Friday, March 11, 2011

The Friday Flash

Just a few quickies this morning as I'm running out the door ...

Timing is everything ...
In Wednesday's column we said ...
>>>Magic 104 FM signed off unexpectedly when JACK-FM took over their signal. There have been rumors for years now that (with Jack-FM's rating tapering off), somebody may be primed to pick up the signal and start programing REAL oldies (if not "Real Oldies") again, especially since WLS-FM's True Oldies Channel has also fallen into the pattern of playing more and more '80's and even some '90's music. (kk)
And then first thing Thursday Morning the official announcement was made:
Hit The Road, Jack ... The industry website reported Wednesday that CBS Radio had registered the domain names and in preparation for a format change. The move coincides with a rebranding of WJMK as K-Hits, featuring a classic hits format of music from the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s, targeting listeners between the ages of 25 and 54. While the WJMK call letters will remain intact, the new format is expected to debut Monday.
-- Robert Feder
Well, it's not quite "real" oldies ... but it is a "hits" format (K-Hits, in fact ... whatever THAT means!!!) Hopefully '60's, '70's and '80's doesn't mean just ANOTHER steady diet of the same songs we hear everywhere else ... maybe they'll mix things up a little bit??? We'll have to wait and see, I guess ... but after Jack-FM playing mostly '80's and '90's, this will make for a nice switch ... and it'll be interesting to see what other on-air talent they recruit ... Eddie and JoBo, two heavy hitters from the old B96 days, will be doing mornings ... and they had a HUGE audience back in the day (commanding an estimated $3 Million in salary at the time.) Unfortunately, THEIR audience is more of the N*Sync / Beyonce crowd we talked about the other day ... so it may be a little challenging for them to establish a bond with us "older folks"! (lol) kk
It's your turn, SOUL and MOTOWN music lovers ... Scarlett's got a brand new bag full of SOUL!
We are going to groove to your sweet soul music requests, so come onwich yo' come on!
Time to board the SOULLLLLL TRAINNNNNN ... Thursday Nights, 7 pm ET on And, this weekend The Sunday Night Sock Hop returns! I will be playing the best of the 50's and early 60's music, Pre-British invasion ... time to get out those saddle shoes and penny loafers again ... my poodle skirt is just back from the dry cleaners and is ready to go! YOUR REQUESTS ARE A MUST!
DJ Scarlett Hayze
Hello Everybody!!! Get ready for a really big show tonight!!!!
The Pop Shoppe is on every Friday night from 7 PM till 3:01 AM. (All times eastern)
It all happens at
Here is the schedule:
7:00 / 8:30 - Classic sounds of the 50's and 60's with a possible touch of the 40's.
8:30 / 9:00 - We will be remembering Johnny Preston. "Running Bear" is the first song that will pop into your mind but there are other songs that Johnny did. Don't forget "Cradle of Love" plus others.
9:00 / 10:00 - A phone conversation that has been long in the making. It's Dickey Lee. I can't begin to list all those great songs that he sang. Of course we remember "Patches" and "Laurie" ... Yes strange things were happening on that song. I want to talk to Dickey about his career, his selection of songs, his change from rock and roll to country music. There are so many aspects to his career. It's been over 10 years since I sat down with him in New Jersey after an oldies show and we talked for over an hour. I remember how nice he was.
10:00 / 10:30 - I'd like to remember another of my favorite singers. I will be playing something very special by Gene Pitney from the 60's.
10:30 / 12:00 AM - Time for a Doo Wop party with some special memories of The Cadillacs. It was reported that original member Bobby Phillips has passed away. The contribution to our music by this group was nothing less than phenomenal.
12:00 / 1:30 - Time for Midnight Country! This is the period when country music really was country. This week I'll continue the Whitburn Countdown of 1961 from number 80 to 61. Some nice country memories will be heard.
1:30 / 2:00 - Time for a western adventure. I haven't decided which one as yet, but you better get your 10 gallon hat and boots on for this.
2:00 / 3:00 - This last hour will be full of surprises as I wait till the last minute to decide what I want to play.
If you haven't done so yet, please check out my website for past interviews / special links / plus pictures. Lots of memories.
I am in the process of putting together a very special Johnny Maestro night on March 25th. I can't give out the details yet, but you better put this one on your calendar. Of course next week on the 18th it will be another chapter in the music and life of Ed Rambeau.
Friday evening is getting close, so make sure you are by your computer to keep me company. Remember I don't want to be alone. So be here or be square. I promise you an evening where you will hear the greatest songs that ever lived.
Stu Weiss / DJ STU
