Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Sunday Comments ( 03 - 27 - 11 )

Well, thanks to Blogger STILL not resolving whatever the heck their issues are here on the website ... the EXTREMELY late (and considerably less than beautiful) Sunday Comments Page is FINALLY available for your perusal. (It ain't pretty ... the spacing is ALL over the place ... the fonts and the font sizes change all on their own ... stuff runs together and then jumps apart ... it'll be kinda like working a puzzle trying to find some sense of coherency here ... but there's some REALLY good stuff posted this week if you're up for the challenge!!!) kk The following photos and musical clips pertain to the "revamped" Sunday Comments (Take Two) shown above. Unfortunately, they're not placed where they belong ... but they ARE in the proper sequence as you're reading along. Again, THANK YOU, Blogger, for TOTALLY messing up the look of this today ... and day after day for WELL over four weeks now. (Do you EVER even LOOK at your "Help Line" requests?!?!?)