Monday, June 20, 2011



Just a quick, friendly reminder ...

You can still catch our "All-Time Favorite Songs Of Summer" Countdown on the following stations:

Scott Shannon will be counting down The Top 20 Summer Favorites on The True Oldies Channel on Tuesday, the 21st ... the OFFICIAL First Day of Summer. Scott's show beams out to The True Oldies Nation on nearly 100 True Oldies affiliates across the country ... and streams live around the world.  You can tune in here to hear the whole thing:  Click here: WPLJHD2  (For those of you who have been asking, the show will NOT air here in Chicago via WLS-FM ... you'll have to stream online to hear it!)

You can also catch Part Two of DJ Scarlett Hayze's countdown tonight on myrevolutionradio:

My two part "Kick Off To Summer" show (in collaboration with wraps up tonight from
7 pm - 9 pm ET on The direct link to the stream is: for those who may have trouble accessing the site or who want to tune in with their iPhones or Androids, etc.
Let's  Rock!
Moochas smoochas....
DJ Scarlett Hayze
Revolution Radio

And, on Saturday, June 25th, our Radio Buddy Phil Nee will replay his Summer Countdown Program from last year on WRCO in Richland Center, Wisconsin. 

Meanwhile, you can follow along ... and view the Complete List of Top 100 Summer Favorites (along with a whole bunch of extra goodies) on The Forgotten Hits Website:

Click here: Forgotten Hits - Your All-Time Summer Favorites

I couldn't think of a more appropriate song to feature as TODAY'S FORGOTTEN HIT.
Not only is it "ALMOST SUMMER" ... the "official" First Day of Summer is tomorrow ...
But it is ALSO Brian Wilson's BIRTHDAY!!!
(Now if THAT doesn't make this one worth a spin, then what does?!?!?)