Monday, May 16, 2011

A Brand New Forgotten Hits Book Give-Away!

We've been telling you for a couple of months now about the brand new book coming out by Oldies Music Guru Ron Smith.  Titled "Eight Days A Week: Births, Deaths and Events Each Day In Oldies History", it's the definitive calendar / date book / "On This Date In Music History" / trivia guide to EVERYTHING that's happened of note over the years as it relates to Rock And Roll and Pop Music History.
Well, the book is FINALLY out and available for ordering online ... both through the OBVIOUS sources like
and Ron Smith's OWN amazing Oldies Website:
(What's especially nice is that Ron's website regularly updates us with oldies news every day anyway ... so you can keep your own copy of this Rock And Roll Calendar up to date simply by following along online!)
What's even nicer?!?!? 
Ron has given us a copy to give away to one lucky Forgotten Hits Reader!!!  (We've already heard from a few of you out there who have ordered or received your own copy of this hot new title ... well, now's your chance to WIN one!!!)  
Ron has even agreed to sign it for the lucky winner (despite the fact that, in his words, it may diminish the value of the book!!!  lol)
Anyway, we've put together a neat little contest for this one ...
Since this is, after all, a CALENDAR book ...
We want you to enter to win a copy with your BIRTHDAY!!!
That's right ... submit your entry with your date of birth ...
We'll keep the contest open for two weeks ...
And then Ron will randomly select ONE date ...
And the closest birthday to that date will win a copy of his brand new book!!!
(Now how cool is that?!?!?)
In the unlikely event of a tie, we'll have Ron pull a tie-breaker number (or, better yet, I'll buy an extra copy of the book and send one off to BOTH winners!!!)
Kind of a cool way to run a contest ... because the winner will be TOTALLY anonymous and random!  All Ron will have is a calendar date.  (When we announce the winner, we'll also let you know what key rock and roll events happened on your birthday over the years!!!)

So get your entries in NOW ... and we'll pick a winner in a couple of weeks.
(Meanwhile, you can order your very own copy through either of the ordering links shown above!)
Thanks ... and Good Luck!!!  (kk)
I just bought Ron Smith's book "Eight Days A Week."
It's about Rock-n-Roll. I don't think it's about the Beatles.
Frank B.
Not necessarily ABOUT The Beatles ... but I'll betcha you find them mentioned in there at least a couple hundred times!!!  (kk)
Here's the official Press Release ...
Calendar of Musical Events from the ‘50s, ’60s & ‘70s Published
"Eight Days A Week: Births, Deaths And Events Each Day In Oldies History" takes a musical journey through each day of the year as seen through the lives of the artists of the fifties, sixties and seventies.
(Chicago, IL, May 8, 2011)— Heights Publishing in Chicago announced today the release of Ron Smith’s latest reference book, "Eight Days A Week: Births, Deaths And Events Each Day In Oldies History.”
Smith takes his readers on a magical mystery tour, day-by-day through the year, offering up the fascinating events that occurred in the lives of Oldies artists from the fifties, sixties and seventies. From the pages of his renowned Oldies Calendar at, baby boomers can not only check out who was born (and who checked out) each day of the year, but gain insight into the significant (and those somewhat less-than significant) events that occurred throughout Oldies history such as:

·          Which San Francisco rock 'n' roller was once sued for plagiarizing himself?   
    (October 24)
·          What girl group appeared as nuns on an episode of "Tarzan" on TV?  
    (January 12)
·          Which British drummer once drove his Lincoln Continental into the
    swimming pool of a Holiday Inn? (August 24)
·          Which pop star escorted Madonna to the 1991 Academy Awards? (March 25)
·          Which legendary group once held a "press conference" in the middle of 
    Chicago's Michigan Avenue? (June 11)

Professionals and fans alike will find "Eight Days A Week: Births, Deaths And Events Each Day In Oldies History” an invaluable reference to the music that shaped their lives.

The book includes a foreword by legendary Chicago Disk Jockey Dick Biondi.
Praise for Eight Days A Week:
(along with some GREAT testimonials ... including one by your favorite FH Host!!!)
·          I consider Ron Smith the Oldies authorityHe's the best I've ever worked
    with and everyone who loves the music would love this book.
--  Tommy Edwards, Program Director, WLS Chicago, Arrow 93 Los Angeles, 
    WODS Boston
·          Ron Smith's Oldies history book is an absolute must for anybody who has
    ever been or ever will be interested in rock and roll!
--  Clark Weber, Author, WLS Radio personality and “Old Rock Crock”
·          A fascinating day-by-day recap of all of the notable and memorable rock  
    and roll-related events. Smith's book is the definitive calendar covering any
    and all of rock and roll's biggest events.
--  Kent Kotal, Publisher,
·          Ron Smith is Chicago's own Oldies maven. When he worked behind the mic
    he pulled one extraordinary fact after another that made listening to his
    presentation rich and interesting.  Eight Days A Week provides a resource 
    for anyone to sound just like Ron.
--  Robert Pruter, author, Chicago Soul

About the author:
Ron Smith has been involved in Oldies radio for nearly 40 years as a Disk Jockey, Program and Music Director, most recently as the Music Director and Evening DJ at Real Oldies 1690 in Chicago. He also served for more than eight years as Music Director of WJMK-FM, Oldies 104.3 in the Windy City. He was Senior Music Programmer of Internet Radio for and created and hosted streaming channels for, including the Net's only all-Elvis station. His '50s Hits and '60s Hits channels are currently enjoyed on And, since 1995, he has delighted fans of '50s, '60s and '70s music with the Internet's premiere Oldies web site- Smith is the author of four reference books of Chicago music charts. He resides in suburban Chicago with his vast music and book libraries.

About "Eight Days A Week: Births, Deaths And Events Each Day In Oldies History"
Publication: May, 2011
ISBN: 978 - 0 - 9833737-0-4
Price: $15.95
384 pages
Order online or go to
Media Contact: Ron Smith,
Category: Entertainment / Music / History
Tags: music, oldies, pop, rock, roll, history, calendar, radio, DJ, events, baby boomers, trivia, this day in history, celebrity birthdays

By the way, Ron's other books documenting the history of the Chicagoland Music Charts are all still available through  (Sounds like Ron is personally "sold out" on a couple of titles ... but you can still pick up copies here:
These are GREAT (and for our purposes INVALUABLE) resources and reference guides.  Chicago was blessed to have had TWO Top 40 AM Giants in WLS and WCFL ... people all over the country tuned in to these great radio stations (and their 50,000 watt signals) on clear nights and enjoyed the music and the deejays as much as we did.  Ron's book are put together in Whitburn-style, chronicling the hits by each artist that made our Chicagoland Charts, from 1960 - 1990.  (We're still trying to get him to combine ALL of these books into one giant, JUMBO Edition that would also include the WJJD / Top Tunes Of Greater Chicago Charts dating back to 1956 ... hmm, maybe if sales on his NEW book are good, we can FINALLY persuade him to move forward with this dream project ... so be sure to visit the websites above and order YOUR copy TODAY!!!)
And don't forget to enter our FH Contest to win an autographed copy for your very own.  Submit your birthday NOW and enter to win a copy!  (kk)