I've already watched it several times this week! (kk)
Click here: YouTube - Jonas Brothers "Drive My Car" FULL PERFORMANCE at Sir Paul McCartney Tribute

We also found quite a few "Literal Video" versions of pop hits on YouTube ... some of which are incredibly funny. Here is one of the better ones:
Click here: YouTube - Daydream Believer: Literal Video Version

This ought to bring back some memories! Some real memory lane stuff!
Drift back a few years and enjoy!
Before ...
Click here: YouTube - diamonds little darlin
... and AFTER ...
Click here: YouTube - Little Darling by the Original Diamonds
Pretty amazing, actually ... but I suppose after 50-something years they WOULD know this one pretty well! (lol) Cool clips. Thanks, Mark! (kk)

If you can take your eyes off her, the male dancer is super ... never moves his shoulders compared to what his feet and knees are doing. And the top of his head, stays at the same height no matter what.
This is a pianist from Switzerland who plays some of the best Boogie Woogie anywhere. He is so BIG over there, they hold a week-long Boogie Woogie contest every year and all the best players in the world are invited.
In this video he is joined by two amazing dancers ... The male dancer even has a haircut from the forties. Turn up the volume, watch and give it a listen! If you experience any trouble tapping your foot to the beat, you had better hurry and schedule an appointment with your physician. FOR THOSE WHO DON'T REMEMBER, THIS IS HOW THE BOOGIE WOOGIE WAS DONE! This one was done exceedingly well ... hope you enjoy!
Yep, this one's making the rounds ... got this from a few folks on the list this week ... and it's already up to nearly 3,000,000 views!!! (kk)
Boogie Woogie Baby! - Who says white men can't dance? Fantastic. Awesome pianist!
Put your dancing shoes on before watching this one.
Frank B.

Not a video, but STILL cracked me up. (Yeah right, it's just a "glitch" ... nobody did THIS on purpose!!! lol) Thanks for this one, hon! (kk)

YouTube - Colorectal surgeon Song
Kent ...
Sounds like a hit to me. What do you think ?
Frank B.
Jeez, at this rate we're going to have to start a special "Medical Music Videos" page on The Forgotten Hits Website!!! (Makes you wanna run right out and do a colon-cleansing, doesn't it?!?!?) kk

Why Can't We Be Friends? Gonna Get Along Without You Now. So Long, Fare-Thee-Well, Good Riddance, Goodbye. We've seen COUNTLESS examples of in-fighting between band members over the years ... but now Rolling Stone Magazine has decided to rank The Top Ten!!! (Check it out here):
Kent ...
You should be able to guess # 1, before you look.
Frank B.
Top Ten Feuding Band Members « WCBS-FM 101.1
Rolling Stone has compiled its list of the top feuds in rock.
Topping the list is a pair who you probably won’t be surprised at!
Mick Jagger and Keith Richards top the list of top ten! Rounding out the Top Five are Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel at number two, Steven Tyler and Joe Perry at three, Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey at four, and brothers Ray and Dave Davies at five.
Here’s the full Top Ten list:
1. Mick Jagger and Keith Richards —
The Rolling Stones
2. Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel —
Simon & Garfunkel
3. Steven Tyler and Joe Perry –
4. Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey —
The Who
5. Ray and Dave Davies —
The Kinks
6. John Lennon, Paul McCartney and George Harrison —
The Beatles
7. David Gilmour and Roger Waters —
Pink Floyd
8. Don and Phil Everly —
The Everly Brothers
9. Liam and Noel Gallagher –
10. Axl Rose and Slash —
Guns N’ Roses
What? No Byrds? Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young? The Monkees? The "hell freezes over" Eagles? Van Halen? C'mon, this list goes on and on!!! (Heck we can think of another half dozen on our FH List alone!!! lol) kk

While I'll admit to being not much of a country music fan, I absolutely LOVED The Judds when they first hit the music scene in the '80's. The mother and daughter duo tore up the country charts and I was fortunate enough to see them perform three or four times before Mother Naomi quit the road to battle hepatitis. Daughter Wynonna carved out a pretty successful solo career, too, and I was able to see HER perform a few times as well. (Proving that success seems to run in the family, Actress / Sister Ashley has also had quite a successful movie career ... although appearing topless in so many of these films sparked rumors that she was thinking about changing her name to "Ashley Juggs" in an effort to maintain her own identity. j/k)
Anyway, Mother Naomi (apparently now recovered) and Daughter Wynonna are teaming up again and going back out on the road ... and the whole thing will be filmed and documented to air on Oprah Winfrey's new TV Channel OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) ... and I can't wait. Should be a GREAT chance to hear some of the old hits and, hopefully, some brand new music from this Dynamic Duo! (kk)

