Sunday, September 18, 2011

This Week In Forgotten Hits ...

... we're hoping to come up with SOMETHING FOR EVERYBODY!!!
(I know, I know ... RICK NELSON told us YEARS ago that "you can't please everyone" ... but we're still going to give it the ol' college try!!!)

Since radio FINALLY seems to be embracing the idea that ALL these great songs from all these different eras really CAN exist together after all ... (gee, what a GREAT concept ... I wonder where they got THAT idea from?!?!?) ... we're jumping on the bandwagon as well, featuring a FORGOTTEN HIT from each musical era this week as part of our Monday thru Friday "TODAY'S FORGOTTEN HIT" Feature.

First up ... a tune from The '50's!

In fact, we've selected a song that was firmly planted in The Billboard Pop Top Ten ...
(Man, when's the last time you heard a deejay use THAT phrase?!?!?)

Frannie and I were totally charmed by one of the roller-skating waitresses at a nearby SONIC Restaurant 
a few weeks ago, who rolled up to our car dressed to the hilt in full '60's Garb.  

Frannie immediately told her, "You look like '60's Girl today!", to which the waitress replied, "Yes, we were all supposed to be saluting the '60's today ... but I'm the only one who dressed up!"

"That's OK", she continued, "I LOVE the '60's!  I love all the clothes and all the music ... I just love everything about it!  I wish I could have been born then to see it all first hand."

Naturally, I replied, "Born Too Late, eh?" ... to which SHE replied, "Yep ... I tell my Mom that all the time!!!"

So to ALL the folks out there who have EVER felt this way, we're dedicating TODAY'S FORGOTTEN HIT to you.  It's BORN TOO LATE by THE PONI-TAILS, a #7 Billboard Pop Hit in 1958.

Think about that for a second ... we're playing a GREAT sounding song from over FIFTY YEARS AGO today ... and my guess is that MOST of you out there will totally enjoy hearing it!

When I say (as I SO often do) that this music is TIMELESS, I'm not just making this stuff up ... or saying it simply because I love the sound of my own voice!  (Although I WILL admit that it IS nice to be right 98% of the time!!!  lol)

Imagine growing up in the '60's (as I did, discovering radio for the first time) and hearing one of the Top 40 Jocks in 1965 saying, "And now here's a record that was #1 on this date FIFTY YEARS AGO TODAY" ... and then playing a record from 1915!!!
It NEVER would have happened ... nor would we have had ANY interest in hearing it (no matter WHAT that record was!!!) 

But THIS music ... Rock and Roll Music ... Top 40 Pop Music ... has proven itself to be timeless time and time again.

Check back all week long as we time travel from the '50's to the early '60's ... to the late '60's, the '70's and the '80's ... each day presenting a song that not only qualifies as a genuine FORGOTTEN HIT ... but ALSO sounds absolutely FANTASTIC on the radio all these years later!

(And, if you guys LIKE this concept, we just may make this our brand new theme for 2012 ... so let us know what you think!)