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Forgotten Hits at its most helpful (???)

THIS is what our "Helping Out Our Readers" segment is supposed to be all about ... 
My greetings from Prague, dear music fans,

At first excuse my English, but it is 40 years before I learned it. 
In summer, 1971, I took on my old tape recorder some songs which were played at discotheques in Czech.  They were 62 songs, but I took them from any other tape recorder without names of songs and names of singers or names of songwriters. 
Since this time and it is just two years I've been trying to find these names, but they are still six songs staying without names in original quality.
I'd like to ask you, can you help me to find the right name of these songs?
Please write me if you can help me.
Thanks for your help.
Waiting your answer,
Kroupa Frantisek 
(The first one of the six I send you at once.)

How cool that you found us!  Unfortunately, I can't help you with this first one ... but I am running it on our web page as part of our on-going "Helping Out Our Readers" segment ... let's see if any of our other European readers can help you find the titles and artists you're looking for.  Thanks again for writing! (kk)
Hallo Mr. Kent Kotal,
At first, thanks for your very quick answer to me, but by me it is not easy with my translate to English.  Now Id like to send you the rest of the six songs, but a single way , which I try is this mail. I must make it five times, because the mail box is too little.  Excuse me this way, but any others are more difficult for me.  Now follow the rest 5 songs.
Yours sincerely,
Kroupa František
OK, I've heard all six of these now ... and am still coming up blank.  Maybe some of our astute readers can solve some of these mysteries ... and with a large readership in Europe, perhaps some of those folks will recognize these from back in the day.  Stay tuned!  (kk)
Hallo Mr. Kotal,
Thanks for all what you have done for me so far. It will be perfect to put these songs on your list.  I am very very interested in result this our action with these old songs. You asked me, how I found you? It was not so difficult, I wrote to Google at first side b the hits from 1970 - 1971 and then forgotten songs and I got results. Waiting your answer, excuse my 40years old English language.
I am very glad to have a chance threw your websites to find the right name of singer or song for those six songs.  I must still thanks for your help and now we shall see, which results will come.
Bye for now,
yours sincerely,
Kroupa František 

This may be the TRUEST form of "Helping Out Our Readers" that we've ever done ... so let's keep the faith and see what comes back.  (kk)

RICK DERRINGER (All American Boy) 
Still Alive and Well but needs your help! 
A retrospective film about Rick's life and career is in the works. "But we need your assistance," they note on the Rick Derringer website ( 
"To complete this historical project we need video footage, still photography and sound recordings. If you have any of these of Rick Derringer, we want to hear from you. You will be acknowledged with a credit in the final production if your content is used." 
Let's take a magical journey through the life of a Rock 'n' Roll Icon. Rick Derringer was just 17 in 1965 when he had his first number one hit Hang on Sloopy. It knocked the Beatles song Yesterday out of the top spot. Through his relationship with heavyweights such as Jimi Hendrix, KISS, Alice Cooper, and Edgar Winter he continued to develop his writing and performing style. Also Rick is an ward winning producer.
Rick has also worked with well known artists Steely Dan, Kiss, Joe Walsh of Eagles fame, Barbra Streisand and Cyndi Lauper, Weird Al Yankovic and a score of others over the years.
Did you know that the world renown World Wrestling Entertainment theme song that Hulk Hogan walks down the isle in arenas all over the world. Entitled "I Am a Real American" was written by Rick Derringer? At Ringo Starr's request, Summer 2010 found Rick performing as lead guitar for Ringo's All Starr Band.
What about a sample of Rick's own songs such as "Hang on Sloopy""Rock n Roll Hoochie Koo""Still Alive and Well"and "Free Ride" ... all are staples of American radio and are still played every day. Rick recently appeared in a Fidelity investments TV commercial showcasing "Rock n Roll Hoohie Koo", another testament to the timeless song. The video game guitar hero included "Rock n Roll Hoochie Koo" introducing Rick Derringer and his music to a brand new audience.
We will take a free ride through his rise to fame the good bad and the ugly with behind the scenes stories including interviews with many well known celebrities and supported with still images and video footage. Then Rick's life takes a turn when he becomes friends with, and is saved by Jesus Christ. We will cover what led up to that transformation and rebirth.
Rick incorporates his new found power into his music as well by rewriting the lyrics to "Still Alive and Well", and "Rock n Roll Hoochie Koo" giving them new life and reaching a whole new audience for Christ. Rick is very popular around the world as is evident with his sold out concerts in Germany and Japan.
Yes, the Grammy Award winning Rick Derringer is still alive and well and is now a living testimony that you can achieve much and not only survive but thrive through faith in God. This special will rock you, entertain you, and endear you to the man, the myth, and the music of the All-American boy, Rick Derringer. Do not miss this captivating and multi-faceted production.
-- submitted by Ken Voss