Man, I would have LOVED to have seen this presentation!!! Here's hoping he includes a stop-over in Chicago! (kk)
Peter Asher: A Musical Memoir of The 60's and Beyond! NYC 12/3/10
by Charles F. Rosenay
Returning to Connecticut on the train ride home from New York City, I was thinking how much I love "Storyteller" concerts. They're special. They're intimate. They're not easy for the performer (it's much easier firing off song after song with little or no banter). They're far too rare.
Ringo did it for VH1 and it was so good, he should have toured with it (with the Roundheads). Gerry Marsden does it regularly, as do Chad & Jeremy. Pete Best even did it on a short college tour when I represented him in the 80s, mixing stories with a slideshow. Who ever thought Peter Asher would do such a show?
On Friday night, December 3, Peter Asher did it on Broadway in midtown Manhattan at a jazz club called the "Iridium." Doors opened at 7:30 pm and the crowd shuffled in while Beatles music was playing through the house's sound system. There weren't a lot of "Beatle" people in the audience, but then again, there weren't a lot of people in this small venue. However the show was sold out. Mark Lapidos, Tom Frangione and Al Sussman of Beatlefest / Beatlefan were there, Ken Michaels of The Fab Fourum, Jeffrey DiCera from the McCartney tribute band "One Sweet Dream," Mike McCann of radio's Hot Wax Daily, and Fab Faux friend Paul Shaffer from the David Letterman show.
At 8:30 the lights went down and a video began with Eric Idle introducing the show. It set the mood for what would be a sometimes humorous - albeit classy -but thoroughly well-produced evening of music and reminiscences. Peter Asher came on with four other musicians and they performed "I Go To Pieces." Peter gave us a quick history lesson, adding that The Beatles "began as a tribute band" to American music. After a few other songs and more anecdotes, he began to touch upon Paul and his sister Jane Asher's relationship, but only as a prelude to "World Without Love," which he'd get to later.
A vintage clip of Peter & Gordon on the Ed Sullivan led into a beautiful rendering of "I Don't Want to See You Again." The stories and videos / slides were great, and so was Peter's voice. From the same time period, we saw a clip of Peter and Gordon on the Hullabaloo show, singing "Eight Days A Week" along with The Supremes and Sam The Sham & The Pharoahs. He mentioned Hullabaloo dancer Lada Edmund, who was just a guest at BEATexpo in Connecticut. Next up, Asher and the band performed "Nobody I Know" and the Stones' "As Tears Go By," tying in the Indica Gallery he co-owned and operated, where John and Yoko met.
He talked about Gordon Waller, and how Gordon was such a huge Buddy Holly fan. This segued into "True Love Ways." That seemed to conclude the first half of the program if it were divided in two, because the next part focused less on Peter the performer, and more on Peter the producer.
The Beatles figured prominently in Asher's life, and in this show. He made it very clear how much respect he had for Ringo's drumming, even noting that Eric Clapton told Asher that Ringo was the "heart of The Beatles." When Apple Records formed, Peter became the head of A & R (artist & repetoire) for the company . He delighted in telling about his meetings with The Beatles, especially Paul and George, and the signings of Mary Hopkin, James Taylor and the Iveys, who became Badfinger. In discussing the Iveys, Asher pointed out that the musical-director / keyboardist of his band, Jeff Alan Ross, had been in Badfinger. Ross actually toured with Joey Molland and Mike Gibbons as Badfinger in 1986-87, which was a great excuse to tear into a great version of "Day After Day" with Asher providing rhythm guitar, and Ross handling the spot-on vocals. Asher talked more about Apple, poked fun at Allen Klein, and touched upon leaving Apple to become James Taylor's manager and sign with Warner Brothers Records. This transitioned into his work with Linda Ronstadt, and eventually him winning the Grammy Award winner for "Producer of the Year" in 1989.
He got back to The Beatles when he told of Paul & John writing "I Want to Hold Your Hand" in the basement of his London home, and of Paul composing "Woman" for Peter & Gordon under the pseudonym "Bernard Webb" to see if they could still have a hit without a Beatles' name attached (they could, and did). What was most special about this portion of the program (and I hate to spoil it for anyone who may see this show in the future, so skip to the next paragraph if you want to maintain a surprise special moment), is that Peter joined Gordon through the magic of technology a la Natalie Cole's duet with her late Dad Nat King Cole on "Unforgettable." Gordon was on the screen and Peter was on the stage, and their harmonies still sounded wonderful together.
The show wouldn't have been complete without everyone's favorite "World Without Love" and Peter didn't disappoint. In fact, he brought the crowd into the song by providing the lyrics on the screen and inviting the audience to sing along with it. We did.
There was another late show scheduled and it was getting late but Peter added one more of his hits by commenting that he was initially reluctant to record "Lady Godiva" because it seemed like too much of a novelty song. But it's a fun song, and this was a fitting close to an utterly fun evening of vintage music and terrific stories. In fact, that's exactly what a storyteller show should be.
Note: After the concert, Paul Shaffer, who was responsible for reuniting Peter & Gordon in August of 2005, came backstage for a few minutes to meet Peter. They only had a short time to chat, as the second show was set to begin.
(Thanks to Keith Putney)
-- Charles Rosenay

