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The Sunday Comments ( 06 - 19 - 11 )

We've got another great round of prizes to give away in Forgotten Hits ... have you registered for YOUR chance to win yet???
First up ... a copy of The Rip Chords' CD "The Best of The Rip Chords ... Today".
Next, we've got FIVE copies of Artie Wayne's new book to give away, "I Did It For A Song".
And now I just got THIS email from Alan O'Day, whose #1 Hit "Undercover Angel" is being featured in the new J.J. Abrams / Steven Spielberg film "Super 8", as tipped here last weekend:
Hi Kent,
I hope this finds you happy and productive!
You may already know about this (below), but if you want to share it with your "peeps" that would be very cool.
And, if you want to have some fun with it, I'll give away an autographed Appetizer CD to
one lucky Forgotten Hits reader!
Last Thursday morning I received a phone call from my disc jockey friend Barry Scott, in Boston.  He had just seen the new Spielberg / Abrams movie "Super 8".  What he told me had my jaw dropping:  They used a piece of my song "Undercover Angel" in the movie!  I was absolutely shocked & thrilled, as no one had informed me of the placement. 
Since then, I've received so many congratulatory emails & posts to my Facebook group (,
I feel like I'm having a career-gasm!  People are telling me they love the movie, and they're so happy for me when they hear my song coming out of a radio in one scene, and see my name as writer and singer in the end credits.  I understand the movie did $38 million this last weekend!  Although I know the choice of that record has little to do with me as a person, I take it very personally.  I am honored that my song is in a Spielberg film and I'm grateful to be a part of pop music history.
The 1977 album containing "Undercover Angel", & my original version of "Angie Baby", has been beautifully remastered to CD, available on my website:
Hi Alan!
Yep, Frannie and I saw Super 8 last Saturday and hi-5'd each other the second your song came on. (Actually it's a GREAT '70's soundtrack - I'm so glad you're a part of it. The end credits indicate that a soundtrack album will be available on Varese Sarabande - but I checked Amazon and Varese's websites and didn't see anything listed yet.) Personally I didn't care for the movie - just not my thing - but it did big box office and there are some major players attached to it - and the soundtrack should be superb - here's hoping your track is included there as well!  And I'm all for giving away another copy of "Appetizers" ... it's a GREAT CD!  (kk)
I spoke with Varese's website and it will be score only, unfortunately.  But since I didn't know or expect anything before last Thursday's bombshell, I find it difficult to complain!
Thanks mucho for the mention in The Sunday Comments as well!

Looks like The Chicago Tribune took our "What Is An Oldie?" theme to a whole new scope of readers this past week.  Interesting to read comments from Scott Shannon and Ron Smith here, too, both of whom also contributed to OUR exploration as to the correction definition of the word.  (kk)
We're still kicking around "The Ultimate Playlist" idea and have a few things in motion in that regard.  Fact is WLS has been more interesting to listen to lately because you truly DON'T know what you might hear next ... but this may just be a temporary thing as they move more and more into '70's, '80's and maybe even '90's music.  Shame is the less '50's and '60's stuff you play, the more you have to rely on the very BIGGEST hits, leaving more and more of the "Forgotten Hits" by the wayside ... and typically that means more and more repetition of the music that's already been beaten into the ground due to heavy repetition for years now.  On the one hand, I feel like we're making progress with the variety ... on the other hand, it's likely short-lived.  (kk)