>>>It was great to come upon your site and listen to "To Make A Hit Record."  I had never heard Brook Benton's version - was it the original?   What I do remember, believe it or not, was Jerry Lewis performing it, playing up the big-time producer angle with a big cigar and all, on some TV variety show back in the early-mid '60s.  I wonder what show?  Boy, time flies but songs are timeless.  Anyway, thanks for doing your part to keep these old songs alive and for letting me hear one I hadn't heard in almost 50 years!  (Tom Reid)

>>>The only "Hit Record" version I'm familiar with is the Brook Benton track we featured a while back ... but I'm betting that SOMEBODY out there will also know this Jerry Lewis track as well.  (Hmmm .... do we have any FRENCH readers on the list?!?!?)  kk
>>>Going through my "Hit Records" titles and release dates, I am not sure Brook's was the original or not. Show his record debuted and charted in May of 1962.  However my record info guide shows it was released in 1961 in Great Britain where I don't know if it charted or not.  I have another "Hit Record" by another artist named Prentiss Polk on Columbia that was released here in US in 1961.  Earlier version?  Also have song by the Hollywood Flames from 1961 named "I Can't Get A Hit Record".  Seems to be an answer song to "Hit Record". Also song was released in 1968 on S.S.S. Int by an artist named Mickey Murray.  (Rich / sixtiesoldiesguy)
Here's ANOTHER interesting spin on this ... which sounds like they may have incorporated a little bit of Brook Benton's girls and guitar (or was it the other way around???) and then came up with a whole new ending!!!  (kk)

Hi Kent,
In the summer of 1963 there was a novelty song that must have had "Hit Record" in the title.
It has nothing to do with the Brook Benton song (though I suppose it might have been inspired by it). I might have heard it only once, certainly not more than 2-3 times, and it was on one of the L.A. top 40 stations, possibly KFWB. It had lines like, "We'll have a whole lot of singers going 'yea, yea, yea' (and then the girl singers sing that), a whole lot of guitars going ... (and the guitars play)," etc. The singer talks over the fade and says something like, "Next time out we'll make a chocolate record; if you don't like it you can eat it."  Over all these years since, I've never found anyone who knows anything about that record. I don't know who it was or was actual title was.
Gary E. Myers / MusicGem
Anybody out there got any ideas on THIS one???  (Dr. Demento, perhaps???)  kk
Kent -
I'm afraid nothing comes to mind right away. I wasn't in L.A. until 1963, and hardly ever watched TV in the early 1960s (very busy going to a college where hardly anyone watched much).
I'll certainly let you know if I hit on anything.
-Dr. Demento

Kent -
Maybe FH can help ...
It was about 1963 - The Blisters scored with a Philly regional hit, "Shortin' Bread".
It was very popular by many Philly DJs and was played as if it were an international hit., I know nothing about the (R&B?) group. Afterwards, it returned to obscurity status. 
I know they appeared on Liberty Records and I believe it's still easy to find copies of the promo singles, telling me that it failed to become a popular hit elsewhere.  
Surprisingly, even DJ Jerry Blavat knows no more about this artist than what can be found on the internet.
Maybe one of FH's readers know something of this group. A photo would be even nice! Thanks!!!Best,
LOTS of Philly readers on the list so let's see what comes back.  Here in Chicago, Paul Chaplain had a #1 Hit with "Shortnin' Bread" in 1960 ... in fact, it was the very FIRST #1 Record to appear on WLS' Silver Dollar Survey!  (kk)

Hi Kent,
Brad, the Coke jingle guy, here. 
Hopefully, one or more of your readers remember this particular jingle and can ID the group / singer and offer a few details about when and where it aired, etc..  If anyone has a better copy, I really would like to hear it ... I now have over 450 "Things Go Better With Coke" jingles and am always looking for more to share -
Kent, could you please post my plea and the jingle on your site?
Thanks so much,
Sure doesn't sound like Jon Anderson to me ... if anything, it seems to have more of a Critters / Cyrkle feel to it ... but, based on this ad campaign,  probably too late to be one of these guys.
With all the Coke Collectors on our list, I'm sure SOMEBODY can help to identify this.  (However, if the rumor has ALWAYS shown it to be Jon Anderson and / or Yes, that may influence a few opinions here!)
Let's run it up The Forgotten Hits Flagpole and see what comes back!)