Kent --
Congratulations on everything that you have accomplished and here's to many more great years. Even though I don't communicate as often as I used to, I check in regularly as I travel the country for my "R&R fix". Thanks for all that you do! Now that I have an iPad, it is much easier for me rather than waiting for the hotel computers to free up.
Danny Guilfoyle

12 years? Really? Wow - I can't remember when I did the infamous "Don't go POND on me!" letter (Which I think about every time I see Babs!) :-) You weren't going very long when I started writing in, huh?
CONGRATS on 12 years of Forgotten Hits / The 60's Shop! It's always fun and informative, and I enjoy every posting!
Keep up the good work, and Save The Texas Prairie Chicken!
Ed Pond

Congratulations on your anniversary of FH.
Hope you have many many more.
Larry Neal / The Wax Museum

Hey Kent,
Thanks for another great year of Forgotten Hits! I am still amazed by the incredibly fantastic job you do with this site!
Dick Eastman

Congratulations Kent on a job well done. I always look forward to my Forgotten Hits e-mail. I miss being with my guys “The Cryan’ Shames,” and all my other band associates in town. Even though Colorado weather is better there is nothing like Chicago for music, and two visits a year is just not enough! Thanks for all the information you send out on all the oldies groups!
Sue Patterson

Hey Kent ...
Happy Anniversary! I just wish I would have discovered Forgotten Hits sooner ... being a member for almost the complete 11 years ... but not all.
I'm looking forward to the next 11 years ... and beyond!
Once again, congratulations on Forgotten Hits Anniversary!!
Your friend ...
Mitch Schecter / The Rip Chords

WOW! From thirty five members to 600,000 hits!
This kinda reminds me of the Declaration of Independence!
WHO were the 35 original members? THIS is part of oldie history!
Well, I know for certain that YOU were one of them!!! (lol) Not sure I could name all 35 (and those records are long gone now) ... but MOST of them are still around. (See what can happen when you tell a friend who tells a friend who tells a friend ...) kk

You couldn't have timed last Sunday's Comments package better to fit my needs if you tried!
It so happened that I was wrapping up work and research on my weekly list -- this one on lullabies and sleep-time songs -- when, lo and behold, there was your reference to "Danny's Song" and the nice "Raising Hope" scene. So, of course, I added it to the list, which published today, and gave you a big shout-out and links to both FH sites.
Lots of songs readers might remember, some offbeat and some re-a-a-a-l oldies. Here's a link:
Don Effenberger
Glad we could help! (Without even realizing that we were doing so! Lol)

I'll have to check out the list ... when I tried the link I got an error message so hopefully that was just a glitch on my end. A couple that immediately came to mind for me were "St. Judy's Comet" by Paul Simon, "Pillow Time" by The Monkees, "Golden Slumbers" by The Beatles and "Dream A Little Dream Of Me" by Mama Cass. (I guess "I'm So Tired", "Good Night" and "I'm Only Sleeping" by The Beatles would have to qualify, too, right? How about Nilsson's "Moonbeam Song" ... or "Beautiful Boy" by John Lennon?) A couple more obvious ones would be "Goodnight, Sweetheart, Goodnight" and "Goodnight, My Love".
Anxious to see what you've come up with.) Thanks, Don! (kk)

Put me on the list!!!
Music is one of the greatest things their is. It can take you places (instantly) that other medias can't compare too. The 60's music is the best.
Keep digging up the forgotten oldies!
John Gehring
Waupaca, WI


From WXRT's facebook page:
93XRTLin Brehmer: What Are The Best Album Covers?

What Are The Best Album Covers?
Do you favor simple portraits like the one on John Coltrane‘s “Blue Trane” album? The cover photo on the Crosby, Stills, and Nash debut?
Are you drawn in to the music by the sort of painting that graces the cover of Santana‘s “Abraxas?”

Or is it this one?

-- Kristy
Really?!?!? The "Whipped Cream" album cover?!?!? You mean people actually LIKE that one?!?!? For real?!?!?
Jeez, I NEVER would have guessed.
Thanks for sharing with us! (lol) kk