Thanks for the article.
I'll have to spout off my "two cents worth" if you don't mind. ( ... got a feeling it might turn out to be more like a "quarter's worth" but ... what the hey!)
For me, while I still enjoy listening to the music on 94.7 and occasionally K-HITS 104.3, I have to say that I think the word "Oldies" has become too encompassing.  The playlist on neither station in my mind is "really oldies" anymore.  Call it "Big Hit Radio" or something, but not "oldies." 
I think the format that was presented for those few years in the mid 2000's, on WRLL 1690 in Chicago, best represented what were really oldies, that is initially from the '50's thru '64, and then a year and a half into it or so, the expansion into the British Invasion thru '69, as I remember. Yes, those were truly the real oldies, in my book.  REALOLDIES ... how clever ... 
Great concept Tommy Edwards!  Great programming Ron Smith!
I would hardly let it bother me that sometime between 6 and 7 a.m. every morning (depending on the time of year) Tommy's voice would suddenly boom out like he had just stepped out of a water filled manhole.  Then of course, sometime around 6:30 to 7:30 p.m Ron's voice would seem to disappear into the woods, as that 1000 watt powerhouse transmitter in Berwyn just couldn't get it done.  (What was even worse was that I actually had a car that I would no longer drive to work and back, because 1690 was literally not even "on the dial".)
The playlist seemed limitless ... (thanks Ron) ... and when we needed to request a "WHO WANTS TO HEAR WHAT" we could do it, and no matter how obscure the tune, Ron would find it, get it in to Lil Tommy and Uncle Lar and ... viola ... there it was.  Sure there was a 30 day suspension (for me) from requesting WWTHW's from Ol' Uncle Lar because I requested "a real stiff" (in his words) in Brenda Holloway's Every Little Bit Hurts, but I redeemed myself several months later by requesting (Son) Don't Go Near The Indians, which Uncle Lar loved.  
Scotty Brink followed Tommy & Lar and covered the late morning, early afternoons and then gave way to World Famous Tom Murphy, who despite prepackaging his shows, managed to get some requests in for this faithful listener. (and even emailed me in advance, to be sure I was listening, at that time.) Thanks WFTM.
Ron would follow, and on Friday nights would give us his "Foreign Friday" hit.  Then on the weekends, treat us with the WLS SILVER DOLLAR SURVEY top 25 countdown, from a specific week in the early 60's. In between the "real oldies" Ron would treat the listeners to tidbits of musical trivia that no average fan would previously know.
After Ron signed off, Len O' Kelly would take us into, and thru the morning hours, with always a great mix of oldies, a great presentation and even a meterological report now and then, taking us back to LT & UL, to start it all over again. (thanks Len; btw, I'm still listening to WGVU whenever I can).
On weekends we had Jerry G. Bishop, Scott Miller and a couple others. The "Personalities" were there (something missing from most of today's stations) and the music was what you wanted to hear (if you loved "Real" oldies.  It didn't have to be a former #1; Heck, most of my gazillion requests never made it into the top 30 ... and I got to hear them, I'm sure, thanks to Ron & Tommy.  Tell me the last time anybody played Frank Sinatra on any current "oldies" format or for that matter, The Four Lads or The Chordettes.  Yeah ... maybe Dick Biondi, once in a "Blue Moon". 
I don't think there will ever be a station like that again.  WLS-FM, as mentioned in the article, is drifting more and more into the '80's and it's going off for good in my house the day I have to listen to a New Kids On the Block or Back Street Boys song.
It's still great listening to the legendary Dick Biondi and easy goin' Greg Brown; and Scott, since your show became a little more localized, I am enjoying it a "whole lot more". In my opinion previously it seemed a little too "remote".  I just don't get to hear you too much because of that nasty old thing called "my job".
Well, like I said, WAY more than my 2 cents worth I know, but just wanted to sound off a little bit about what I think were and still are the oldies.  As good as some of the hits of the 70's and 80's are, they just aren't real oldies.
Now that I've bored everyone to tears, you can now reset your channels to resume your normal programming.

Thanks for the link -- great comments from Ron Smith and Scott Shannon.
We're a '55 - '74 presentation.  Cume continues to grow - we have a small but very loyal following.  One-third of that cume is under 35.
I refuse to buy into this notion of "The word 'oldies' makes you feel old."  This usually comes from the same consultants who tell you to "call your station what it is."  You can't have it both ways.
-- Len O'Kelly
Program Director
Real Oldies 1480 / 850
WGVU - AM / Kentwood
WGVS - AM / Muskegon