Hey Kent !
I was reading in the blog about today's music. My oldest brother made a living as a guitarist, playing out. He's in his 60's now and he makes a living, teaching guitar. He mentioned to me how today's music seems to be very angry. He and I were wondering, "Where did the love go ?" Any comments ?
Music sure was happier in the '50's, '60's and '70's, wasn't it?  Everything seemed way more optimistic back then ... we all really believed we could change the world.  (Even John Lennon sang "You may say I'm a dreamer ... well, I'm not the only one.")  Today's times seem so much angrier and more cynical ... maybe today's youth have seen enough to draw the conclusion that it's not going to get any better.  Whereas yesterday's music promised hope, today's music implies that there IS no hope ... and, unfortunately, instead of inspiring the kids with promise, we seem instead to be breeding a far more angry society.  Too bad ... music USED to be the escape from the real world.
As far as "where did the love go", I guess you could ask The Supremes that question ... but then again maybe Gayle McCormick said it best  (kk) ...

I've always felt that one of the New Colony Six's best ballads was one that got relatively no airplay when it was released in I believe 1970. The Colony was wrapping up their relationship with Mercury Records and this was their final contractual song with the company so Mercury did nothing to promote the song Close Your Eyes Little Girl. Ronnie Rice is as good as he can be singing lead for this love ballad. I'll always wonder how big this song could have gone with the proper promotion.  Could you please post this song if you can Kent?  Thank you.
Nope, this one never charted at all ... not even here locally.  It seems to me that we featured this one not all that long ago ... but I couldn't find it on the website, so here it is again!  (kk)

I have never heard that 45 version of “Thinking of You” that you featured anywhere but here on Forgotten Hits.  The album version was the hit in its day here in Baltimore - DC, as it was in New York, Detroit, Cleveland and Los Angeles.  I heard it in all those locations when it was new and recurrent (pre-oldie), and it’s the only version I’ve ever heard anywhere ever since.  I’m sure some markets must have played the 45, but that had to be an exception.  It’s a nice curio / rarity, but the LP track is so superior in its wistful, happy arrangement.  Man, thanks for playing something I’ve never heard!  That’s always a thrill.
I didn't dredge up my actual copies of Loggins & Messina's albums, but after I emailed you, I listened to the audio samples on Amazon of 'Thinking of You".  The version on the "Loggins & Messina" LP is not the hit version -- different Messina vocals at the very least.  The version on the "Best of Friends" compilation sounds like the hit (at least given a :30 sec. snippet).  Could that 45 you featured be a third version?
I'll keep investigating, but I suspect that you have an expert in your readership that already knows the answer.
I knew there were TWO versions ... but wasn't aware of a THIRD.  (I, too, prefer the album version to the single ... just a much "cleaner" recording.)  Anybody out there able to shed any light on this?  (Hey, artists redo their stuff all the time ... but in that Loggins and Messina aren't together anymore ... and haven't been in quite some time ... perhaps this is an alternate take more so than a remake?  C'mon, Jersey John ... this should be right up your alley!!!)  kk

Hi Kent,
Not really sure I can help; not sure how well I know the song (ah, yeah, had to listen to a snippet! LOL Good song!); I do know they remade some of the early work; found CD in budget bin (probably live), on Rhino!!! Will investigate!!!
And then this ...
One last note about that Loggins & Messina song. Since I painstakingly try to find alternate versions of '70's material, I can almost say, they, because of recording technology, don't exist. If it's not a remake of Thinking Of You, it may be a demo (never saw one though) - they do
exist with some '70s groups!

Hi there,
Just wonderin' if anyone out there has an mp3 of the song by former major leaguer Tony Conigliaro called Little Red Scooter????  I tried lookin' for it but no luck ...
I Love the DC5  (Joe)
Puttin' it out there, Joe ... let's see what comes back!  (kk)

Forgotten Hits at its LEAST helpful (???)
(And, for the record ... no, we don't sub-contract out to India for this information!!!)
Would like to turn this ...
Into something like this ...
Maybe a FH subscriber would like to take on this project.
Would like it kept simple so I can maintain it, like the layout on the first site.
Feel free to have anyone contact me.
Thanks, Special K!
Jersey John
Does anyone know how to record voice tracks on to the computer?