Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Helping Out Our Readers (2)

Looks like Forgotten Hits has done it again ...

Thanks to our INCREDIBLE readers, I believe that we've already identified THREE of the six mystery songs submitted by our Prague reader Kroupa Frantiek.  (Scroll back to Monday's postings to listen to these tracks.)

I asked him if he would recognize or be able to confirm these findings once he saw the names of the songs and / or artists ... so at least we'd know if we were on the right track or not ... but apparently it's every bit as big a mystery to him, too!
Hi Kent,
Thank you very much you find time to post those six songs on websites ... perfect action ... now I must wait to see if any answer comes back to me.
I never knew anything about these six songs.  For me they are absolutely unknown. I only recorded them from old magnetic tape to PC data record, but in original quality.  Now I'm looking for their history, who those wrote, who sang / singer, group /, where can I find them, on which LP, CD, SP etc.  When I identify them, I can record them in digitally quality, perhaps in stereo, etc.  This is my aim in this searching.  The old magnetic tape contained 62 songs, but I already 56 identified and recorded them in HQ.
Dear Kent, I had  some problem with translate your questions in your last email, perhaps can you ask me still once, when I answer not well.
Yours sincerely,
Kroupa FrantiĊĦek
Well, here's a look at what we've come up with so far ...
After we posted six songs that a Forgotten Hits Reader in Prague was trying to identify, we wondered just how many of these we could help to narrow down.  Here's what we've got so far ...
Hi Kent,
I would like to get back on your mailing list. 
I just had a friend forward me a copy of Forgotten Hits -- what a terrific publication!
Just wanted to tell you that song #4 from that gentleman's list from Prague is called "Drivin' Blues" by Frigid Pink from 1970 -- it was the B-side of their hit "House Of The Rising Sun." 
Hope life is treating you well.
Best Regards,
Tim Kiley
Welcome back, Tim!  Yep, we're STILL doin' it!!!  And thanks for helping us identify some of these mystery tunes!  (kk)
With the use of some technology, my I-Phone’s Shazam Application, I was able to identify three of the six songs.  #2 is Be Aware by Jimmy Cliff, #3 is To the Lord by The Grease Band and #4 is Drivin’ Blues by Frijid Pink. Hope that helps.
Scott Schultz,
McHenry, IL.
I kinda figured the title of the second one was "Be Aware" but am surprised to hear that it's Jimmy Cliff ... my guess is that this is a cover version ... just sounds too clean and British to me ... but I think the others are probably right on the money ... especially since a couple folks identified the Frijid Pink song.  (kk)
NOTE:  I just checked samples on ... it appears that this IS the Jimmy Cliff version after all.  So I'd say you're three for three, Scott!  Thanks again!  (kk)
I so enjoyed reading the letters from the guy from Prague. I did not recognize any of the songs but how interesting it was to see how someone from another place feels as strongly about music as we do here.
I'm sometimes amazed at how far-reaching Forgotten Hits is ... it's amazing for me to think that after such humble beginnings, we've now got readers in so many foreign countries ... and even more so to see our pages translated into several different languages so that people all over the world can enjoy what we do here.  But music is a universal language and THAT point is driven home every single day in these pages ... we love it ... and the part that music played in all of our lives, no matter WHERE we grew up and what we grew up listening to.  It's really pretty humbling sometimes.
This week we had two of our British FH Readers visiting Chicago and both asked to get together.  The fact that both of these guys fall into the celebrity category and wanted to meet ME is even MORE overwhelming ... but thankfully I was able to share drinks with composer Tony Hatch on Sunday (he's the guy who wrote and produced virtually every single one of Petula Clark's hit records as well as other gems like "Sugar And Spice" for The Searchers and The Cryan' Shames and "Forget Him" by Bobby Rydell) ... and Julian Dawson, a musician in his own right with several releases under his belt along with the brand new book "And On Piano ... Nicky Hopkins", a biography about one of the greatest session men that ever lived.  THESE are the little perks that make doing Forgotten Hits so much fun.  (kk)
>>>Does anyone know how to record voice tracks on to the computer?  (Jack)
Sure. Get a microphone and plug it into your Line In or Mic In jack (generally a 5mm Phono plug) and use either Windows Recorder or something like Audacity software to capture the sound ...'s more...,

>>>Just wonderin' if anyone out there has an mp3 of the song by former major leaguer Tony Conigliaro called Little Red Scooter????  I tried lookin' for it but no luck ... Thanks!  (Joe)
There is a web site called  They list the Song "Hit Record", as being sang by:    Brook Benton, Ronnie Hawkins, Mickey Murray, Tommy Steele, New Birth, Kowtow Popoff, Duke Hetgers' Steamboat Stompers and Johnny O'Keefe.  Whether they are all the same song, I have no idea.  I hope that puts that "Hit Record" discussion to rest.
There are some songs on UTube by Tony Conigliaro.  I at one time had a copy of "Playing the Field".  He made a Rock Album also.  One of the songs on U Tube is "Little Red Scooter".
Arnold Kirkbride