Hi Kent -
Care to "weigh in" on the Chicago Tribune's story attempting to define "oldies" and devine oldies radio programming trends? I seem to recall a superior recent FH multi-parter on this very subject.
Clive Topol
Well, let's see ... what would I say???  (I mean, especially since we covered this very topic for about three straight weeks earlier this year! lol)
You can get ALL of our thoughts on this topic ... along with those of hundreds of our readers (as well as Ron Smith and Scott Shannon!) simply by scrolling back to March 7th - March 25th on The Forgotten Hits Web Page!  To recap ... the general consensus was that oldies music IS a genre that defines a specific period of time ... roughly put from the beginning of Elvis to the end of The Beatles.  (1955 - 1970 ... with various exceptions plus or minus five years in either direction depending on the artist and the impact of the music.)  Sadly, a good chunk of this music has already disappeared from the radio dial ... but I still predict a big resurgence in a few years when a whole new generation will discover this music that started the whole rock revolution in the first place.  (By the way, we ALSO came to the conclusion that, with very few exceptions, we oldies fans are NOT offended by the word "oldies" or the insinuation that this music ... and its listeners ... are old.  We ARE old!!!  But this music is TIMELESS ... and I flat-out guarantee you that if programmed the right way to the right demographic, we'd be winning over more and more oldies fans every single day ... and those fans would range in age from 8 to 80!!!)  kk

Kent ...
This weekend WCBS-FM is doing what they're calling "The R&B Times 3" Weekend ...
Different year every hour.
They play the # 1 R & B Hit from the 60's, the 70's and the 80's.
Three for the price of one.
Frank B.

And, coolest of all ... how about some "Forgotten Hits on the Radio"!!! ...

Yep ... Next Tuesday (the 21st) is the "OFFICIAL" First Day Of Summer ... and once again several of our radio partners will be counting down The Forgotten Hits All-Time Summer Favorites this year!
You can follow along here:

And LISTEN along here ...

Citizen Bill in Huntsville, Alabama:  Click here: WAFN -%20Fun%2092.7-FM
(Airing selections from the list TONIGHT!!!  (Sunday Night, the 19th, at 7 PM Central)
Here's a short segment of Sunday's "Remember Then" Show, including a shout out for the Forgotten Hits newsletter and website.  The voice announcing the Lost 45 is the legendary Brian James who passed away in 2009. We asked his wife if we should stop using the drops and she said please keep running them to keep Brian's memory alive. 
Take care and have have a great father's day!
Citizen Bill from Alabama

Getting a jump on things over at Revolution Radio is our DJ Buddy Scarlett Hayze, who ALSO aired The Top 40 Hits Of Summer Countdown last year!
OMG, Kent ... you are right!  I can't believe it's time for the summer show!
Didn't we just do that?? LOL I will do back to back shows this Sunday / Monday to kick off the Official start of summer!
Moochas smoochas ...
DJ Scarlett Hayze
Revolution Radio
Hey Kent!  
My  two part "Kick Off To Summer" show in collaboration with
(as we did last summer ... thanks for the mention in your column ...)
takes place Sunday night and Monday night June 19 - 20 (as in tonight and tomorrow!) from
7 pm - 9 pm ET on  
The direct link to the stream is for those who may have trouble accessing the site or who want to tune in with their iPhones or Androids, etc.
Let's  Rock!
Moochas smoochas....
DJ Scarlett Hayze
Revolution Radio
BIG NEWS!!!:  Scott Shannon is going to count down The Top 20 on The True Oldies Channel again this year on Tuesday, the 21st ... the OFFICIAL First Day of Summer ... broadcasting live to nearly 100 True Oldies affiliates across the country and streaming live around the world.  You can tune in here to hear the whole thing:  Click here: WPLJHD2 
(I'm guessing the countdown will air TWICE, which is the way he handled it last year.  Hopefully ONE of those airings will be between 10 am and 3 pm Central, as this is when his program airs now in Chicago.  At least I HOPE so ... so I can tune in and listen, too!  lol)

And, if he can work it out in time, "Wild" Bill Cody will air the countdown on Tuesday, too ... more details to come!   Y103.9's Jeff James will most likely air selections from the list as well on Tuesday, as he did last year. 

