Monday, September 26, 2011

Another Christmas Present From Chicago: Right From The Band To Your Stocking!!!

Last week Forgotten Hits gave our readers an exclusive "Sneak Peek" of one of the brand new tracks from the forthcoming Chicago Christmas Album, "O, Christmas Three" ... available NEXT TUESDAY (October 4th) online at and in stores like Walmart and Best Buy ... as well as through the band's own website, Click here: Home Page

"Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree" was the song we saw the band perform at their Ravinia Homecoming Concert back in August ... and it looks like it'll be the lead track when this new CD hits radio.  (Scroll back to last Friday's post if you missed it!)

However, with their wide range of devoted fans all over the world ... and the incredible, diverse talents of these fine musicians ... Chicago has prepared ANOTHER track for their "Easy Listening" / Soft Rock / Adult Contemporary audience as well.

Robert Lamm's vocal on this "Smooth Jazz" arrangement of "My Favorite Things" helps to reinvent this "Sound Of Music" holiday classic.  Even our fifteen year old daughter stopped in her tracks when I played this one for the first time, proclaiming "Wow, I really like that version!"

And for some of you cynics out there who have already written in saying "Oh My God!  Forgotten Hits has started the Christmas Music even earlier than The Lite this year!!!", rest assured that The Lite will be ALL OVER this hot new release once they switch over to Christmas mode in a few weeks ... this brand new Chicago Christmas CD is sure to be all the rage this holiday season!

For a complete track list, check out the back cover of the new CD.  (Click to enlarge photos)

Meanwhile, enjoy this OTHER exclusive track ... and then be sure to pick up your OWN copy of this new release on Tuesday, October 4th, when it hits the marketplace!