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Helping Out Our Readers (Part One)

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I've been trying to find this ballad that starts off:

"I wanna be with you, I wanna be with you"

Then I think they either say "I wanna be your man, your one and only man" Or "I wanna be your girl, your one and only girl" .
It's an oldie and I can't remember if it was sung by a boy or girl group or both.
Thanks if you can help.  Wish I could write the notes to help you out.

Let's put this one to the list and see what comes back!  (kk)

Hi Kent -
I am currently corresponding with a friend that used to come to our dances (The Jordan Brothers) back in the good old days and he mentions of the Ventures and their guitarist Nokie Edwards appearing up in Alaska where this friend now resides. He claims that Nokie is currently with another band and is promoting a new CD entitled "Hitching A Ride" (not to be confused with the Vanity Fair's Hitchin' A Ride back in the early 70's.)
I was wondering if your associates can enlighten me as to where and if I can get a copy of the CD. In my opinion, when all other instrumental artists followed the same rock and roll chord progressions to have a hit, Walk Don't Run was and still is a classic instrumental that brought the Ventures so much success utilizing a new sound with beyond normal chords to make it the gem that it remains even to this day. 
FH is still my #1 resource for information.
Frank Jordan 
Thanks for the kind words, Frank ... let's see if we can reward you with a source for the "Hitching A Ride" CD!  (kk)
Here ya go!
It's available right through Nokie's website!
Let us know how it sounds!!!  (And ask Nokie if he'd like to "Sneak Peek" a track on Forgotten Hits!!!)  kk

I'm trying to find a song from the summer of either '64 or '65.
Some of the lyrics are: 
"There's a gang hanging around the corner.  They've got a leader that digs her, too.  He waits for me cause he know's I want her.  On the street that I can't go through." 
Can you help?
Thank You.
Kurt Janus
Anybody???  (kk)

Would you be kind enough to listen this poor quality clip?
I recorded this track in 1975 - radio Luxembourg – song lyrics  looks like composite of famous 50s and 60s  songs titles.
Incomplete part of lyrics:
"little little little darling, don't be cruel, be … together, if I pray, confidential ...of love, come come go with me, feel music ... In The Still Of The Night ... lonely teardrops for your lover, this magic moment, stand by me"
If you don´t know this song- do you think band is Us or UK origin?
I'd appreciate help, cause this has been bothering me for a long time.
Once again, we're putting it out there, folks!  Any ideas on this one?  (kk)

I am looking for a song. I believe it charted in the 1970's but never made
it into the top 10.  I heard it a couple of years ago on Little Steven's Rock & Roll Garage but I've dug through his set lists and can't figure it out.
The lyrics are difficult to decipher. They sound something like "Pooder
eighter number fifty nine". It's driving me crazy. I can hear it in my head
but I can't remember the band or title. Any ideas what the song might be?
Jim Stout
Wow!  I'm getting nothing here ... but I'll betcha SOMEBODY on the list will know what this is!!!  (kk)

>>>Have you ever listened to the intros of One Fine Day by the Chiffons and I Want to Be With You by the Raspberries? They are more than similar! You would swear they are identical!  Give them a listen and if you agree throw it out to your readers. You might get some interesting feedback!  (Steve H.)
>>>I suppose there is SOME similarity but I don't know that it jumps right out at you.  (Kinda like "He's So Fine" and "My Sweet Lord" I guess!)  If you're into this sort of thing, you have GOT to read "Sounds Like Teen Spirit" by our FH Buddy Tim English ... he points out dozens and dozens of similar sounding records.  (kk)
Here is a clip from a 2004 interview from my show with Wally Bryson of the Raspberries talking about the intro to I Wanna Be With You.
Phil - WRCO

Well, if the guy who PLAYED it says it sounds like it, then I have no choice but to agree with him!!! (lol)  
I stand corrected!  (kk)

>>>I have another one that I would like to see if you can also find.
Not sure who the artist is.  His voice sounds like Henry Gross.  The tone of the song is somber.  It moves slowly like a ballad ... kinda folky, and very lightly produced.  It sounds like there is a pan flute playing, leading into the chorus.  The lyrics:   In the morning when you wake to find that you don't know the one who's right beside you.  Ain't no way you're going to rise and shine.  You'll close your eyes and pray he won't remind you ... (extended note). (chorus)    Maybe you can fly, maybe you can fly away.  (repeated phrase) Next verse: Not a whisper, just a cup of tea,   ___________ ... to wash away the sorrow ...  Thanks again for your help.
>>>Well, since Henry Gross is a regular contributor to Forgotten Hits, I went to him first ...  (kk)
>>>Hey Kent, Great to hear from you. The song she's referring to is "Fly Away". It's on my first A&M album called "Henry Gross" but better known as "The Yellow Album" because of the cover. It's available with my other A&M album "Plug Me Into Something" on one CD at my website:   (Rock on,  Henry)

Thank you for contacting Henry Gross to find the song was "Fly Away."  
I played it over and over again when I was about 18 in 1975, and it has always stuck with me, in such a haunting manner.  My question is why is it crossed out with a line on YouTube and replaced with "Shannon"?
Thanks again,
Joanie Baker
My best guess is that the song isn't available on YouTube but when you search "Henry Gross", you get led to his biggest hit, which was, of course, "Shannon".  But you CAN enjoy the song on our Forgotten Hits Website ... or you can order a CD copy of the original LP release through Henry's website listed above.  (kk)

And -- what Henry Gross didn't mention -- is that "Fly Away" was the B-side of his very, very REGIONAL hit "Simone".  Both great tunes and wasn't I surprised to find that "Simone" never made the Hot 100 nationally -- I'm sure I recall it being in the top 20 for several weeks or more on 'CFL during March of '74! 
One of MY personal favorites, too.  "Simone" peaked at #27 here in Chicago!  (kk)

Hi Kent.
I have yet another song for you to dig out of the archives.  I think it is both written and sung by Jessi Colter, who was once married to Waylon Jennings.  The country ballad is called, "Don't You Think I Feel it Too," from the LP, "That's The Way a Cowboy Rolls and Rolls," (released about 1980.)  
Thanks again!
OK, we'll put this one out there but then we've got to stop.  We can't just be a "search service" for long lost forgotten favorites.  (We tried honoring requests several years ago and it just became all encompassing, leaving little or no time to work on our other stuff ... so while we're all for helping folks out, "Helping Out Our Readers" was designed more to answer questions about songs and/or artists, not so much as a "finders" service.  In the future, what we're willing to do is publish assorted requests along with the interested party's email address ... so that if someone DOES have the track you're looking for, they can contact you directly, rather than use our pages for this service.  If that's something you and other readers would like to take advantage of, maybe we'll start a once-a-month search service ... publish ALL of our readers' request in one forum ... and then let our OTHER readers help you find some of these long-lost tunes.  How do you guys feel about that?  Meanwhile (courtesy of the ever-reliable Tom Diehl), here is your Jessi Colter song. (kk)