Meanwhile, our Radio Buddy Phil Nee will replay his Summer Countdown Program from last year on Saturday, the 25th on WRCO in Richland Center, Wisconsin.  (No streaming information available at this time ... but stay tuned as this, too, might change.)  kk


New York -- Imagine this: You had your third major hit song in 1962 (“Palisades Park”); you hold the record for the most number of appearances on Dick Clark's late / great ‘American Bandstand’ TV show; and, your song was written by game show host Chuck ('The Gong Show') Barris, and now owned by Paul McCartney. 
Last weekend you go to see the now #2 movie in the country, “X Men / First Class” (it has made 98 million worldwide) … and, you hear your song in it, played in its entirety!
FREDDY ‘BOOM BOOM’ CANNON is on the verge of a major resurgence, as he is completing his biography, tentatively titled “Where The Action Is,” with best-selling author Mark Bego. It is scheduled for release later this year.  Cannon, who now resides in Los Angeles, continues to tour throughout the year.   
-- Submitted by David Salidor
And, speaking of Palisades Park, here are some VERY cool vintage photos that DJ Stu Weiss sent in of The Duprees performing at the legendary Palisades Park, circa 1962:

re:  SAM COOKE: 
We told you last week about the Street Dedication Ceremony being held this weekend here in Chicago commemorating Sam Cooke.  Unfortunately, I had a little too much going on this past weekend to attend the ceremony ... but I invited Erik Greene, Sam's nephew, to file a full report. (We hope to have more for you on this later this week ... but Erik DID tell us): 
Hi Kent,
Thanks for reaching out.
I initiated and helped to organize the event in conjunction with Gregg Parker of the Chicago Blues Museum.  Part of the pre-ceremony press included an interview on Friday, June 17th, with Janet Davies on Channel 7 during the 4 pm news featuring myself with Gregg talking about Saturday's ceremony. 

I got in touch with an old friend who informed me of the condition of Earl (Speedo) Carroll.
He did, indeed, have a heart attack. He is currently in a nursing home.  He has some blockage of bloodflow around his heart. He has to stay in the nursing home for thirty days. Then after that he may have to stay there for another thirty days. The group was supposed to go to Italy but that is now on hold.
Tom Bialoglow
(courtesy of Stu Weiss)

Wow, what a shocker.  We just lost "The Big Man".  Every day last week I kept hearing how he was getting better and stronger ... so this was an unexpected and hurtful surprise this evening.  (kk)
Clarence Clemons, Bruce Springsteen's longtime saxophone player and a legend in the music industry, died Saturday from complications following a stroke he suffered about a week ago.

Clemons' sax has been one of the most defining elements of the E Street Band's sound. He has suffered from numerous ailments over the last few years. He had double knee surgery and even had to perform from a wheelchair at one point.  But his health seemed to be improving. Just last month, he performed with Lady Gaga on the season finale of "American Idol."

Clemons scored a Top 20 hit in 1985 with the song "You're a Friend of Mine," a duet with Jackson Browne that appears on Clemons' album "Hero." Clemons was 69 years old.

The Newark Star-Ledger reports that: "Springsteen's oft-told story of his initial meeting with Clemons felt Biblical: with a lightning storm raging outside, the Big Man tore the door off an Asbury Park club, strode onstage, and made magic. Springsteen would later immortalize this meeting in "Tenth Avenue Freeze-out," a song on "Born to Run.""

Clemons was born in Norfolk, Va., to a Baptist minister who had no love for rock 'n' roll, The Star-Ledger reports. However, he got a saxophone at age 9, and when a car accident ruined his budding football career after college, he dedicated himself to music.

In a statement following news of Clemons' death, Springsteen said:
"Clarence lived a wonderful life. He carried within him a love of people that made them love him. He created a wondrous and extended family. He loved the saxophone, loved our fans and gave everything he had every night he stepped on stage. His loss is immeasurable and we are honored and thankful to have known him and had the oppurtunity to stand beside him for nearly forty years. He was my great friend, my partner and with Clarence at my side, my band and I were able to tell a story far deeper than those simply contained in our music. His life, his memory, and his love will live on in that story and in our band." 
Read more:
What an absolute bummer about Clarence Clemons.  He was an awesome sax player, and a really good actor.  Hell be missed.  Later.

