Saturday, June 25, 2011

Some Saturday Stuff (The Weekend Comments, Part 1)

Just a few quickies leading up to The Sunday Comments Page ...

Here's something you're going to want to tune in and listen to!
Kent -
If you're in your car or at home on Saturday afternoon (TODAY) at 2:07 pm, tune in Rob Hart on WGN Radio (720 AM or online at as he interviews me about the Beatle concert of long ago, 1965.
Clark Weber
Clark tells some GREAT stories in his book about this whole experience.  You can check it out here:

Here's an AMAZING (and VERY entertaining) out-take clip from the new Wrecking Crew documentary, courtesy of Denny Tedesco.  All we can tell you is the WHOLE movie is every bit as interesting and entertaining ... MUST SEE VIEWING ...(and the Cher bit will blow you away!!!  lol)  kk

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A clip from the much beloved Lawrence Welk show of the early 60's.
(I'd say more, but don't wanna give it away.)

LOL ... NOT the kind of thing you expected to see on "The Lawrence Welk Show" ... that's for sure!  Thanks, Bill!  (kk)

Artie --
You are the bomb and I hope you are well.  I've always loved your stories and I wish I could've been there and done that right along with you. 
Bob Rashkow

Any idea if Artie Wayne’s book will ever come in a printed version?
Tony Waitekus
Evidently not yet ... but we'll keep you posted.  (Still worth getting your hand on 'tho!!!)  kk

Have you had any comments about what anyone thinks about this show?
I know you liked this past season of Idol and had commented a couple of times. I hope I'm not the only one interested in this show but with the exception of Christina A., I really like this show. It's pleasantly different.
I seem to be the biggest fan here at home ... Mrs. K and teenaged Paige pay semi-attention (and neither of them can stand Christina either ... but MAN, that girl can sing!!!) 
Personally, I quite enjoy the whole panel ... and their interaction ... VERY charismatic and entertaining.  And I absolutely LOVE it when the coaches go up and perform.  Haven't been totally knocked out by any of the performers yet (to the point where I've actually said, "Now THAT one's a star!") but I think there are some pretty strong contenders ... and the show's already been renewed for next season with ALL of the coaches coming back.  (I think I like the fact that they are genuinely trying to help these kids ... and each and every one of them can not only talk the talk but also walk the walk.)
I'm also REALLY enjoying "The Glee Project" ... I think some of these kids are more talented than some of the singers vying for a spot on "The Voice".  With SO many of these types of shows on the air now, it's hard to pick and choose ... but these two in particular have held my interest in an otherwise pretty boring summer tv-wise.  (kk)


Tom Diehl found the ideal opportunity to write his buddy:
>>>Perhaps your buddy Jersey John could actually be so nice as to let people know WHERE they can find this version?!?!? It is on this cd:
which also includes some first time stereo
(or did JJ actually miss that? *gasp!*)
I KNEW you'd bring that up!!! First off, ABKCO does not possess these Hermits tapes, others do! So, those who do have access to the tapes, well, you know how it goes - there's always a single stereo lover in the crowd! Besides, Tom, I haven't heard you play "Mine Exclusively", by The Olympics, in stereo, on your radio show - big hit around here!!! You didn't miss that *gasp!*, did you!? Besides, Tom, the Red Bird, Blue Cat, EMI, Jubilee, etc. Records out-takes and first time stereo is way more exciting! Besides, Mr. Kent, Tom was yelling to the top of his lungs, elsewhere, giving a two thumbs up salute to ABKCO for Hermits, so, obviously, Stereo wasn't important then! :)
Jersey John

Hi Kent,
Have you ever come across reissues of Petula Clark's Downtown, the Lovin' Spoonful's Do You Believe in Magic or (your recently posted) Chad and Jeremy's Summer Song in mono?  I'm positive the 45 versions were not in stereo.  If you have them in their original format, is there any chance that you might post them?
Thanks very much.
I, too, prefer the original single mixes of what we heard way back then.  More and more reissues are offering both the mono and stereo mixes now ... so many more of these may turn up.  It was tough to find a stereo single back then as MOST people didn't have the right equipment to play them on ... and let's face it, we were often listening to a tiny little portable transistor AM radio with a headphone jack most of the time anyway ... or a mono car speaker ... so who knew!  On the other hand, hearing some of this cleaned up stuff now, with the crystal-clear, CD-quality stereo mixes is like rediscovering some of this music again.  (I've noticed some INCREDIBLE improvements in The Doors' catalog for example ... hearing things I never even knew were there before!)  So I guess there are trade-offs.  I think it'd be neat to see these major labels rerelease ALL of their singles output in original format on CD with higher-quality sound ... but others would rather invest in "first time stereo" mixes ... so you have to find what works for you.  (kk)


This is just to let you know that I've published my new website:
Please take a look at your convenience.
Gary E. Myers / MusicGem

The other day, Ronnie Dove's 1966 recording of HAPPY SUMMER DAYS was featured. I always did like that song as well. Ronnie Dove was one of those singers who happened to be considered a DIAMOND in the rough when he came along.
I always liked the Sunrays' I LIVE FOR THE SUN, too. I will always remember when that record came out in 1965 ... the day I went to my local record store to buy it, it was completely sold out.  I told a friend of mine this as he and his parents were getting ready to leave for vacation.  While he was gone, he went to a record store and bought it for me and brought it back. What a friend he was to me. You might say he was my TOWER of strength.
Have a great Friday as well as a great weekend.
Larry Neal

I found an 'oldie' (1973) from a compilation that I made a few years back.
A country novelty (?) song by CHARLIE DANIELS ... got to #9 on the Billboard Hot 100 ...
Can't remember it being played on radio in a long, long time.
There was a time you couldn't get away from it.
Whatcha' think? 
Worthy of mention on FORGOTTEN HITS ?  
I always enjoyed this one, too ... it made The Top Ten here in Chicago, too.  Tough to find the original these days.  Daniels hadn't really broken through yet ... this was his first major chart hit ... and he was still with the Kama Sutra Record Label at the time. 
Once he signed with Epic and the BIG hits started ... "The Devil Went Down To Georgia" (#3, 1979); "In America" (#10, 1980); "The Legend Of Wooley Swamp" (#31, 1980 ... talk about your "Forgotten Hits", now THERE'S one of my favorites!!!) and "Still In Saigon" (#22, 1982) ... he re-recorded some of his earlier work (including "Uneasy Rider", "The South's Gonna Do It" and "Long-Haired Country Boy") and THOSE are the ones you're most likely to hear today (if you hear any of them at all!)
"Uneasy Rider" always had that Johnny Cash story-song feel to it ... but with a contemporary edge thrown in ... really not unlike the big Five Man Electrical Band Hit "Signs" from a couple of years earlier.  Yep ... I'm up for playin' this one!!! (kk)

The one thing I like especially about the FH for the day is that a few times it will instantly remind me of another record which the artist or group had previously recorded. For example, today's selection by J.J. Cale. It reminded me of a record he made that made our local survey here in OKC back in 1960, the old Jimmy Reed tune, AIN'T THAT LOVIN' YOU BABY on Chan Records. Thanks again for refreshing some old memories of other records.
All next week in Forgotten Hits we'll be saluting the artists performing on this year's Happy Together Again Tour in our Monday - Friday Daily "Today's Forgotten Hit" feature.  Watch for GREAT tracks by The Buckinghams, The Grass Roots, The Association, Mark Lindsay and The Turtles ... along with updated tour information.  (kk)