Never underestimate it ... it made Rick Nelson a star ... it's the reason they're expecting sell-out crowds to see The Monkees' 45th Anniversary Reunion Tour ... and created #1 Hits for Made-For-TV groups like The Archies and The Partridge Family. The Cast of "Glee" has now charted over 130 times (and the show's only in its second season!) ... and when the cast recreates their "Gleek" Version of a popular tune, not only does THEIR version hit the charts, but sales go through the roof for the ORIGINAL version, too ... which is why more and more artists are asking for the "Glee Treatment" of their catalog. Incredibly, after performing on The Grammys a few week's ago, Cee-Lo Green's controversial hit "F*** You" is back at the top of the charts holding at #2 ... in fact, had superstar sensation Lady GaGa not released a brand new single a couple of weeks ago, it most certainly would have gone back to #1, something not done with this large a chart gap since Chubby Checker did it with "The Twist" back in the early '60's! (And who knows, it still may ... GaGa's latest is a blatant Madonna rip-off ... or do you say homage ... either way, it's probably her LEAST interesting hit yet!) The former American Idol stars have chalked up record sales into the stratosphere ... and, despite the fact that virtually everybody (including his own bandmates) criticized Steven Tyler's decision to join the judging panel on American Idol, since he has, Aerosmith's record catalog is up in sales by an incredible 250%!!! Now that's just flat out AMAZING! Downright CRAZY! Clearly Steven has got WHAT IT TAKES and his LIVIN' ON THE EDGE attitude has breathed brand new life into the ten year old franchise ... and since he's been onboard, I DON'T WANT TO MISS A THING. Do we miss Simon Cowell? DREAM ON!!! (kk)
We hadn't heard from our FH Buddy Preston Ritter ... original drummer for The Electric Prunes ... in quite awhile ... and now we know why. I was sad to get this email the other day ... but also happy to hear that Preston is doing better now ... and has the love of his family there with him.
Hi Kent,
I haven't been on line for about six weeks. My computer is in storage. I'm now living with my daughter, Larissa and her husband in Oceanside. Why you ask? I almost died on January 23rd. I had double pneumonia, influenza and a lung infection at the same time. The shock to my transplanted kidney caused it to stop functioning. I was in a coma for 9 days on a ventilator. The doctors called my daughters (from Texas and Oceanside) and told them I wasn't going to make it. Everyone expected to be attending my funeral on my daughter, Hannah's birthday on the 26th. They got my kidney working again and I was in the hospital (Henry Mayo) for another month after I got off the ventilator. My muscles were like jello. I couldn't stand or walk. I had to go through rehab to learn how to walk again. I'm still trying to get my strength back. Just a few days ago was the first time I was able to get up the stairs to take a shower in about two months. I think in another month, I will be almost back to normal.
My cell phone doesn't even work here, as it's a dead zone.
It was sad to hear about Mark Tulin's passing, while I was in rehab. We were supposed to get together as soon as I was able.
According to your votes, The Electric Prunes recorded your #2 Favorite Psychedelic Song of All-Time when they released "I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night)" back in 1967. It's been a radio staple ever since. (You can view the whole list here: Click here: Forgotten Hits - Top 20 Favorite Psychedelic Songs)
Glad to hear you're starting to feel better, Preston ... please stay in touch with us. And, if any of our readers would like to send a greeting along to Preston Ritter, you can email them here to and I'll be happy to pass them along. (We can ALL use a little "good cheer" every now and again!) Send your well-wishes now and I'll be sure that he gets them! Thanks, Folks! (kk)
When I read the Monkees' tour schedule, I turned to my husband and informed him that we have a concert to attend in July. I'll let you know how the Greek performance was.
Please do ... now THAT is a show I would LOVE to see!!! (kk)

My book Where the Action Was is now available as an E-Book.
If you want more info on the book or to order a copy, go to
Mark "Hoss" Amans
(Feedback appreciated)
Kent ...
Best Birthday wishes go out to ---
March 8 = Micky Dolenz is 66.
March 9 = Mark Lindsay is 69.
March 12 = James Taylor is 63.
March 15 = Mike Love is 70
March 25 = Elton John is 64
March 26 = Steven Tyler is 63
Frank B.
Hello to my "Oldies" friends,
There's no doubt in my mind that Robert Gordon's place in the history of Rock 'n' Roll is definitely understated and underrated.
I sang backup on a couple of Robert's albums and when Robert gathered up a couple of live shows in the New York area he asked me to put a vocal group together for him. I did, and now the Gordanaires are Jeff Lyons, Paul Rolnick and me.
Here's a clip I just found on-line from the first 'Conan" show after the writers' strike ended in '08.
More coming in our regular Sunday Comments feature ... but we're out of time right now so we gotta go! Have a good weekend, everybody ... and next week we'll explore more of your thoughts on "What Is An 'Oldie'?" (kk)