For some REALLY cool Beach Boys memories (circa 1967), be sure to check out this edition of Bob Lefsetz's newsletter:

Just one quick comment to make if I may.
In one of your reader's comments, the Supremes' SOMEDAY WE'LL BE TOGETHER was mentioned. I don't know if you or any of your other readers will remember, but in 1969 Bert Kaempfert had an instrumental version which made our local survey here in OKC. Always did like it.
Not familiar with that one ... hard to imagine "Someday We'll Get Together" as Diana Ross' first solo single ... it is such a fitting "swan song" lyric for the end of her time with The Supremes!  (I always thought it'd be tough to write a better "farewell" song!)
Although at the time, I don't think ANYBODY expected The Supremes to continue on recording without her, the group went on to have eight more Top 0 Hits without her!  Amongst the biggest:  "Up The Ladder To The Roof" (#9, 1970); "Everybody's Got The Right To Love" (#14, 1970); "Stoned Love" (#5, 1970); "River Deep, Mountain High" (with The Four Tops, a #14 Hit in 1971); "Nathan Jones" (#10, 1971) and "Floy Joy" (#16, 1972).  kk

Kent ...
Stevie Wonder was inducted into Apollo Legends Hall of Fame.  The stars in attendance at the event that also serves as a fundraiser for the Harlem Theatre included Robert De Niro, Spike Lee, Wyclef Jean + others.  Hosted by Sinbad.
Frank B.
OK, I'm thinkin' that THIS one's going to be televised real soon!!!  (kk)

Forgotten Hits Reader Frank B. sent us this neat little audio clip of a VERY young (7-year old!) Gladys Knight on The Ted Mack Amateur Hour!  Check it out!  (kk)
-- Frank B.

Hi Kent,
Since my Grammy nomination things have really been going full swing! Gonzo Multimedia and Global Recording Artists labels have been booking interviews for me on radio stations around the globe! July 2nd will see the release of a two CD set with songs from 1964 to now titled Merrell Fankhauser, "The Best Of". This will be followed by 12 episodes of my TV show Tiki Lounge that features many oldies stars from the 50's and 60's, like Val Poliuto of the Jaguars, Vessie Simmons of The Ribbons, Ronnie Height, Marvin Spencer and many more. Below is a link to my version of "Since I Dont Have You" . Since the video was put up at youtube we've had a flood of DJ requests.
Thanks for keeping the music alive.
All My Best,

Kent ...
Check out Winslow, Arizona.
Arizona Town Cashes In On A Rock Song! -- NY Times
Frank B.

Click here: Winslow, Arizona, Looks for Love From Eagles’ Song -

Quartet of Releases Includes:  4-Disc Winterland Box Set; Hendrix In The West Expanded; Blue Wild Angel: Jimi Hendrix Live At The Isle Of Wight on DVD & Every Hendrix  Appearance / Performance on The Dick Cavett Show
Available Everywhere Tuesday, September 13
Experience Hendrix LLC and Legacy Recordings proudly announce four new titles representing the fourth wave of releases in the monumental Jimi Hendrix Catalog Project, available everywhere Tuesday, September 13.
The fourth round of titles from the artist Rolling Stone magazine called "the greatest guitarist of all time" focuses on Hendrix the concert performer with four outstanding releases underscoring the artist's electrifying on-stage prowess: Winterland (a 4 Disc Deluxe Box Set), Hendrix In The West (Expanded), Blue Wild Angel: Jimi Hendrix Live At The Isle Of Wight on DVD, and Jimi Hendrix: The Dick Cavett Show (every Hendrix appearance on the celebrated talk show on DVD).
Jimi Hendrix Experience- Winterland  (versions available: 4 Disc Deluxe Box Set or 8 12" 180 gram Vinyl Audiophile LP Deluxe Box Set or 1 CD Winterland "Highlights")
Winterland is drawn from six stellar shows recorded over three days (October 10, 11 and 12, 1968) at San Francisco's historic Winterland Ballroom.  These special performances celebrated the two year anniversary of the Jimi Hendrix Experience and came just as the groundbreaking album Electric Ladyland was released.
Winterland presents some of Hendrix’s most spectacular guitar work and the four CD set (also available as eight 12" vinyl LPs) is filled with rare live versions of classic songs such as "Manic Depression," "Are You Experienced?," "Tax Free," and "Little Wing" that are not part of any other Sony Legacy release.  Fans will also enjoy Hendrix’s dramatic interpretations of Cream’s "Sunshine Of Your Love" and Howlin’ Wolf’s "Killing Floor" [with the Experience joined by Jefferson Airplane bassist Jack Casady] as well his rendition of Bob Dylan’s "Like A Rolling Stone," which has been selected as the lead track for this special release.
This special deluxe box set features never before released music from each of the six unforgettable Winterland performances.  The new standard and deluxe editions of Winterland are markedly different from a single disc compilation, long out of print, that was briefly issued by Rykodisc in 1987 and 1988.
The deluxe edition also presents a rare interview with Hendrix recorded backstage at the Boston Garden a few weeks after the Winterland performances.  This previously unreleased bonus provides fans with a unique window into Hendrix’s views about his background, his approach to the guitar and songwriting and future direction of his music.
The deluxe edition also features a 36 page booked filled with previously unpublished images by acclaimed photographers Robert Knight, Allen Tannenbaum and Jim Marshall as well as an essay by noted Rolling Stone journalist David Fricke.
The featured track, "Like A Rolling Stone," will precede the album's release as a CD and 7" vinyl single coming out Tuesday, August 23 in the states (international release date: August 22). The single will also feature a previously unreleased live version of “Purple Haze” from the Winterland concerts that will not be featured on the box set.
Amazon will offer an exclusive bonus CD to be bundled with all orders of the four CD and 8 LP Winterland box sets sold through Amazon during 2011 consisting of recordings from Jimi's February 4, 1968 Winterland performance: "Killing Floor," "Red House," "Dear Mr. Fantasy (Part One)" and "Dear Mr. Fantasy (Part Two)."  These tracks have been previously available only as part of the rare Dagger Records official bootleg Paris '67/San Francisco '68  and have never been available for retail sale.
-- submitted by Bob Merlis

And FH Reader Carrie just sent this update on The Royal Guardsmen ...

Hello Guardsmen Fans!
It's been a while since I wrote, so I just wanted to touch base and let you know what the guys have been up to.
As I mentioned in my last email, they were getting ready to film a documentary (think VH1 Behind The Music) about their rise to fame with "Snoopy Vs. The Red Baron."  The filming is now complete and the project is in the editing stage.  We got some great stuff and there are two surprise guests that we are very excited about!
We will be making an announcement shortly about a special red carpet premier for the documentary in Ocala, Florida. It will be an historic event, for sure and we hope many of you, their loyal fans, will be able to attend.
In the meantime, we are still promoting the band's new single "Alive & Well."  And it's now available on iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody and many other online retail outlets.
I still have a few copies left of "Beaglemania LIVE!" Once they're gone, we will not be printing up any more of these, so they truly are a collector's item.  You can purchase them at on the "Store" page.
Thanks again for your support of the RG's!  Enjoy your summer!

Luanne Hunt, Artist Manager

Charles F. Rosenay and Mike Streeto invite you to the World Premiere performance by
America's newest Creedence Clearwater Revival tribute show, "HEY TONIGHT!"
Friday, June 24, 2011 Doors open at 7 pm.
Sargent Peppers nightclub at Terminal 110, Long Wharf, New Haven 203.624.6200

An Intimate Evening With Gregg Rolie:  CD Release Concert
Sponsored by Classic Rock KFOX 98.5 / 102.1 
June 23, 2011 8 pm – George’s Nightclub - San Rafael
June 24, 2011 9 pm - The Showroom - San Francisco
June 25, 2011 9 pm - Club Fox - Redwood City
6/17/2011 - Gregg Rolie, co-founder of two multi-platinum super groups, Santana and Journey, makes a unique solo appearance for three big nights, on June 23rd at Georges - San Rafael, on June 24th at The Showroom in SF and on June 25th at Club Fox in Redwood City. These special performances are in celebration of his new solo EP, “Five Days”. Gregg, along with his special guest, blues guitarist Alan Haynes, will be playing selections from the new EP along with many old favorites. He’ll share stories from his 40-plus year career and answer questions from the audience during the show. After his performance, there will be a meet and greet with the audience and Gregg will be on hand for pictures and autographs.  
Gregg Rolie is the voice behind the classic Santana hits "Black Magic Woman" "Evil Ways" and "Oye Como Va". In 1998, this world class musician, writer, producer was inducted into the Rock ‘n Roll Hall Of Fame as the unmistakable lead vocalist of the Santana band. In addition to launching - along with Carlos Santana - the now legendary act, Rolie also co-produced their first four groundbreaking albums. Departing Santana after the pioneering jazz fusion offering 'Caravansarai' in 1972, band members Gregg Rolie and Neal Schon went on to form the 1980s hit-makers Journey, co-writing and producing that band's first 7 albums. 
Just released in 2011, "Gregg Rolie - Five Days" is Gregg's latest EP / CD consisting of six songs with Gregg playing acoustic piano and singing live. He recorded these tracks in his living room on the piano given to him by his father in the early days of Santana, and as Gregg says, "it's from my house to yours."  He gives beautiful new renditions of two classic hits that he sang as the lead singer in Santana - "Black Magic Woman" and Journey - "Anytime" - as well as four new songs, his own compositions through solo voice and piano. Recently featured on the cover of the UK's Keyboard Player magazine, Rolie is a renowned Hammond B3 player, celebrated for his gritty and intense performances. Up close, personal and intimate, these shows will feature a side of Gregg that all fans should get to know.
Gregg Rolie sounds like he hasn't missed a beat in all these years ... if you live in the area, these are shows WELL worth checking out.  (Rolie's live album "Rain Dance" is a keeper ... and also available on his website.)  kk

Kent ...
WCBS-FM is reporting that Martin Scorsese's George Harrison Documentary will be released this year.
Kent, you know Freddy " Boom Boom " Cannon, Paul Revere & The Raiders, Buckinghams, etc. I just want you to know that I have a few contacts of my own.
Matin Scorsese's cousin, Frank, is my dentist.
Try and top that. LoL !!
Frank B.

Hey Kent,
Long time no talk ... Hope you and family are doing ok!
First of all, I hope your able to see Macca when comes to Wrigley. That's gotta be cool to see a concert there. Maybe Macca's pyro-technicians can rig up the scoreboard for "Live and Let Die" ... At least there will be some excitement at Wrigley this year ... God knows the Cubs aren't providing it!!! Although we have won 4 outta 5 now!!
When Debbie and I saw Macca last year at the Hollywood Bowl, there were no tix available when they went on sale -- online. I guess all the presale BS took care of that. Anyways, we got our tix through the Ticketmaster exchange tix link ... $85 tix for $100.
Last night on TMC they showed a movie called "Village of The Giants" from" 65". It's one of those classic camp movies.. Anyways, Freddy Cannon and the Beau Brummels performed in it. It also had Ronny Howard (in the middle of his Andy days) and Beau Bridges ... Maybe there's a hidden "Beau" theme in the movie (enter twilight zone music). Here's the IMDB link ...
Keep up the good work with FH.
Take Care
Not likely we'll see McCartney this year ... regular tickets are in the $250 range ... but I DID receive an offer last week for VIP Front Row Seating ... at $2000 a pop!  Regardless, I'm sure both shows will still sell out in a flash.  (I can't even imagine the parking fiasco that's going to be ... Wrigleyville just may be the WORST place to park in the entire city!!!)  kk

And, speaking of Macca (whose 69th birthday was yesterday ... no pun intended):

According to Benji Eisen in his Spinner online column, Sir Paul McCartney thinks that his fellow bandmate in the Beatles, Ringo Starr, should be knighted.  Eisen writes, "While all four Beatles enjoy MBE status (Member of the Order of the British Empire), only McCartney was knighted in a ceremony that took place in 1997."  Speaking to Geoff Lloyd on Absolute Radio this past week, McCartney joked that he would like to poke his head in the Queen's quarters and suggest that the only other living Beatle receive the same honor.
Perhaps more significantly, during the same interview McCartney placed the blame for the Beatles' breakup squarely on John Lennon.  "Basically me, George and Ringo said, 'Does this have to be final? Could we do a couple of gigs or can we think about this tomorrow?' But John was off with Yoko and he was saying 'No, no, it's great -- I feel a release,' and all that. So that was kind of final."
Eisen goes on to say "Sir Paul McCartney has had a lot to say about the Beatles as of late. Earlier this month he attended the fifth anniversary of the Beatles LOVE by Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas and gave an unannounced speech at the end of it. All this timed with some fancy repackaged re-releases from his solo catalog, new plans for an upcoming all-covers album, and the announcement that he'll perform two shows in New York's Yankee Stadium as well as engagements in Chicago, Detroit and Cincinnati this summer. You know -- stuff knights do."
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Thanks for the Anita Kerr track of TELL TALE. I'd quite forgotten about this so it was a most pleasant surprise to hear it again.
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My Pleasure!!! (Imagine having written SO many hits that you don't even remember some of the artists who recorded them!!! lol)  A few years ago, we re-introduced Tony to The Cryan' Shames' version of "Sugar And Spice", too!  And he LOVED it!!!  (kk)


In the entertainment section of yesterday's paper, it had several items one could get for their dad for Father's Day. One of them was the complete recordings of Louden Wainwright III. Without me going to check my reference book, I don't know how high DEAD SKUNK IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD got, but I personally liked it. I hope I am not a cult of one. That might be a suggestion for one of your weekly FH. So far I have not heard MY DAD nor COLOR HIM FATHER on the radio.

You'll find a couple of VERY moving "My Dad" videos below.  As for "Dead Skunk", it was a novelty hit at best, eventually peaking at #12 on The Cash Box Chart back in 1973.  (kk)

Well, here it is Father's Day Weekend, and for some reason I really really am missing my dad. He was affectionately called "Whitey" by nearly everyone, but what a great man. In his honor I'd like to feature a song that I made sure was played at his funeral. A song from Paul Petersen (Jeff Stone) on the Donna Reed Show first aired on 10-25-1962 called "My Dad"
Also included is an updated version of the song also done by Paul Petersen where he gets choked up about his dad!
We did Mothers' Day and Fathers' Day Tributes back in 2001, featuring ALL kinds of songs pertaining to the parents.  These are GREAT clips!  Paul Petersen had the big hit record with "My Dad", which is the one that EVERYBODY'll feature this weekend.  (Petersen's record went all the way to #6 in 1963 ... and not even in June!!!  lol) ... but I always liked to counter-program the Ray Stevens song of the same name.  (My favorite line:  "My Dad can beat up your Dad" ... something that ALL the schoolyard kids used to say back in the day!!!  But be sure to listen for the kicker!)   Give it a listen  (kk):
The slow version of IN THE MIDNIGHT HOUR that you posted today reminds me of a faster version which was very big here in OKC back in 1966. Do you happen to remember a version by Kit and the Outlaws on Philips records? I don't think it charted nationally but was big locally here in OKC.
Nope, but here in Chicago, Michael and the Messengers did very well with their version of what sounded like "In The Midnight Hour" on speed!!!! (lol)  Personally, I always thought Cross Country did an OUTSTANDING version with their remake ... but despite its Top 20 Status, a LOT of folks on the list never heard it before ... must have been more of a "regional" thing.  Here in Chicago, the record peaked at #20 ... but I can remember suggesting this one to Bob Stroud a few years ago for inclusion on his Rock And Roll Roots CD Series and Bob telling me that HE wasn't familiar with it either!  I immediately sent him a copy.  The connection to The Tokens is what I find most amazing.  This was, after all, the "Soft-Rock '70's" and they did what James Taylor would go on to do (to far greater success) a few years later ... take an uptempo rocker, slow it down and give it a whole new feel.  I love it!  (kk)

>>>We've just recently passed 850,000 visitors so word of mouth is good ... hoping to hit a million by year's end.  If we can work out some of the logistics, I think we'll have some neat new features very soon ... so stay tuned.  And thanks for your support!  (kk)
I think you'll easily make 1,000,000 by the year's end. 
Looking forward to the great new features!!!
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